There is no generally accepted and comprehensive definition of Art. It is most often explained as the expression of human creative skill and imagination, usually through paintings, sculpture and architecture . In principle art’s intention is to provide beauty and inspire the emotions through the artist’s imagination and technical skills. The observer then applies their very subjective aesthetic judgement to evaluate the work. But of course many artworks are commissioned adding further agency.

In establishing the categories we have first considered the material chronologically and provided headings that are clearly Western descriptors. Don’t be deflected by these, because in selecting the material we have looked beyond the West for works from other global regions and genres.

Here are the nine Art & Sculpture segments:

1.1 Antiquity and Classical pre-476 CE
1.2 Medieval 260 to 1300 CE
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1.3 Renaissance to Romanticism
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1.4 After Romanticism 1780-1860
1.5 Modern Art 1860-WWI
1.6 Modern Art… post-WWI to 1950s
1.7 Contemporary Art 1950s to current
1.8 Art Tours through the material
1.9 ultcult top tens 

This is planned to be your one-stop source for cultural material, with regular news, reviews and comments. Here are the three main database segments. These will progressively be expanded:

For the database, do please let us know where you spot errors or omissions. This is a mammoth task and we are merely human, subject to errors and slips, to flaws in understanding, guilty of flitting like a butterfly on to other considerations and therefore prone to concentration lapses. Please also assist by sending us your nominations for the top 100s, and for new suggested tours through the material.


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