– Venetian School – 1450-1580

Forward to 1.3.2 High Renaissance and MannerismBack to Northern Renaissance – Back to 1.3.1 Renaissance Index QUICK LINKSSt Francis in Ecstacy, BelliniProcession True Cross, BelliniDoge Leonardo Loredan, BelliniSan Zaccaria Altarpiece, BelliniTempest, GiorgioneSleeping Venus, Giorgione/TitianSacred Profane Love, TitianPortrait of a Man, TitianAssumption Virgin, Titian Bacchus and Ariadne, TitianBacchanal Andrians, Titian Alfonso d’Avalos, TitianVenus of Urbino, […]

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Forward to Venetian SchoolBack to Renaissance – Back to 1.3.1 Renaissance to Romanticism QUICK LINKSEntombment, CampinTrès Riches, Limbourg brothersMérode Altarpiece, CampinGhent altarpiece, van EyckMan Red Turban, van EyckArnolfini Portrait, van EyckMadonna Rolin, van EyckDeposition, WeydenMadonna Church, van EyckLast Judgment, LochnerPortinari Altarpiece, GoesLast Judgment, BoschSelf Portrait Fur, DürerYoung Hare, DürerGreat piece of Turf, DürerGarden […]

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Forward to Northern RenaissanceBack to Early Renaissance 1280-1450 – Back to 1.3.1 Renaissance Index QUICK LINKSBapitism of Christ, della FrancescaEquestrian Statue, DonatelloCharles VII, FouquetMelun Dyptych, FouquetDavid with Goliath’s Head, CastagnoLegend of the Cross, della FrancescaPenitent Magdalene, DonatelloSelf Portrait/Resurrection, della FrancescaFederico Sforza, della FrancescaHunt in the Forest, Uccello Portrait of a Man, da MessinaSt […]

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1.3.1 Renaissance Index

Forward to Sienese School – Forward to 1.3.2 High Renaissance and MannerismBack to 1.3.1 Renaissance to Romanticism – Back to 1 Art and Sculpture The Renaissance is the term given to a major period of change in Europe. Its precise dates are a matter of academic dispute, some arguing that it spanned the 14th-17th […]

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Forward to Renaissance 1400-1600Back to Sienese School – Back to 1.3.1 Renaissance Index QUICK LINKSDijon Altarpiece. BroederlamWilton Diptych, unknownSaint Mark, DonatelloHoly Trinity, RublevGates of Paradise, GhibertiExpulsion Eden, MasaccioHoly Trinity, MasaccioTribute Money, MasaccioA Poet Reading, MasterCoronation of the Virgin, Fra AngelicoBattle of San Romano, UccelloBattle of San Romano, UccelloBattle of San Romano, Uccello David, […]

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Forward to Early RenaissanceBack to 1.3.1 Renaissance Index – Back to 1.3 Renaissance to Romanticism QUICK LINKSMadonna and Child, DuccioMaestà, DuccioAnnunciation, Martini/Memmi Effects of Good Government, LorenzettiPresentation, Lorenzetti Siena was originally an Etruscan hill-town that legend suggests was founded by the sons of Remus. After their father was murdered by Romulus, they had fled […]

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