Japan: Muromachi, Momoyama, Edo/Tokugawa…. (1338-1868)

Forward to 1.4 After Romanticism (1780-1860)Back to Mughal Art 1526-1857 QUICK LINKS:Muromachi:Bamboo in the Four SeasonsBirds and Flowers of the Four Seasons Momoyama:Cypress TreesMaple Edo:Hasekura Tsunenaga in RomeTigers and dragonSanjūrokkasen-gakFishing in SpringtimeBlack Hawk and two crows This ultcult page looks at three Japanese periods: Muromachi period, aka Ashikaga Period, took place during the Ashikaga […]

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Forward to Japan – Muromachi, Mamaya, EdoBack to China Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 QUICK LINKS:Arghan DivThe KhamsaHamzanamaJahangir in Durbar Shah Jahan and sonJade wine cupKrishna playing flute Mughal painting is a particular style of South Asian, particularly North Indian (more specifically, modern day India and Pakistan). This was painting mostly of miniatures either as […]

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Forward to Mughal Art 1526-1857Back to China Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 QUICK LINKS:Manchu-Ming battlePrince Rui DorgonKangxi Emperor in court dressCamp of Manchu army in KhalkhaPortraits of the Yongzheng EmperorPortrait of the QianLong Emperor Campaign against the DzungaersPine, Plum and CranesCommerce on the water, Prosperous SuzhouCanton foreign factoriesA scene of the Taiping RebellionImperialism in 1900 […]

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Forward to China Qing Dynasty 1644-1911Back to China Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 QUICK LINKS:Dragon PinePainting of birdsLofty Mount LuRyōan-ji Zen garden Bird PedlarLarge Bronze Buddhist statue Wen Zhengming artworkClearing after snow on a Mountain PassA Fisher in AutumnEmperor Guangwu Fording a RiverLeaf album Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): Following on from the achievements in painting during […]

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Forward to China Ming Dynasty 1368-1644Back to 1.3.8 Asian Art Index QUICK LINKS:Cobalt blue vaseBelt slide, falcon and gooseTextile with Animals, Birds and FlowersForest Grotto in Juqu Dwelling in the Fuchun MountainsStill Streams and Winter PinesSecluded Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368): During the Yuan dynasty, China was completely subjugated by its […]

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1.3.8 Asian Art 1271 to 1868

Forward to Yuan Dynasty – Forward to 1.4 After RomanticismBack to 1.3.7 African Art (800-1897) – Back to 1.3 Renaissance to Romanticism Index Yuan Dynasty Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty Mughal Art Japan Forward to Yuan Dynasty – Forward to 1.4 After RomanticismBack to 1.3.7 African Art (800-1897) – […]

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