Baroque B 1630-1750

Forward to Bolognese SchoolBack to Baroque A – Back to Dutch Golden Age QUICK LINKS:Three Graces, RubensAdoration of the Magi, RubensChrist Crucified, VelázquezAbduction Sabine Women, PoussinStill Life Lemons, Oranges… de ZurbaránSurrender of Breda, VelázquezVenus and Adonis, RubensCharles I Hunt, van DyckHoly Trinity, RiberaCharles I three positions, van DyckEt in Arcadia Ego, PoussinSt […]

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Forward to 1.3.4 RococoBack to Bolognese School – Back to 1.3.3 Baroque Index QUICK LINKS:Eunice Huntington, ChandlerDeath of General Wolfe, West Death of Major Pierson, CopleyExpulsion of Adam and Eve, WestGeorge Washington, Stuart In general, the term ‘American Colonial art’ describes the art and architecture of 17th and 18th century settlers who arrived in […]

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Forward to American Colonial ArtBack to Baroque B – Forward to 1.3.4 Rococo QUICK LINKS:Butcher’s Shop, CarracciTriumph Bacchus, CarracciLove of the Gods, CarracciPieta with Saints, CarracciAdoration Shepherds, Domenichino Sacrifice of Isaac, DomenichinoDance of the Cupids, AlbaniVenus Plays the Harp, LanfrancoBaptism of Christ, Albani In fine art painting, the term ‘Bolognese School’ usually describes […]

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Forward to Baroque B – Back to Dutch Golden AgeForward to Bolognese School – Forward to American Colonial ArtBack to 1.3.3 Baroque Index QUICK LINKS:Carnival and Lent, Bruegel EldrTriumph of Death, Bruegel EldrTower of Babel, Bruegel EldrHunters in snow, Bruegel EldrPeasant Wedding, Bruegel EldrBacchus, CaravaggioBoy Basket Fruit, CaravaggioLast Judgment, FenzoniMusicians, CaravaggioMedusa, […]

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1.3.3 Baroque 1559-1750

Forward to Dutch Golden Age – Forward to 1.3.4 Rococo Back to Mannerism C – Back to 1.3 Renaissance Back to 1.3.2 High Renaissance and Mannerism Dutch Golden Age Baroque A 1559-1629 Baroque B 1630-1750 Bolognese School (1590-1630) American Colonial Art (1670-1800 Forward to Dutch Golden Age […]

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Forward to Baroque A (1594-1740s)Back to 1.3.3 Baroque Index – Back to 1.3 Renaissance to Romanticism – Forward to 1.3.4 Rococo QUICK LINKSThe Laughing Cavalier, HalsSelf-portrait as a Young Man, RembrandtAnatomy Lesson, RembrandtLady 62, RembrandtSea of Gallilee, RembrandtBelshazzar’s Feast, RembrandtNight Watch, RembrandtThe Bull, PotterRiver Landscape, RuysdaelAristotle Homer, RembrandtThe Goldfinch, FabritiusBathsheba Letter, RembrandtJan Six, RembrandtOfficer […]

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