1.7.8 Sculpture Art

Forward to 1.7.9 Typographic ArtBack to 1.7.7 Abstract Art QUICK LINKS:Night, MaillolDay and Night, EpsteinReclining Figure, MooreAriel Between Wisdom and Gaiety/Broadcasring HouseBirth of the Muses, LipchitzMonolith (Empyrean), HepworthCat, GiacomettiWomen and Dog, MarisolDouble Oval, MooreUntitled (Stack), JuddPublic Sculpture, PicassoHeimar, NoguchiAtmosphere and Environment XII, Nevelson Crinkly avec disc rouge, CalderWoman and Bird, MiróUntitled (1991-3), GoberUnited Enemies, SchütteSpider, […]

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