Aegean: Mycenaean Art (1,650-1,100 BCE)

Forward to 1.1.5 Classical Period – Greece, Rome…Back to Aegean: Cycladic Art QUICK LINKS:Dagger blade, lion huntGold cup from Grave IV/VGold Agamenon MaskMycenaean jugMycenaean vase, bulls and birds Mycenean octopus broochVapheio CupGold kantharosTerracotta chariot krater Mycenae is located in Peloponnese Greece on a peninsu, the only known monumental sculpture of Bronze Age Greecela south […]

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Forward to Aegean: Mycenean ArtBack to Aegean: Minoan Art QUICK LINKS:Spedos type figurinesSeated harpist figurineFemale figurine, Kapsala type Female figurine, Dokathismata typeFemale figurine, Chalandriani typeAkrotiri friezes The Cyclades is an Aegean island group to the south-east of mainland Greece. Its name describes the islands as being around (cyclic) the sacred island of Delos. […]

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Forward to Aegean: Cycladic ArtBack to Egypt – Ptolemaic QUICK LINKS:Palace of KnossosPhaistos DiscBull leaping fresco, Knossos Wall painting of a shrine, KnossosOctopus design vaseHarvest Rhyton Aegean Art was the art and sculpture created in the lands and islands, surrounding and in, the Aegean Sea during the Bronze Age. It runs up until […]

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Forward to Aegean: Minoan ArtBack to Egypt – new kingdom QUICK LINKS:LATE PERIOD:Saite Pharaoh headFigure of PataikosHorus as a childUshabti figuresAmulet of NefertemBrooklyn Papyrus FIRST ACHAEMENID PERIOD:Egyptian Dignitary 27th DynastyDarius IHakor SphinxAvenue of Sphinxes, KarnakWesirwer priest 30th DynastyHorus and Nectanebo IICippus of Horus steleArtaxerxes III PTOLEMAIC PERIOD:Alexander the Great bustPtolemy 1 bustPtolemy II […]

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Forward to Egypt – Ptolemaic periodBack to Egypt – middle kingdom QUICK LINKS:EIGHTEENTH DYNASTY:Axe of Ahmose IAmenhotep I statueFestival Temple of Thutmose IIIKarnak SphinxesHatshepsut Kneeling Statue/ JarTemple of Hatshepsut, ThebesUshabti of Akhenaten II18th Dynasty EntertainmentsHead of Amenhotep III and JarColossal statue of Amenhotep IIIColossi of MemnonAkhenaten ‘elongated’ statueNefertiti BustAmarna talatatAkhenaten, Nefertiti and daughters/ […]

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Forward to Egypt – new kingdomBack to Egypt – old kingdom QUICK LINKS: TWELFTH DYNASTY:Lintel of Amenemhet I and deitiesGold scarabWhite Chapel of Senusret I reliefsAbisha the Hyksos, Procession of the AmuEgyptian danceHead from a female sphinxHead of Senusret IISphinx of Amenemhat IIIHead of SobekneferuCoffin of Khnumnakht THIRTEENTH DYNASTY:Sekhemre Sebekhotep I, Colossus HeadMirror […]

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Forward to Egypt – middle kingdomBack to Egypt – early dynastic QUICK LINKS: THIRD DYNASTY:Step Pyramid of Djoser at ṢaqqārahFunerary temple of Djoser at ṢaqqārahRoofed colonnade of columns ṢaqqārahKa Statue of DjoserFOURTH DYNASTY:Sneferu’s Bent and Red PyramidsRahotep and Nofret statuesGreat Pyramid at Giza, KhufuPyramid of KhafreSculpture of KhafreKing Mankaure with Hathor and BatPyramid […]

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Forward to Egypt – old kingdomBack to Egypt – pre-dynastic QUICK LINKS: FIRST DYNASTY:Narmer PaletteBaboon Divinity statueLion statueStela of king DjetSerekh of king Djet SECOND DYNASTY:Raneb serekh and cartoucheKing Hetepsekhemwy serekhMastaba tombsStatue of KhasekhemwyLimestone vessel, Khasekhemwy’s tombThe Seated Scribe The Early Dynastic Period of Egypt spans the first two dynasties that ruled from […]

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Forward to Egypt – early dynastic Back to 1.1.4 Early Classical Period QUICK LINKS:Al Fayum arrowheads and toolsMerimde clay headFigurine of a womanBowl with human feetIbex combPottery vase crocodiles, hipposFigurine of a ManFigurine of a woman, lapis lazuli Mud Turtles PaletteFemale figure painted terracottaDecorated funerary jarMummy, Naqada IIJackal statueBattlefield PaletteHair comb. wild animalsNarmer palette […]

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1.1.4 Early Classical – Egypt and Aegean: Minoan, Cycladic, Mycenean

Forward to 1.1.4 Egypt – pre-dynastic – 1.1.5 Classical Period – Greece, Rome…Back to 1.1.3 Fertile Crescent Egypt – pre-dynastic Egypt – early dynastic Egyptold kingdom Egypt– middle Kingdom Egypt– new Kingdom Egypt– Ptolemaic period Art Art Art Forward to 1.1.4 Egypt – pre-dynastic – 1.1.5 […]

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