Persian/Sassanians (224-651 CE)

Forward to 1.1.6 India/Sub-continent IndexBack to Roman Empire – Back to 1.1.5 Classical Period QUICK LINKS:Ardashir I and Ahura MazdaTriumph of Shapur I over ValerianColossal Statue of Shapur INaqsh-e Rustam Rock reliefs Shapur’s palace mosaicTaq-e Bostan rock reliefGilded silver horse headSimurgh silver plate The Sassanid Empire, aka the Empire of Iranians, was the last […]

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Forward to Persian/SassaniansBack to Roman Republic QUICK LINKS:Ara Pacis Augustae, AltarHouse of the VettiiAugustus of Prima PortaTrajan’s ColumnApollo BelvedereCentaurs Fighting Cats of PreyBust of CiceroFonseca BustEquestrian statue, Marcus AureliusColumn of Marcus AureliusDionysiac Procession, mosaic Arch of Septimus Severus, relief Chariot processionMarble portrait emperor CaracallaAsiatic Sarcophagus from SidamaraSarcophagus, myth of EndymionThe Four TetrarchsRelief from […]

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Forward to Roman EmpireBack to Hellenistic Greece QUICK LINKS:Capoitiline WolfDoryphorosLudovici SarcophagusCapotiline BrutusDying GaulCapotiline VenusAltar of Domitius AhenobarbusVenus de MiloArrotino, the Knife GrinderThe Wrestlers Fresco Esquiline NecropolisHead of a Roman PatricianBust of Pompey the GreatVilla of Mysteries muralsBust of Emperor ClaudiusTusculum portrait of Julius CaesarCubiculum from the Villa of P. Fannius SynistorPainted Garden frescoLaoco├Ân […]

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Forward to Roman RepublicBack to Classical Greece QUICK LINKS:Victorious YouthColossus of RhodesWinged Victory of SamothraceRosetta Stone Altar of Zeus, Pergamon, East FriezeVenus de MiloBorghese Gladiator Hellenistic art is the art of the Hellenistic period generally taken to begin with the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and end with the conquest […]

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Forward to Hellenistic GreeceBack to Etruscan Art QUICK LINKS:Siren VaseDiscobolus (Discus Thrower)Temple of Zeus Charioteer at DelphiZeus and GanymedeThe Riace WarriorsArtemision BronzeParthenon Marbles Athena the VirginCaryatids of the ErechteionHermes of PraxitelesEphebe of MarathonBust of HygeiaMotya CharioteerAphrodite of KnidorApulian red-figure AmphoraBust of Hygeia After the defeat of the Persians in 479 B.C., Athens dominated […]

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Forward to 1.1.6 Indian Sub-continent indexBack to Sassanians/Persians QUICK LINKS:Christ PantocratorHyperpyron of Michael VIIIAndronikos II’s debasement of the currencyByzantine CrucifixMosaics and murals, Chora Church Pala D’OroMedal of the Emperor John VIII PalaiologosConstantine XI depicted in semi-classical armour The Byzantine Empire, aka the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, was the continuation of the Roman Empire […]

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Forward to Classical GreeceBack to Greece Archaic Period QUICK LINKS: Sarcophagus of the SpousesTomb of the LeopardsEtruscan sculpture Putto GrazianiEtruscan Tomb PaintingsThe Orator From about 900 BCE the Iron Age Villanovan culture emerged and this is considered to be the earliest phase of the Etruscan civilization. It reached its peak of territory by 750 […]

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Forward to Etruscan ArtBack to Macedonians QUICK LINKS: Dipylon OenochoeLady of the AuxerreSacred Gate KourosKleobis and Biton MoschophorusPeplos KoreRed-figure potteryDying WarriorKritios Boy ‘Archaic Greece’ is used as the term for the period that bridged the Greek Dark Ages up until the second Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BCE. Thus it commenced in […]

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Forward to Greek Archaic PeriodBack to 1.1.5 Classical period – Greece, Rome… QUICK LINKS:Stag Hunt MosaicFunerary steleMacedonian soldiers frescoTomb of JudgementHades and Persephone frescoLion of AmphipolisBust of Phillip IITomb of Phillip IIPella curse tablet Banquet scene from tombGolden LamaxAlexander Mosaic at PompeiiBust of AlexanderDionysius riding a cheetahBabylonian astronomical diaryAlexander fighting lion Macedonians were essentially […]

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1.1.5 Classical Period – Greece, Rome…

Forward to Macedonians – Forward to 1.1.6 Indian and Sub-Continent ArtBack to Aegean: Mycenean Art – Back to 1.1.4 Early Classical – Egypt… Greece– Archaic Period Art Greece– Classical Period Greece– Hellenistic Period Republic Empire Persians/Sassanians Byzantine Empire Forward to Macedonians – Forward […]

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