1.1.8 Archaic Americas (8,000 BCE – 800 CE)

Forward to 1.1.9 Africa: San, Nok…Back to 1.1.7 Eurasians/Celts (1,200 -300 BCE) QUICK LINKS:Olmec:Wooden headsWrestler figurineBaby figurineTwins with JaguarJadeite maskColossal headsShaman JaguarLehi Stone Stela 5Feathered serpent Chavin:Gold crownCarved stone headGold crown, hammeredGold pectoralFeline/Cactus stirrup vesselRaimondi StelaTenon heads Nazca: Nazca linesFemale effigyDouble-spouted water jarOrca figurineFish design bowl Other Early South America:Chinchorro death maskValdivia double-headed figurineCaral ruins […]

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