Spanish Realism Surrealism

Face Value

Of course there are other photos, paintings and self-portraits of these artists, but we thought it interesting to consider how they seek to represent themselves in these images: Forward to Face Value 2Back to Artists A-Z QUICK LINKS:DistinctiveEnigmaticContemplativeWorkingGlaringSmiling Forward to Face Value 2 [Distinct] DISTINCTIVE: The first set are those that we consider as standing […]

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Self-portraits – across 500 years

Portraiture was the French Academy’s second-most important genre in its hierarchy. It described this as focusing on ‘capturing likeness’, this genre was lucrative, but less well-thought-of than history painting. Portraitists were derided for simply copying nature rather than inventing, though few portraits were executed entirely from life. Self-portraits act as a historical record of the […]

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