3.6 Private Collections

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Artworks known to be in a private collection (directly below)

Artworks where the ownership and location is unknown

Artworks known to be in a private collection – location not known
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1000 Thread CountBrown, Cecily 2004
200 One Dollar Bills Warhol, Andy1962
A Private View at the Royal AcademyWarhol, Andy1883
Abstract Headvon Jawlensky, Alexej1921
Adele Bloch-Bauer II, Portrait ofKlimt, Gustav 1912
Aerial Portrait of Mussolini (Aeroritratto di Mussolini aviatore)Klimt, Gustav 1930
Aline and ValcourRay, Man (Emmanuel Radnitzky)1950
An Ilex Tree on Lake Albano, ItalyKensett, John Frederick1846
Angel Fernández de SotoPicasso, Pablo1903
Annah the JavaneseGauguin, Paul1893
Apollo Destroying the Children of Niobe Wilson, Richard1760
Autumn Day in AbramtsevoRepin, Ilya1880
Berlin Street SceneKirchner, Ernst Ludwig1913
Big NudeClose, Chuck1967
Bigger Splash, AHockney, David1967
Blue, Orange, RedRothko, Mark1961
Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter MorningPissarro, Camille1897
Boy with a Pipe (Garçon à la Pipe)Picasso, Pablo1905
Chalk Study of a Man’s Head and HandRaphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)1518-9
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower CameMoran, Thomas1859
Daisy in the GardenWeight, Carelc1962
Dora Maar au ChatPicasso, Pablo1941
Dr Gachet, Portrait ofvan Gogh, Vincent1890
Dream, The (Le Rêve)Picasso, Pablo1932
Eight ElvisesWarhol, Andy 1963
Erasmus of Rotterdam, PortraitHolbein the Younger, Hans1523
Femme aux Bras CroisésPicasso, Pablo1902
Femmes de Alger, Les (version ‘F’) (Women of Algiers)Picasso, Pablo1955
Fort VimieuxTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1831
George Dyer Talking, Portrait ofBacon, Francis 1966
Ghetto of FlorenceSignorini, Telemaco1882
Gran Maitre of the OutsiderDubuffet, Jean1947
Green Car Crash (Green Burning Car I)Warhol, Andy 1963
Interchangede Kooning, Willem1955
Interior with a Girl at the ClavierHammershøi, Vilhelm1901
Interior with a Girl at the ClavierHammershøi, Vilhelm1896
La Seine à Rouen au crépusculePinchon, Robert-Antoine1905
Lady in a ChemiseDerain, André1906
Large Seated NudeModigliani, Amedeo Clement1917
Léopold Zborowski, Portrait ofModigliani, Amedeo Clement1916
L’homme à la tulipe (Portrait de Jean Metzinger)Delaunay, Robert1906
Marilyn Monroede Kooning, Willem1954
Master BedroomWyeth, Andrew 1965
Moret Bridge in the SunSisley, Alfred1892
Mornington Crescent NudeSickert, Walter Richard1908
Mystery and Melancholy of a Streetde Chirico, Giorgio1914
Nature morte avec sucrier, poires et nappeCézanne, Paul1894
No. 9 (White and Black on Wine)Rothko, Mark1958-9
NoëlMitchell, Joan1961-2
Nude with Joyous PaintingLichtenstein, Roy 1994
Number 5, 1948Pollock, Jackson1948
Orange and YellowRothko, Mark1956
Pietro Stanislao Parisi with familyTominc, Jožef 1849
Place d’Italiede Chirico, Giorgio1912
Reclining Woman with Green StockingsSchiele, Egon1917
Rhythm, Joy of Life (Rhythme, Joie de Vivre)Delaunay, Robert1930-1
Rideau, cruchon et compotier (Curtain, jug and fruit bowl)Cézanne, Paul 1894
Road Menders, Rue de Berne, TheManet, Édouard1878
Romantic SceneWeber, Henrik1851
Rome, From Mount AventineTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1835
rue Mosnier aux Paveurs, LaManet, Édouard1878
ShowerFetting, Rainer1989
Son of Man, The (Le fils de l’homme)Magritte, René François Ghislain 1964
StrawMitchell, Joan1976
Sunlight on the banks of the LoingPicabia, Francis1908
Tower of the Palazzo del Podestà, TheAbbati, Giuseppe 1865
White and OrangeTàpies, Antoni (1st Marquess of Tàpies)1967
Woman IIIde Kooning, William1951-3
Woman Taking off Man’s Shirt in Five Stages Opie, Julian2004
Young Italian Woman Leaning on Her ElbowCézanne, Paul

Young Man at his WindowCaillebotte, Gustave 1875

Artworks where the ownership and location is unknown
(to ultcult.com)

Berry Pomeroy Castle, DevonGirtin, Thomas1798
Don QuixotePicasso, Pablo1955
Jacque and Bertha Lipchitz, Portrait ofModigliani, Amedeo Clement1917
Jeanne Paquin GownBarbier, George1914
L’Artiste sans Barbe, Portrait de van Gogh, Vincent1889
Meditative RoseDalí , Salvador 1958
Norwich River: AfternoonCrome, John (Old Crome)c1819
Self portraitPuni, Ivan1921
Sheltering from the StormGauermann, Friedrich1829
Sir Charles Gould, Portrait ofGainsborough, Thomas1782
Still Life with Glass Flask and FruitChardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon c1750
Vaslav Nijinsky and Ida Rubinstein in SchéhérazadeBarbier, George1910
Young Man, Portrait of a (Self Portrait?)Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)1513-4

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