3.3 Middle East Africa

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Egypt, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Egypt, Miscellaneous

Africa/Middle East miscellaneous locations

Turkey, Istanbul Archaeology Museums
Turkey, Topkapı Palace Museum
Turkey, Miscellaneous
Iran, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Iraq, Baghdad Museum
Syria, Great Mosque
Afghanistan, Kabul Museum
Israel, Jerusalem Museum
Israel, Miscellaneous

3.3.10 Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Cairo, Egypt

Image source: traveller.com.au
Sculpture of Khafre (Chephren)   2570 BCEEgypt Old Kingdom
Statue of King Menkaure with goddesses Hathor and Cynopolis  2551-2523 BCEEgypt Old Kingdom
Tutankhamun, Funerary Mask of  1323 BCEEgypt New Kingdom
A relief of Ramses II from Memphis showing him capturing enemies: a Nubian, a Libyan and a Syrian  1250 BCE

Egypt New Kingdom
3.3.12 Egypt Miscellaneous

Image source: pinterest.com
Sphinx with the Great Pyramid and Albumen print  c2,558–2,532 BCE

Egypt Old Kingdom
3.3.15 Istanbul Archaeology Museums
Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Image source: howtoistanbul.com
Ur-Nammu Cylinder Code  2,100-2,050 BCE

3.3.20 Topkapı Palace Museum
Sultanahmet, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

Image source: privateistanbultours.com
Jami al-tawarikh (Compendium of Chronicles)Hamadani, Rashid al-Din 1305-6

3.3.22 Turkey Miscellaneous

Şanlıurfa Museum – Image source: alaturkaturkey.com
Urfa Man (the Balıklıgöl statue)  9,000 BCE

3.3.25 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Laleh Park, Tehran, Iran

Image source: iranroute.com
Still Life with Head-shaped Vase and Japanese WoodcustGauguin, Paul1889

3.3.30 Iraq Museum
Allawi, Baghdad, Iraq

Image source: thearabweekly.com
Sumerian Female Head (Inanna) Mask of Warka  3,500-3,000 BCESumerian
Sumerian Statuettes, from the Temple of Abu, Tel Asmar  2,700-2,600 BCESumerian
Head of an Akkadian ruler, perhaps Sargon or his grandson Naram-Sin c2,300 BCE

3.3.32 Syria

Great Mosque – Image source: architecturalmoleskine.blogspot.com
Mosaics, of the Great Mosque  715 CE

Islamic Golden Age
3.3.35 Kabul Museum
Kabul, Afghanistan

Image source: bbc.com
The Kandahar Edict of Ashoka, a bilingual edict (Greek and Aramaic) by king Ashoka, from Kandahar   269-233 BCE

Ancient India
3.3.40 Israel Museum
10 HaRav Agan Street, Jerusalem Israel

Image source: fodors.com
Mortar and pestle from Nahal Oren, Natufian  12,500–9500 BCENatufian
Natufian burial  el-Wad Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel  11,700-9,700 BCENatufian
Heimar (edition of six)Noguchi, Isamu 1968

Sculpture Art
3.3.42 Israel Miscellaneous

Dagon Grain Museum, Haifa – Image source: tripadvisor.co.uk
Mortars from Natufian Culture   [3300-50]

3.3.50 Africa/Middle East miscellaneous locations:

Image: Ife Museum, Nigeria
Source: visitnigerianow.com
South African (Izico) National Museum, Cape TownBlombos cave drawings 71,000 BCE
Taq-i-Bustan, IranIran Golpayegan rock art 5,000 BCE
Ife Museum of Antiquities, Ife, NigeriaYoruba Copper mask for King Obalufon 1300
Sighnagi National Museum, 8 Rustaveli blind-Alley, Signaghi, GeorgiaFeast of the MalakansPirosmani, Niko1905
Royal Family of QatarWhite Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)Rothko, Mark1950

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