3.2.1 Washington DC

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National Gallery of Art, DC
Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC
National Museum of the American Indian, DC

Dumbarton Oaks, DC
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

USA Washington DC Miscellaneous locations
[3210-10] National Gallery of Art
Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20565, USA

Image source: codart.nl
A Poet ReadingMaster of the Playing Cards1430sEarly Renaissance
David with Goliath’s HeadCastagno, Andrea del1450-5Renaissance
Ginevra de’ Benci (obverse)da Vinci, Leonardo1474-8Renaissance
Giuliano de’ MediciBotticelli, Sandro1478-80Renaissance
Oriental Ruler Seated on His Throne, AnDürer, Albrecht1495High Renaissance
Madonna and Child with Saint Martina and Saint AgnesEl Greco (Domenkos Theotocopoulos)1597-9Mannerism
Saint Martin and the BeggarEl Greco (Domenkos Theotocopoulos)1597-9Mannerism
LaocoönEl Greco (Domenkos Theotocopoulos)1610-14Mannerism
Daniel in the Lions’ DenRubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)1614-6Baroque
Abduction of the Sabine Women, ThePoussin, Nicolas1633-4Baroque
Holy Family on the Steps, ThePoussin, Nicolas1648Baroque
River Landscape with FerryRuysdael, Saloman van1649Dutch Golden Age
Woman Holding a BalanceVermeer, Johannes  (Jan Vermeer van Delft)1662-1663Dutch Golden Age
Girl with the Red HatVermeer, Johannes  (Jan Vermeer van Delft)1666-7Dutch Golden Age
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, TheWest, Benjamin 1791American Colonial Art
On the Greta (Bridge in Yorkshire)Cotman, John Sellc1805Norwich School
Dead Toreador, TheManet, Édouard1864Impressionism
El Rio de Luz (The River of Light)Church, Frederick Edwin1877Luminism
Little Dancer Aged FourteenDegas, Edgar 1878-81Impressionism
The Lighthouse at HonfleurSeurat, Georges1886Divisionism
Winter HarmonyTwachtman, John Henry1890-1900Cos Cob Colony
Snow in New YorkHenri, Robert1902Ashcan School
Men of the DocksBellows, George Wesley1912Ashcan School
Girl, Portrait ofModigliani, Amedeo Clement1917Expressionism
The FarmMiró, Juan1921-2Naïve
Haskell’s HouseHopper, Edward1924Modern Art
Classic LandscapeSheeler, Charles1931Expressionism – Precisionism
Condition Humain, La (The Human Condition)Magritte, René François Ghislain 1933Surrealism
Lavender Mist (Number One)Pollock, Jackson1950Action Painting
No, 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)Pollock, Jackson1950Abstract
Black Series IStella, Frank1967Abstract Expressionism
Tomorrow I May Be Far AwayBearden, Romare1967Abstract Expressionism
Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, HawaiiPaik, Nam June 1995

Modern Art Smithsonian American Art Museum
Washington DC USA

Image source: americanart.si.edu
Virgin of Belen, Nuestra senora de Belen Campeche y Jordán, José  late 18th Rococo
Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains. CaliforniaBierstadt, Albert1868Luminism/Hudson River
Composition, 1943Krasner, Lee1943Abstract
Banana Split SundaeFlack, Audrey1980Photo Realism
Visible DifferenceKanovitz, Howard1980Photo Realism
Watching the TurkeysWalker, Horationundated

American Barbizon School National Museum of the American Indian
Washington DC USA

Image source: worldarchitecture.org
Ceramic Mayan jar depicting a ballplayer  300-900Meso-America
Shell tempered ceramic effigy jug with swirls painted in clay slip 1400-1600North America
Haida argillite carving from Haida Gwaii  1850-1900

North America Dumbarton Oaks
1703 32nd St. NW, Washington DC USA

Image source: doaks.org
Olmec Jadeite MaskUnknown900-400 BCEOlmec
All-T’oqapu Tunic, IncaUnknown 1425-1532

Inca Walters Art Museum
600 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 USA

Image source: technical.ly
Chavín Feline-and-Cactus Stirrup Vessel  900-200 BCEChavin
Female effigy figure  200 BCE – 500 CENazca-Olmec
Apollo Victorious over the PythonFrancavilla, Pietro1591

On ReconnaissanceBrandt, Jozef1876Realism USA Washington DC Miscellaneous locations

Image: Baltomore Museum of Art
Source: thedali.org
National Portrait Gallery, 8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USAGeorge Washington ‘Lansdowne’ PortraitStuart, Gilbert1795
Freer Gallery of Art, 1050 Independence Ave. SW. Washington DC USAHarmony in Blue and Gold: Peacock RoomWhistler, James McNeill1876-7
Phillips Collection, 1600 21st St. NW. Washinton DC USALuncheon of the Boating Party (Le Dejeuner des Canotiers)Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1880
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.Cross Streets of New YorkShinn, Everett1899
Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MarylandDancer at PigalleSeverni, Gino1912

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