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Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Russian State Library, Moscow
State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

National Gallery in Prague
Prague City Gallery

National Museum Warsaw
National Museum Kraków

Eastern Europe miscellaneous locations
[3180-11] Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Ulitsa Volkhonka, 12, Moscow, Russia, 119020

Image source: pushkinmuseum.art
Monte Sainte-Victoire from Les LauvesCézanne, Paul 1904-6Post-Impressionism
Ambroise Vollard, Portrait ofPicasso, Pablo1909-10Cubism
Pine Tree at St Tropez, TheSignac, Paul1909Divisionism
Garden at VaucressonVuillard, Édouard 1920

Post-Impressionism State Tretyakov Gallery
Lavrushinsky Ln, 10, Moscow, Russia, 119017

Image source: lottehotelmagazine.com
Holy Trinity IconRublev, Andrei1411-25Early Renaissance
Rooks have come back, TheSavrasov, Alexei1871Peredvizhniki
Wet MeadowVasilyev, Fyodor1872Peredvizhniki
Unknown Woman, Portrait of an Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolevich1883Realism
Ivan the Terrible and his Son Repin, Ilya1885Realism
Portrait of a Woman (Elizaveta Martynova)Somov, Konstantin1897-1900Mir iskusstva
A man with eyeglasses (Portrait of Art Critic and Poet, Konstantin Sunnerberg)Dobuzhinsky, Mstislav1901-2Mir iskusstva
Empress Elizabeth Petrovna at Tsarskoye SeloLansere, Eugene1905Mir iskusstva
Angels thowing Stones on the CityGoncharova, Natalia1911Russian avant-garde
Rooster. A Rayonist SketchLarionov, Mikhail1912Russian avant-garde
Composition VIIKandinsky, Wassily1913Abstract
Composition VIIKandinsky, Wassily1913Der Blaue Reiter
Composition VIIKandinsky, Wassily1913Russian avant-garde
Black Square, TheMalevich, Kazimir1913Suprematism
Black SquareMalevich, Kazimir1915Russian avant-garde
VeniceEkster, Aleksandra1918Russian avant-garde
Transport is ImprovingYakovlev, Boris 1923Socialist Realism
Building New WorkshopsDeyneka, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich1926Socialist Realism
Increase the Productivity of LabourPimenov, Yuri 1927Socialist Realism
Death of a CommisarPetrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich1928Socialist Realism
Lenin in SmolnyBrodsky, Isaak 1930Socialist Realism
New MoscowPimenov, Yuri 1937Socialist Realism
Stalin and Voroshilov in the KremlinGerasimov, Aleksandr 1938Socialist Realism
Letter from the FrontLaktionov, Alexander 1947Socialist Realism
BreadYablonskaya, Tatiana 1949

Socialist Realism Russian State Library
Vozdvizhenka str., 3/5, Moscow Russia

Image source: publishingperspectives.com
Komsomol political education system mid-Volga organisation V.L.K.S.M for 1930–31Unidentified1930-1Russian propaganda
With the banner of Lenin…Toidze, Irakly Moiseyevich1933

Russian propaganda State Hermitage Museum
Palace Square, 2, St Petersburg, Russia, 190000

Image source: artforum.com
Venus figurines of Kostenkiunknown23,000-18,000 BCEVariegated venuses
Madonna Littada Vinci, Leonardo/
Giovanni Boltraffio
c1490High Renaissance
Madonna and Child (The Conestabile Madonna)Raphael
(Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)
1504High Renaissance
Apostles Peter and Paul (other versions)El Greco (Domenkos Theotocopoulos)1587-92Mannerism
Baptism of ChristAlbani,
c1640Bolognese School
Return of the Prodigal Son, TheRembrandt Harmenszoon
van Rijn
1666-1669Dutch Golden Age
Death of Adonis, TheMazzuoli,
Judgment  of ParisMengs, Anton Raphael1757Rococo
Spoiled Child, TheGreuze,
A Lady in Blue, Portrait ofGainsborough, Thomas1770sRococo
Last Day of PompeiiBryullov, Karl Pavlovich1833Romanticism
Ninth Wave, TheAivazovsky,
Barge Haulers on the VolgaRepin,
Man Smoking a PipeCézanne,
Thatched Cottages and HousesVan Gogh,
Woman Holding Fruit, TheGauguin,
Lady in BlueCézanne,
Two Sisters (The Meeting)Picasso,
1902Blue Period
In a Tropical Forest Combat of a Tiger and a BuffaloMatisse,
Danse, LaMatisse,
Danse, La (II)Matisse,
Cyclist, TheGoncharova, Natalia1913Russian avant-garde
Black CircleMalevich,

Suprematism National Gallery in Prague
Prague, Czechia

Image source: welcometoprague.com
Feast of the RosaryDürer, Albrecht1506Northern Renaissance
St AugustineRubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)1639

Baroque Prague City Gallery

Image source: theculturetrip.com
Mental Asylum Band-CopseWölfli, Adolf1910

Art Brut National Museum Warsaw

Image source: warsawtour.pl
Self-portrait with folded handsBoznańska, Olga 1893Young Poland
Sun in MayMehoffer, Józef1911

Young Poland National Museum Kraków

Image source: calvertjournal.com
Florists, The Boznańska, Olga  1889Young Poland
Mediations, Ash WednesdayWojtkiewicz, Witold 1908

Young Poland
CompositionWitkiewicz, Stanisław Ignacy1922Young Poland Eastern Europe Miscellaneous locations:

Image: Moravany ‘Venus’, Moravany nad Váhom, Slovakia
Source: Wikimedia commons
Moravské zemské muzeum, Brno, Czech RepublicVenus of Dolní Věstonice  29,000-25,000 BCE
Replica in the Bratislava Castle exposition of the Slovak National MuseumVenus of Moravany  22,800 BCE
Archeological Institute, Brno, CzechiaVenus of Petřkovice  23,000 BCE
Czartoryski Museum, św. Jana 19, 31-017 Kraków, PolandLady with the Ermine, Theda Vinci, Leonardoc 1490
Muzeum Narodowe, GdańskLast Judgment Triptych, TheMemling, Hans1471
Hungarian National GallerySelf PortraitWeber, Henrik1846
National Museum in Poznań PolandMelancholiaMalczewski, Jacek 1890-4
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków PolandKonstantin Laszczka, Portrait of Wyczółkowski, Leon 1901-2
Mucha Museum, Panská 7, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague, CzechiaPrincess HyacinthMucha, Alphonse1911
Perm State Art GalleryComposition with FiguresPopova, Lyubov1915
Literary Publishing Department, RVSR Political AdministrationRise and defend Petrograd!Apsit, Alexander Petrovich1919
Kostroma ROSTA Windows (or Posters) GroupOur revolution will still be going in 100 years Bondi, Yuri1920
Literary Publishing Department, RVSR Political Administration1st of May, the All-Russian voluntary-work day!Moor, Dmitry Stakhiyevich1920
Literary Publishing Department, RVSR Political AdministrationHave you volunteered for the Red ArmyMoor, Dmitry Stakhiyevich1920
Literary Publishing Department, RVSR Political AdministrationWe destroyed the enemy with weapons, we’ll earn our bread with labour… Kogout. Nikolai1920
Nedelya Krestyanina CommissionThe workers and peasants are wiping out the lords and barons…Apsit, Alexander Petrovich 1920
Moscow-Leningrad IzogizYoung Communist League is the shock battalion of the Five Year Plan Lyushin, Vladimir Ivanovich1931
Moscow-Leningrad Ogiz-IzogizUnite the power of science with the creative energy of the working class Kokorekin, Alexei Alexeyevich1932
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, MoscowSpiderBourgeois, Louise1996

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