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National Gallery
British Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Victoria and Albert Museum
Tate Galleries
British Library
Courtauld Gallery/ Somerset House
London Miscellaneous museums

Birmingham Museum/Gallery
Norfolk Museums Collections
Norwich Castle
Royal Collection Trust

National Galleries of Scotland
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

National Museum of Ireland

Trinity College Library

Other UK/Ireland locations:

[3140-11] National Gallery
Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN.
Wilton Diptych (Richard II of England)unclear1395-99Early Renaissance
Man in a Red Turbanvan Eyck, Jan1433Northern Renaissance
Arnolfini Portraitvan Eyck, Jan 1434Northern Renaissance
Battle of San Romano (part of triptych)Uccello, Paoloc1435-1460Early Renaissance
Baptism of Christ, Thedella Francesca, Piero1440-50Renaissance
Man, Portrait of a da Messina, Antonello 1470Renaissance
St George and the Dragon (San Giorgio e il Dragone)Uccello, Paolo1470Renaissance
Donne TriptychMemling, Hans1477-80Early Renaissance
Burlington House Cartoonda Vinci, Leonardo1499-1500High Renaissance
Doge Leonardo Loredan, Portrait of theBellini, Giovanni 1501-2Venetian School
Madonna of the Pinks (La Madonna dei Garofani)Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)1507High Renaissance
Joseph in EgyptPontormo, Jacopo da1515-8Mannerism
Man, Portrait of a Titian / Tiziano Vecelli1515-20Venetian School
Bacchus and Ariadne Titian / Tiziano Vecelli1522Venetian School
Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling, AHolbein the Younger, Hans1526-8Northern Renaissance
Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome, The (Vision of St Jerome)Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)c1526Mannerism
Mystic Marriage of St CatherineParmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)c1529Mannerism
Ambassadors, TheHolbein the Younger, Hans 1533Northern Renaissance
Venus, Cupid, Folly and TimeBronzino, Agnolo1540-6Mannerism
Christ Driving the Traders from the TempleEl Greco (Domenkos Theotocopoulos)1600Mannerism
Supper at EmmausCaravaggio, Michelangelo Merisa da1601Baroque
Samson and DelilahRubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)1609-10Baroque
Judgment of ParisRubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)1632-6Baroque
Belshazzar’s FeastRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn1635Dutch Golden Age
Rokeby Venus, TheVelázquez, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y1647-51Baroque
Landscape with the Marriage of Isaac and RebeccaLorrain, Claude1648Baroque
River Landscape with Horseman and PeasantsCuyp, Aelbert1658Baroque
Lady Standing at a VirginalVermeer, Johannes  (Jan Vermeer van Delft)1670-2Baroque
Stonemason’s YardCanaletto, Giovanni Antonio1720sBaroque
Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day, TheCanaletto, Giovanni Antonioc1740Baroque
Marriage Settlement (Marriage a la Mode 1)Hogarth, William1742-4Rococo
Banquet of Cleopatra, TheTiepolo, Giovanni Battista1743-4Rococo
Mr and Mrs Robert AndrewsGainsborough, Thomas1750Rococo
WhistlejacketStubbs, George1762 Romanticism
Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump, AnWright, Joseph (of Derby)1768Romanticism
Shipwreck in Stormy Seas, AVernet, Claude-Joseph1772Rococo
Winter LandscapeFriedrich, Caspar David1811Romanticism
Snow Storm, Hannibal and His Army Crossing the AlpsTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1812Romanticism
Dido Building CarthageTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1815Romanticism
Hay Wain, TheConstable, John1821Romanticism
Salisbury Cathedral from the MeadowsConstable, John1831Romanticism
Fighting Temeraire, TheTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1839Romanticism
Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western RailwayTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1844Romanticism
Foxhill, Upper NorwoodPissarro, Camille1870Impressionism
Bathers at AsnièresSeurat, Georges1884Impressionism
Bathers at AsnièresSeurat, Georges 1884Divisionism
Sunflowersvan Gogh, Vincent1888Post-Impressionist
Vincent’s Chair van Gogh, Vincent1888Post-Impressionist
Wheatfield, with Cypresses, Avan Gogh, Vincent1889Post-Impressionist
Grandes Baigneuses, LesCézanne, Paul1906Post-Impressionism
Japanese Bridge, TheMonet, Claude1919-24

Post-Impressionism British Museum
Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG UK

Image source: pinterest.ca
Robin Hood Cave Horse  unknown13,000 BCESculpture Art
Swimming Reindeers  unknown11,000 BCESculpture Art
Ain Sakhri Lovers  unknown9,000 BCESculpture Art
Ain Sakhri Loversfirst depiction
of sex
9,000 BCENatufian
Jericho plastered skullsplastered skull9,000 BCENatufian
Anonymous, The Battlefield Palette  3,300-3,100Pre-dynastic Egypt
Standard of Ur  2,600Sumerians
Book of the Dead of Hunefer  1275 BCEEgypt New Kingdom
Bronze Bowl from Nimrud  c800 BCEPhoenician
Hunts of Ashurbanipal, The – Nineveh  645-635 BCEAssyrian
Parthenon Marbles, aka Elgin MarblesPhidias447 – 438 BCEClassical Greece
La Tène: Battersea Shield  350-50 BCEEurasian
La Tène: Wandsworth Shield  350-150 BCEEurasian
Fragment of  6th Pillar Edict of Ashoka  238 BCEAncient India
Rosetta stone  196 BCEHellenistic Greece
Desborough Mirror  50 BCE – 50 CEEurasian
Warrior Pot  100-700Americas, South
Trojan horse, art of Gandhara  2nd-3rd cPakistan Art
Kudara Kannon  mid-7th cJapan  Asuka period
Pala sculpture  11th cPakistan Art
Ife Head, heraldic crest of Ife royalty  14th-15th cAfrican art
Albion RoseBlake, William1794-6

Romanticism National Portrait Gallery
St. Martin’s Place, London WC2H 0HE UK

Image source: artuk.org
Charles Dickens, Portrait of Maclise, Daniel1839Victorian Art
Lytton Stretchey, Portrait ofCarrington, Dora1917

Bloomsbury Group Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL UK

Image source: linkedin.com
An Ichthyo-Centaur2nd cPakistan Art
Gandhara frieze with devotees, holding plantain leaves 1st – 2nd c Pakistan Art
Bowl with fish design300-600South American
Sañchi Torso, The900Buddhist Art
Walrus ivory cross reliquary11th cEarly Christian Art
Vase, Yuan Dynasty1320-50China Yuan Dynasty
Samson slaying a PhilistineGiambolognac1562Mannerism
Portrait of the emperor Shah Jahan with son Dara AhikohGovardhanc1640Mughal
Jade Wine Cup1657Mughal
Milkmaid’s Garland, TheHayman, Francis1741-2Rococo
Krishna playing flute 1790-1800Mughal
Chirk AqueductCotman, John Sell1806-7Romanticism
Boatbuilding Near Flatford Mill Constable, John1815

Romanticism Tate Museums
Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG
Tate Modern, Bankside London SE1 9TG
Tate Liverpool, Royal Albert Docks Liverpool L3 4BB
Tate St Ives, Porthmeor Beach, Saint Ives TR26 1TG

Tate Britain – Image source: artuk.org

Image source: artfund.org
Old Horse Guards, TheCanaletto, Giovanni Antonioc1749Baroque/Rococo
Death of Major Pierson, TheCopley, John Singleton1782-4American
Colonial Art
Isaac NewtonBlake, William1795Romanticism
NebuchadnezzarBlake, William1795-1805Romanticism
Mousehold Heath, NorwichCrome, John (Old Crome)c1818-1820Norwich School
Ghost of a Flea, TheBlake, William1819-20Romanticism
Moonlight on RiverTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)c1826Romanticism
Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, The (two versions)Turner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1834-5Romanticism
Snow Storm: Steamboat off a Harbour’s MouthTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1842Romanticism
Norham Castle, SunriseTurner, JMW (Joseph Mallord William)1845Romanticism
Christ in the House of His ParentsMillais, Sir John Everett1849-50Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
OpheliaMillais, Sir John Everett 1851-2Realism
Death of ChattertonWallis, Henry1856Romanticism
Pegwell Bay. Kent – a Recollection of October 5th (Comet Donali)Dyce, William1858Victorian Art
Nocturne: Blue and Silver, ChelseaWhistler, James McNeill1871Impressionism
ProsperineRossetti, Dante Gabriel1874Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
King Cophetua and the Beggar MaidBurne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley1884Arts and Crafts
Carnation, Lily, Lily, RoseSargent, John Singer 1885-6Realism
Lady of Shalott, TheWaterhouse, John William1888Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
April, Epping 1894Pissarro, Lucien1894Divisionism
Oh! Willo! Willo! Willo!Armfield, Maxwelll Ashby1902Arts and Crafts
Girl in a Chemise (Jeune femme en chemise)Picasso,
Seated Nude (Femme nue assise)Picasso, Pablo 1909-10Cubism
Lemon GatherersGrant, Duncan 1910Bloomsbury Group
London on Holiday – Borough Polytechnic MuralsFry, Roger Eliot, et al1911Bloomsbury Group
Big Girl, TheEtchells, Frederickc1912Bloomsbury Group
River with PoplarsFry, Roger Eliotc1912Bloomsbury Group
Studland BeachBell, Vanessa1912Bloomsbury Group
Uncertainty of the Poet, The (L’Incertitude du poète)de Chirico, Giorgio1913Surrealism/
Unique Forms of Continuity in SpaceBoccioni, Umberto1913Abstract Art 20th
Unique Forms of Continuity in SpaceBoccioni, Umberto1913Futurism
Abstract Kinetic Collage Painting With SoundGrant, Duncan1914Bloomsbury Group
Abstract PaintingBell, Vanessac1914Bloomsbury Group
Essay in Abstract DesignFry, Roger Eliot1914-5Bloomsbury Group
Still Life On Corner of A MantelpieceBell, Vanessa1914Bloomsbury Group
WorkshopLewis, Wyndham1914-5Modern Art – Vorticism
WorkshopLewis, Wyndham1914-5Abstract – Vorticism
Tub, TheBell, Vanessa1917Bloomsbury Group
Table Salt (Tafelsalz)Schwitters, Kurt1922Dada
Dynamic SuprematismMalevich, Kazimir1925-6Suprematism
PaintingMiró, Joan1927Surrealism
A Married CoupleGrosz, George1930Expressionism
Nude Woman in a red ArmchairPicasso, Pablo1932Abstract
Endless RhythmDelaunay, Robert1934Cubism – Orphism
Ville Entiere, LaErnst, Max1934Surrealism
Metamorphose de NarcisseDalí, Salvador 1937Surrealism
Opened by CustomsSchwitters, Kurt1937-8Dada
Weeping WomanPicasso, Pablo1937Figurative art
Weeping WomanPicasso, Pablo1937Cubism
Mountain LakeDalí, Salvador 1938Surrealist
Girl at the PianoGrant, Duncan1940Bloomsbury Group
Totes Meer (Dead Sea)Nash, Paul1940-1Modern Art
Triptychs Bacon,
1944-86Modern Art/Figurative
Figure in a LandscapeBacon, Francis 1945Abstract Expressionism
Still Life (Natura morta)Morandi, Giorgio1946Modern Art
Man PointingGiacometti, Alberto 1947Figurative sculpture
Somerset Maugham, Portrait ofSutherland, Graham Vivian1949Neo-Romanticism
Girl with a White DogFreud, Lucian1952Abstract Expressionism
Around the BluesFrancis, Sam1957-62Abstract
BoonBrooks, James David1957Action Painting
Lightning with Stag in its GlareBeuys, Joseph1958-85Installation Art
Seagram MuralsRothko, Mark1958Abstract
London, View of the Thames in the Evening Kokoschka, Oskar1959Expressionism
Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ (Concetto spaziale ‘Attesa’)Fontana, Lucio1960Abstract Expressionism
Artist’s Shit (No 4)Manzoni, Piero1961Arte Povera
Painting 150 (Cuadro 150)Millares, Manolo1961Abstract
Marilyn DiptychWarhol, Andy1962Pop Art
Whaam!Lichtenstein, Roy 1963Pop Art
Homage to the SquareAlbers, Josef 1964Abstract Expressionism
UntitledAnuszkiewicz, Richard 1965Op Art
Modern Times IIDeLap, Tony1966Op Art
Nude Woman With NecklacePicasso, Pablo1968Abstract
UntitledRothko, Mark1969Abstract
Mr and Mrs Clarke and PercyHockney, David1971Pop Art
My ParentsHockney, David1977Pop Art
UntitledJudd, Donald1980Minimalism
Nantes TriptychViola, Bill1992Video Art
Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, TheHirst, Damien2005

Post Modernism British Library
96 Euston Rd, Somers Town, London NW1 2DB UK

Image source: bl.uk
Lindisfarne Gospels, Book ofUnknown (previously thought to be George Gower)c700-715Early Christian Art
Khamsa, TheNizami Ganjavi1590sMughal Art
E M Forster, Portrait ofCarrington, Dora1924-5

Bloomsbury Group Courtauld Gallery/ Somerset House
Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 0RN

Image source: timeout.com
Entombment (aka Seilern Triptych)Campin, Robert (Master of Flémalle)1410-15Northern Renaissance
Bar at the Folies-Bergere, AManet, Édouard1882Realism
Bridge at CourbevoieSeurat, Georges1886-7Divisionism
Self-Portrait with Bandaged Earvan Gogh, Vincent1889Post-Impressionist
Still Life with Plastic CupidCézanne, Paul1895Post-Impressionism
Yo PicassoPicasso, Pablo1901Blue period
Seated NudeModigliani, Amedeo Clement1916Expressionism
Arum LilliesBell, Vanessa1919Bloomsbury Group
Roger Fry, Self PortraitFry, Roger Eliot1928

Bloomsbury Group Miscellaneous London museums:
Geffrye Museum
136 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, London E2 8EA

Image source: timeout.com
No current listings on ultcult.com
Horniman Museum and Gardens
100 London Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ

Image source: thenudge.com
No current listings on ultcult.com
Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD

Image source: thespaces.com
Boats in the Port of CollioureDerain, Andre1905Divisionism
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, London SW3 4RY

Image source: facebook.com
Family, TheRego, Dame Maria Paula Figueiroa 1988Abstract Expressionism
Sir John Soane’s Museum
13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP

Image source: soane.org
Rake’s Progress, The
– eight scenes
Hogarth, William1732-4Baroque
Wallace Collection
Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN

Image source: Wikimedia commons
Laughing Cavalier, TheHals, Frans1625Dutch Golden Age
Swing, TheFragonard, Jean-Honoré1767Rococo Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH UK

Image source: Wikimedia commons
Sultanganj Buddha, a Gupta-Pala copper sculptureunknown500-700Pakistan Art
Last of England, TheMadox Brown, Ford 1852-5Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Dante Gabriel Rossetti at 22 years of age, Portrait ofHolman Hunt, William1882-3Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Sleeping Beauty, TheSouthall, Joseph1903

Arts and Crafts
Other notable works in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery : not yet listed
Crossing the SandsCox, David1848
The StonebreakerWallis, Henry1857
Red and White Still LifeCaulfield, Patrick1964 Norfolk Museums Collections
Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ

Image source: norwich350.com
Amsterdam, The NetherlandsCrome, John Berney1820Norwich School
Distant view of Pevensey Bay, A: The landing place of King William the ConquerorVincent, George1820Norwich School
Dutch Fair at Great Yarmouth, TheVincent, George1821Norwich School
Thorpe Water Frolic; AfternoonStannard, Joseph1825

Norwich School Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery
24 Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3JU

Image source: visitnorfolk.co.uk
Marl Pit, TheCotman, John Sell1810Norwich School
Foundry Bridge, NorwichLadbrooke, Robert1822-33Norwich School
Storm on Yarmouth BeachCotman, John Sell1831

Norwich School Royal Collection Trust
St James Palace, London UK

Image source: rct.uk
Apollo and DianaCranach the Elder, Lucasc1525-7Northern Renaissance
Charles I in Three Poisitionsvan Dyck, Sir Anthony1635-6Baroque
Music Lesson, TheVermeer, Johannes  (Jan Vermeer van Delft)1662-5Dutch Golden Age
First of May. 1851, TheWinterhalter, Franz Xaver1851

Victorian Art National Galleries of Scotland
The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL UK

Image source: artuk.org
Diana and ActaeonTitian / Tiziano Vecelli1556-9Venetian School
Adoration of the Shepherds, TheDomenichino (Domenico Zampieri)c1607-10Bolognese School
Rev Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, TheRaeburn, Sir Henry1784Romanticism
Monarch of the GlenLandseer, Sir Edwin Henry1851Victorian Art
Vision of the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel)Gauguin, Paul1888Post-Impressionism
Lady Agnew of LochnawSargent, John Singer c1892-3Realism
Japanese TheatreKirchner, Ernst Ludwig1909Die Brücke/
Head of a Woman (Frauenkopf)von Jawlensky, Alexej1911Expressionism
Kopf (The Head)Nolde, Emil1913Die Brücke/
White Dancer in a Cabaret (Weisse Tänzerin in Kleinem Variété)Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig1914Die Brücke/
St Francis (Heiliger Franziskus)Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl 1919Die Brücke/
Self PortraitGrant, Duncan1920Bloomsbury Group
Villa sur la route [Villa by the Road]Dubuffet, Jean1957Art Brut
Blaze 1Riley, Bridget1964

Op Art Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
75 Belford Rd, Edinburgh EH4 3DR

Image source: cntraveler.com
James Dawkins and Robert Wood Discovering the Ruins of PalmyraHamilton, Gavin1758Neoclassicism
Mrs Mary Graham, Portrait of the HonourableGainsborough, Thomas1777Rococo
Ladies Waldegrave, TheReynolds, Joshua1780

Haystack in the Morning, Snow EffectMonet, Claude1891Post-Impressionism National Museum of Ireland
Dublin and Castlebar, Ireland

Image source: blooloop.com
Tara Broochunknown710-750 CE

Eurasian Trinity College Library
College Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Image source: loveindublin.com
Book of Kells, The
(Codex Cenannensis)
Columbian monasteries800

Early Christian Art
Book of KellsColumbian monasteries 9th cEurasian UK/Ireland Miscellaneous Locations
Angel of the North,
Angel of the NorthGormley, Antony
Apsley House,
Waterseller of SevilleVelázquez, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y
Arts Council Collection,
California SeascapeHockney, David
Ashmolean Museum,
Hunt in the ForestUccello, Paolo
Became a trademarkHis Master’s VoiceBarraud, Francis
British Council Collection,
Movement in SquaresRiley, Bridget
Broadcasting House,
Ariel Between Wisdom and GaietyGill, Eric
Burghley House,
David Garrick, Portrait of Kauffman, Angelica
Vanessa Bell, Portrait ofGrant, Duncan
Christ Church Picture Gallery,
Butcher’s Shop, TheCarracci, Annibale
Collection late Marchioness of Cholmondeley,
Reading of Molière, (A La lecture de Molière)de Troy, Jean François
Corpus Christi College,
Bury St Edmunds
The Bury Bible
Dyrham Park,
View of a CorridorHoogstraten, Samuel van
Fitzwilliam Museum,
Entrance of the Grand Canal, VeniceBelloto, Bernardo 
Irish Museum of Modern Art,
no current listings
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum,
no current listings
Kenwood House,
Guitar Player, TheVermeer, Johannes  (Jan Vermeer van Delft)
Kenwood House,
Monolith (Empyrean)Hepworth, Barbara
King’s Closet,
Windsor Castle
Massacre of the InnocentsBruegel the Elder, Pieter
King’s College Chapel,
Adoration of the Magi, TheRubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)
Lady Lever Art Gallery,
Port Sunlight
Beguiling of Merlin, TheBurne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Leeds City Art Gallery,
Nightfall Down the ThamesGrimshaw, John Atkinson
Leeds Museums and Galleries,
Reclining FigureMoore, Henry
Liverpool Museum,
no current listings
London Underground HQ,
Day and NightEpstein, Sir Jacob
Lowry, The, ManchesterComing from the MillLowry, L S (Laurence Stephen)
Manchester Art Gallery,
Hireling Shepherd. TheHolman Hunt. William
National Museum Cardiff,
Bard, TheJones, Thomas
National Museum of Costume,
New Abbey, Scotland
no current listings
National Museum of Ireland,
no current listings
National Museum Wales,
no current listings
Natural History Museum,
Beaker: an early inverted-bell pottery container
Parliament Square,
Lord Palmerston, Statue of Woolner, Thomas
Powis Castle (National Trust)
View of the Ponte delle Navi, VeronaBelloto, Bernardo 
Queen’s House, Greenwich Palace,
Armada Portrait of Elizabeth IUnknown (previously thought to be George Gower)
Royal Gallery, Palace of Westminster,
Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo Maclise, Daniel
Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum,
Venus VerticordiaRossetti, Dante Gabriel
Sheffield Museum,
Edith Sitwell, Portrait ofFry, Roger Eliot
Southampton City Art GalleryThe Birth of Pegasus and ChrysaorBurne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Sudley House,
no current listings
Tullie House Museum,
Staffordshire Moorlands pan
Ulster Museum,
no current listings
Victoria Square,
Iron:ManGormley, Antony
Walker Art Gallery,
Henry VIII, Portrait ofHolbein the Younger, Hans

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