Digital Art Fair in Hong Kong

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As I write this Digital Art Fair is opening tomorrow 19 October 2023 in Hong Kong.

It is the leading Web 3.0 annual art fair in the world, showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting digital art and NFTs from around the globe. The fair provides a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work, and for art enthusiasts and collectors to discover and acquire new digital artwork.

They have distilled their market into fourteen sub-sections – AI, animation, augmented reality, blockchain, crypto, illustration, immersive art, installations, machine learning, marketplace, photography, projection, renderings and virtual reality

Since Digital Art Fair’s inauguration fair in 2021, the Hong Kong-grown iconic digital art fair focuses on NFTs and digital art has become a cultural destination for art and technology enthusiasts to collect digital fine art, digital assets and to celebrate art, culture, and creativity. Their details here.

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