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From Editorial Team • editorialteam@ultcult.com

Subject Launch of a new fine art and sculpture resource

Date: 2 November 2021

Announcing a new resource
for the appreciation of fine art and sculpture.

Newly released, ultcult.com provides a catalogue of fine art and sculpture. It can be searched by artist, by artwork or by current venue.

There are 55,000 museums around the world. Even if you visited one of these every single day of your adult life you would reach just over a third of them. There are 2,500 museums in the UK. Visiting one a week for your adult lifetime you might get to see every UK museum. However, of the c200,000 oil paintings in the UK’s national collection, over 80% are not on show at any given time.

ultcult.com presents the most significant artworks from movements and schools from pre-history to the present day.

ultcult.com is the result of a pandemic shutdown exercise, a solid fifteen months of effort to compile the current catalogue, which is just the start of an ongoing task.


At the foot of each webpage is a comments block
if you wish to offer any thoughts and critiques:

  • Is there an artwork you believe should be added to the site?
  • Have you found errors or omissions in attribution or description?
  • Can you suggest any new features for the site?

The more comments, the better resource ultcult.com can become.

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