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Pa-Pier or Piet-Pyth

Paik, Nam June
Pannaggi, Ivo
Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)
Pascali, Pino
Perignan, Salomé
Perraud, Jean-Joseph
Perugino, Pietro
Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich
Petrus, Christus
Picabia, Francis
Picasso, Pablo
Pierpont, Frank Hinman
Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste
Pimenov, Yuri
Pinchon, Robert-Antoine
Pirosmani, Niko

Pissarro, Camille
Pissarro, Lucien
Pistoletto, Michelangelo
Plensa, Jaume
Pollock, Jackson
Polymedes of Argos
Pontormo, Jacopo da
Popova, Lyubov
Potter, Paulus
Poussin, Nicolas
Praxiteles of Athens
Prendergast, Maurice
Puget, Pierre
Puni, Ivan
Pythokritos of Lindos


>Paik, Nam June 백남준
Modern Art
Tokyo, Munich, New York

Korean American artist
aged 73 [2551]

Robot K-4561964
Untitled (Red Hand)1967
TV Buddha1974
TV Bra for Living Sculpture1975
Untitled (Zen TV)1977
Good Morning Mr. Orwell1984
Untitled (Allen Ginsberg)1984
Family of Robot: Baby1986
Burning Hat1986
A Work for Radio1988
Evolution Revolution1989
Neon TV – series x31990
Drawing – series x41990
Baby Robot 1 and Baby Robot21991
I Ching 361991
Untitled (Columbus In Search of a New Tomorrow)1992
Before the Word There Was Light, After the Word There Will Be Light1992
More Log In Less Logging1993
The Color from Orient1993
David Bowie1994
Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii1995
Triangle Trinity1998
Diamond Sat1998
Three Elements2000
Bakelite Robot2002
>Pannaggi, Ivo

Italian artist
aged 80 [2552]

Vaso, tavolozza, pennelli e solidi1919-1920
Self=portrait 19201920
Speeding Train1922
My Mother Reading the Newspaperc1922
F. Zampini & C1924
Il costruttore1925
Perspective Abstraction1926
Astrazione prospettica (Abstract perspective) series1926-1927
The Berlin Stock Market1929
Motociclista – 19311931
N° 8 – Nonfigurativo1952
N°9 – Quasifigurativo1952
Robot Futuriste – seriesunknown
The Climber1975
Caricature e Astrazioni Figurative1980
>Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)
Parma, Bologna

[Self portrait]
Italian painter
1503 – 1540,
aged 37 [2553]

Baptism of Christc1519
Bardi Altarpiece1521
Saint Barbara1522
Circumcision of Jesus1523
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror1524
Portrait of a Collector1524
Portrait of Galeazzo Sanvitale1524
The Holy Family with Angelsc1524
Myth of Diana and Acteon1524
Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome, The (Vision of St Jerome)c1526
Vision of St Jerome1527
Conversion of Saint Paulc1527
Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist c1528
Mystical Marriage of St Catherinec1529
Turkish Slave (Portrait of a Lady)c1533
Cupid Making His Arch (or Bow?)c1533-1535
Madonna with the Long Neck (Madonna dal Collo Longo)c1535
Portrait of Pier Maria Rossi di San Secondoc1535-1539
Portrait of Camilla Gonzaga and Her Three Sonsc1539-1540
Self-portrait with red beret1540
>Pascali, Pino
Arte Povera

Italian artist sculptor
aged 32 [2554]

Orso bruno (Brown Bear)1963
Dalla serie Lettere (N)1964
Primopiano labbra1964
Tribute to Billie Holiday1964
Cannone Semovente1965
Dove of Peace1965
La decapitazione del rinoceronte, The Beheading of the Rhinoceros1966-67
32 Square Meters of Sea1967
9 Square Metres of Puddles1967
Bachi da setola, Bristle Worms1968
Vedova blu, Blue Widow1968
>Perignan, Salomé
Art Brut-Outsider Art

French painter
1977 – 

Soms of Anarchy2020
Jax Teller Sons of Anarchy2020
Soyons tous Barbe Noire2021
Thank you King2022
>Perraud, Jean-Joseph

[Portrait by A Gilbert]
French sculptor
aged 57 [2556]

Child of Bacchus – series1855, 1857, 1859
Pan with Bacchus child1859
Lyrical Drama1865-1869
Le Drame1866
Le Désespoir, Despair1869
Louis Pasteur bust1896
>Perugino, Pietro
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/High Renaissance

[Self portrait]
Italian painter
aged 77

Christ Handing the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter (aka The Delivery of the Keys1481-2
Crucifixion (the Galitzin triptych)1483-1493
Portrait of Lorenzo di Credi1488
Annunciation of Fanoc1488-1490
Apollo and Marsyas,c1490
St Sebastain – three versionsc1490
The Virgin appearing to St. Bernardc1490-1494
Albani Torlonia Altarpieces1491
Madonna with Child Enthroned between Saints John the Baptist and Sebastian1493
Portrait of Francesco delle Opere1494
Certosa di Pavia Altarpiece1496-1500
Decemviri and Fano Altarpiece1497
San Francesco al Prato Resurrectionc1499-1501
Vallombrosa and Tezi Altarpiecesc1500
Madonna in Glory with Saints1500-1501
Marriage of the Virgin1500-1504
Combat of Love and Chastity1503
Annunziata Polyptych1504-1507
Assumption of the Virginc1506
Ascension of Christ1510
Saint Bartholomew1512-1523
The Nativity: the Virgin, St. Joseph, and the Shepherds adoring the Infant Christc1522
God the Father and angels [Vatican City]unknown
>Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich
Кузьма Сергеевич Петров-Водкин
Symbolism/Mir iskusstva/Social Realism
St Petersburg

[Self portrait]
Russian painter
aged 60

‘Theatre Farce’ and ‘Theatre Drama’1907
Sleep (aka Dream)1910
Bathing of a Red Horse (Купание красного коня)1912
Virgin of Tenderness1914-1915
Thirsty Warrior1915
On the Line of Fire1916
Bathers: Morning1917
Petrograd Madonna (aka The Year 1918 in Petrograd)1918
Self-portrait, 19181918
Still Life with a Herring1918
Still Life with Prism1920
Anna, portrait1922
Beside Lenin’s Coffin1924
Death of a Commissar1928
Moving party1937
>Petrus, Christus
Early Renaissance

[His 1470 Portrait of a Young Girl]
Dutch (Flemish) painter
(c1410-1472-3) active from 1444 [2559]

Edward Grimston1446
Portrait of a Carthusian1446
St. Eligius in His Workshop1449
The Annunciationc1450
Christ as the Man of Sorrowsc1450
Portrait of a Young Manc1450-1460
The Last Judgement1452
Portrait of a Female Donorc1455
Portrait of a Male Donorc1455
Isabel of Portugal with St. Elizabeth1457-1460
Madonna and Child1460-1465
Madonna of the Dry Treec1462-1465
St. Eligius, As A Goldsmith, Hands The Wedding Couple A Ring.1469
Portrait of a Young Girl1465-1470
>Phidias Φειδίας
Classical Greece

Greek sculptor, painter, and architect
480 – 430 BCE,
aged 50 [2560]

Statue of Zeus [at Olympia]c470-436 BCE 
Athena Promachos456 BCE
Athena Lemnia451-448 BCE
Parthenon Marbles (aka Elgin Marbles, Netopes)447 – 438 BCE
Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin)447 BCE
The Varvakeion Athena.c438 BCE
Heracles5th c BCE
Workshop of Phiias at Olympia2006 photo
>Picabia, Francis
Abstract Art/Divisionism/Dada/Surrealism

French painter
aged 74 [2561]

Sunlight on the banks of the Loing1908
Dances at the Spring [II]1912
The Spring1912
New York1913
I See Again in Memory My Dear Udnie1914
Comic Wedlock1914
This has to do with Me1914
Very Rare Picture on the Earth1915
Mouvement Dada, Dada Movement1919
Tableau Rastadada1920
Optophone I1922
Pompe à combustible, Fuel Pump1922
Conversation IIc1922
Idylle, from Les Monstres series1927
Women with Bulldog1941
Portrait of a Couple1942-1943
>Picasso, Pablo
Post-Impressionism/Abstract Art/Primitivism/Picasso’s Periods/Cubism/Expressionism/Surrealism/Neo-Figurative/Sculpture Art
Barcelona, Paris, Avignon

[1904 photo] Spanish painter, sculptor
1881 – 1973,
aged 91
Il Picador1890
Plaster Male Torso1893
First Communion1896
Science and Charity1897
La gommeuse1901
Yo Picasso1901
Self-portrait, 19011901
Woman in Blue (Mujer en azul)1901
Old Woman (Woman with Gloves)1901
Femme au café (Absinthe Drinker)1901-1902
The Soup1902-1903
Femme aux Bras Croisés1902
Two Sisters (The Meeting)1902
Blue Nude1902
Angel Fernández de Soto1903
Vie, La (Life)1903
The Old Guitarist1903-1904
Acrobat and Young Harlequin (Acrobate et jeune arlequin)1905
Boy with a Pipe (Garçon à la Pipe)1905
Fillette à la corbeille fleurie1905
Boy Leading a Horse1905-1906
Girl on the Ball1905
Les Noces de Pierrette1905
Family of Acrobats with Monkey1905
Family of Saltimbanques1905
Girl in a Chemise (Jeune femme en chemise)1905
Au Lapin Agile, Arlequin tenant un verre,
At the Lapin Agile, Harlequin with Glass
Gertrude Stein, Portrait of1905-1906
Two Nudes1906
Demoiselles d’Avignon, Les1907
Demoiselles d’Avignon, Les1907
Femme assise1909
Ambroise Vollard, Portrait of1909-1910
Seated Nude (Femme nue assise)1909-1910
La Femme au pot de moutarde, Woman with Mustard Pot1910
Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler1910
Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Teller)1910-1911
Le Guitariste1911
Still Life with a Bottle of Rum1911
Le poète (The Poet)1911
Violon (Violin)1911-1912
Ma Jolie1912
L’aficionado (Le torero)1912
Still Life with Chair Caning1912
Maquette for Guitar [collage]1912
Femme assise dans un fauteuil [Eva], (Woman in a Chemise in an Armchair)1913
Bouteille, clarinet, violon, journal, verre (Bottle, clarinet, violin, newspaper, glass)1913
Tête (Head)1913-1914
L’Homme aux cartes (Card Player),1913-1914
Bowl of Fruit, Violin and Bottle1914
Nature morte au compotier (Still Life with Compote and Glass)1914-1915
Man with Pipe1915
L’anis del mono (Bottle of Anis del Mono)1916
Portrait d’Olga dans un fauteuil (Olga in an Armchair),1918
Sleeping Peasants1919
Nu assis s’essuyant le pied (Seated Nude Drying her Foot)1921
Nous autres musiciens (Three Musicians)1921
Three Women at the Spring1921
Two Women Running on the Beach (The Race) 1922
Woman in White1923
Seated Woman1927
Large Nude in a Red Armchair1929
Figures at the Seaside1931
Nude Woman in a red Armchair1932
Nude, Green Leaves and Bust1932
Dream, The (Le Rêve)1932
Girl before a Mirror1932
Femme assise près d’une fenêtre (Marie-Thérèse)1932
Head of a Sleeping Woman1934
Minotaur With Dead Horse In Front Of A Cave Facing A Girl In Veil1936
Weeping Woman1937
Weeping Woman1937
Seated Woman1937
Portrait of Dora Maar1937
Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter)1937
Buste de femme (Femme à la résille)1938
Dora Maar au Chat1941
Man with a Lamb [sculpture]1943-1944
Jacqueline with Flowers1954
Femmes de Alger, Les (version ‘F’) (Women of Algiers)1955
Femmes de Alger, Les (version ‘O’) (Women of Algiers)1955
Don Quixote1955[2581]

Femme nue devant le jardin, Naked Woman in Front of the Garden1956
Chicago Picasso [public sculpturr]1967
Nude Woman With Necklace1968
Self-Portrait Facing Death1972
>Pierpont, Frank Hinman
Typeface designer

American engineer
aged 76 [2562]

Rockwell font1934
>Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste

French sculptor
aged 71 [2563]

Mercure attachant ses talonnière, Msercury attaching his wings1744?
Statue of the Virgin Mary1748
Buste de la marquis, Bust of de Pompadour Madame de Pompadour1749-1751
L’Enfant à la cage (Child with birdcage)c1750
L’Amour embrassant l’Amitié (Love embracing Friendship)1758
Le Citoyen hereux1765
Autoportrait (Self-portrait)1770s
Georges­ Martin Guérin bustc1770-c1780
Voltaire nu (Voltaire Nude)1776
Denis Diderot bust1777
Tomb of Maurice,Mar échal de Saxe, Saint Thomas Lutheran Church, Strasbourg1777
The Child17791784
Fillette à l’oiseau et à la pomme(Young girl with a bird and an apple)1784
Jean-Rodolphe Perronet1785
>Pimenov, Yuri 
Юрий Игорьевич Пименов
Social Realism

Russian (Moscow) artist
aged 73 [2564]

Disabled veterans1926
Increase the Productivity of Labour1927
Give heavy industry!1927
On the Northern front. The capture of the English blockhouse1928
Triptych. Workers of the Uralmash Plant – Theatre, Workers, Tea-time1934
Woman in Hammock1934
New Moscow1937
Front Road1944
Spring window1948
Torrential rain1957
District of Tomorrow1957
Venetian window1958
A long road (rom the series -Things people’1959
Wedding on Tomorrow Street1962
Running across the Street1963
Morning in the city1964
Lyrical Housewarming1965
Poster for film by Sergei Gerasimov ‘Mothers and Daughters’1974
Japanese Girl, Kyoto1975
>Pinchon, Robert-Antoine

French painter
aged 57 [2565]

Les toits rouges1903
Triel sur Seine (Le pont du chemin de fer)1904
Le Pré-aux-Loups, soleil couchant1904
La Seine à Rouen au crépuscule1905
Le Pont aux Anglais1905
Le Pont aux Anglais, soleil couchant1905
La vallée de Blainville-Crevon1905
Paysage d’hiver (Le chemin, neige)1905
Travaux des champsc1905
Hameau des environs de Rouenc1905
La foire Saint-Romain sur la place Saint-Vivien, Rouen1905-1906
La Bouille (Restaurant champêtre de La Bouille)1906
Le jardin aux pavots (The Garden of Papavers)c1906
Le port de Fécampunknown
L’escalier à Lescure1907-1910
Vue prise au Mont-Gargan soleil couchant1909
Les coteaux de Belbeuf (Barques)1909-1910
Les coteaux de Belbeuf1909-1910
Le bassin aux nymphéasc1910
Le Talus de chemin de fer1912
Un après-midi à l’Ile aux Cerises1912
Paysans au champs (Peasants in the Field)1913
Fleurs des champsc1915
Pots de géraniums1915-1920
La tonnelle sous la neige (The Pergola Under Snow)1916
La Côte Sainte-Catherine1917
La Seine pres de Rouen1918
Le jardin aux irisc1920
Les chardons en fleurs1920-1925
Le Jardin maraicher (The Market Garden)1921
Le Chemin des Bulins1924-1925
Barques, Fécamp1930
La Seine et la Côte Sainte Catherine à Rouen en hiver1930-1935
Le Pourquoi Pas du commandant Charcot dans le port de Rouen1935
>Pirosmani, Niko 
Naïve Art

Georgian painter
aged 56 [2566]

Feast of the Malakansc1905
Feast in the Grape Pergola or Feast of Three Noblemen1905
The Feastunknown
Feast of Merchants from Tbilisi with a Gramophoneunknown
A Georgian Woman With Tambourine1906
The Actress Margarita1909
Signboard ‘Cold, Cold Beer’c1910
A Tatar Fruitererc1910-1912
Hunting Scene With A View Of The Black Sea1912
A Robber with a Stolen Horseunknown
Portrait of Ilya Zdanevich1913
The Wounded Soldierunknown
Wedding in the Old-Time Georgia1916
Company Visit1917
Mother Bear With Her Cubs1917
Train in Kakhetiaunknown
Six-Scene Panelunknown
>Pissarro, Camille

Danish-French painter
aged 72 [2567]

Paisaje tropical con casas rurales y palmeras1853
Two Women Chatting by the Sea, St. Thomas1856
The Banks of the Marne1864
The Marne at Chennevières1864-1865
Jalais Hill, Pointoise1867
Road to Versailles at Louveciennes1869
View from Louveciennes1869-1870
Foxhill, Upper Norwood1870
The Crystal Palace1871
The Avenue, Sydenham1871
Hoar Frost, the Old Road to Ennery, Pointoise1873
Jeanne Holding a Fan1874
Piette’s House at Montfoucault: Snow Effect1874
Kitchen Gardens at L’Hermitage, Pontoise1874
Farm at Montfoucault: Snow Effect1874-1976
The Pond at Montfoucault1875
The Quai du Pothuis at Pontoise after Rain1876
Festival at L’Hermitage1876-1878
The Red Roofs, corner of a village, winter1877
Mme Pisarro sewing beside a window1877
Vegetable Garden with Trees in Blossom, Spring, Pontoise1877
The Côte des Bœufs at L’Hermitage1877
Young Peasant Having Her Coffee1881
The Harvest, Pontoise1881
Portrait of Felix Pissarro1881
The Poultry Market at Pontoise1882
The Little Country Maid (La Petite Bonne de campagne)1882
In the Garden at Pontoise: A Young Woman Washing Dishes1882
The Pork Butcher (La Charcutière)1883
Paysannes Assises1885
Hay Harvest at Eragny1887
Late Afternoon in Our Meadow1887
La Récolte des Foins, Éragny1887
Apple Harvest at Éragny1888
Prairie avec vaches, brume, soleil couchant à Éragny1891
Paysannes plantant des rammes1891
Two Young Peasant Women1891-1892
Full-Length Standing Nude of a Woman, from Behindunknown
Pont Boieldieu in Rouen, Rainy Weather1896
The Young Maid1896
Le matin brumeux, Rouen (Misty Morning, Rouen)1897
The Boulevard Montmartre at Night1897
Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning1897
Place du Théâtre Français, Paris, Rain1898
Sunset, Port of Rouen (Steamboats)1898
The Garden of the Tuileries on a Spring Afternoon1899
Tuileries Gardens (Winter Afternoon)1899
Afternoon Sunshine, Pont Neuf1901
The Fish Market, Dieppe: Grey Weather, Morning1902
The Louvre under Snow1902
Quayside at Le Havre1903
Pont de la Clef in Bruges, Belgium1903
The Seine and the Louvre1903
>Pissarro, Lucien
Paris, London

Anglo-French painter
aged 81 [2568]

Le Curéc1884
The Turkeys, or Esther in the Garden, Eragny1893
Esther Bensusan1893
April, Epping 18941894
The Fairy1894
The Garden Gate, Epping1894
Pastoral scene1901
View over the Estuary, Harfleur1903
Wells Farm Railway Bridge, Acton, London1907
Great Western Railway, Acton1907
Cottage at Storrington1911
The Mill House, Blackpool, Devon1913
Blossom, Sun and Mist, Chipperfield, Hertfordshire1914
Ivy Cottage, Coldharbour: Sun and Snow1916
A February Morning, East Knoyle, Wiltshire1917
Hastings: Mist, Sun and Smoke1918
AllSaints’ Church, Hastings: Sun and Mist1918
Orovida Pissarro1918
The Pagoda, Kew1919
November Sunset on the Thames Kew1919
On the Dart1922
The Dart from Week’s Hill1922
Mme Camille Pissarro1923
Un coin du village, La Frette, France1924
Le Cabanon,Le Lavandou1929
Le Regas, near Toulon1930
Cerisiers en fleur1931
Les oliviers du cabanon, Toulon/The Olive Trees, Toulon1931
Bookcase and Flowers1935
Richmond Bridge1935
Still Life: Eucalyptus and Chrysanthemums1935
The Acacia Tree at the Minories, Colchester1935
My Studio Garden1938
>Pistoletto, Michelangelo
Arte Povera

Italian artist

L’uomo nero1959
Ragazzo al computer1962
Autoritratto (Self Portrait)1962
Uomo in piedi (Standing Man) [mirror painting]1962
Tre ragazze alla balconata (Three Girls on a Balcony)1962-1964
Man with Yellow Pants [mirror painting]1964
Scala doppia appoggiata al muro (Double Ladder against the Wall)1964
Quadro da pranzo (Oggetti in meno) (Lunch painting [Minus Objects])1965
Structure for Talking While Standing (Minus Objects)1965-1966
The Minus Objects1965-1966
The Ears of Jasper Johns1966
Orchestra di stracci – Quartetto1968
Deposizione [mirror painting]1973
Venus of the Rags1974
Scaffale (Bookcase)1976
Etruscan holding up a Mirror [mirror painting]1976
The Form of the Mirror [mirror painting]1978
Year One1981
L’ala die Krems. (The Wing of Krems)1997
Seventeen Less One2009
The Third Paradise in the woodland of Francesco di Assisi2010
Color and Light2017
Venere – persona – Gamma2018
Messa a nudo2020
>Plensa, Jaume
Sculpture Art

Spanish painter, sculptor
1955 –

Crown Fountain2004
The Conversation I, II and III2008
El Alma del Enro [Zaragoza]2008
In the Midst of Dreams2009
Le Nomade [Antibes France]2010
Echo [New York]2010-2011
Singapore Soul2011
Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda2012
Awilda and Irma2014
House of Knowledge [Borås, Sweden]2014
Water’s Soul [Jersey City]2021
Silver Adagio [Planet Word Museum, Washington DC2022
>Pollock, Jackson
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism/Action-Kinetic
New York

American artist
aged 44 [2571]

Untitled (Western Scene)1930-1933
Going West1934-1935
The Flame1934-1938
Landscape with Steer – two versions1936-1937
Figures ina Landscapec1937
Ritual Scenec1937
Stenographic Figure1942
Guardians of the Secret1943
The She Wolf1943
There were Seven in Eightc1945
Shimmering Substance1946
Free Form1946
Full Fathom Five1947
Number 5, 19481948
Number 1, 19481948
Number 1A, 19481948
Summertime: Number 9A1948
Number 81949
No, 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)1950
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)1950
Mural on Indian Red Ground1950
One: Number 31, 19501950
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)1950
Lavender Mist (Number One)1950
One, Number 311950
Echo: Number 25, 19511951
No.11, 1952 (Blue Poles)1952
Blue Poles1952
Yellow Islands1952
Easter and the Totem1953
The Deep1953
Ocean Greyness1953
White Light1954
>Polymedes of Argos
Greece Archaic Period/Classical Greece

[Detail of his Kleobis and Biton]
Greek (Archaic Period) sculptor
6th c BCE

Kouroi – Kleobis and Biton (Delphi)580 BCE
>Pontormo, Jacopo da

Italian painter
aged 62 [2573]

Leda and the Swan (unsure attribution)1512-1513
Apollo and Daphne1513
Holy Conversation1514
Episode of Hospital Life1514
Visitation of the Virgin and St Elizabeth1514-1516
Joseph in Egypt1515-1518
Joseph reveals himself to his brothers1516-1517
Portrait of a Furrier1517-1518
Pucci Altarpiece1518
Madonna with Child and Saints (aka Pucci Altarpiece)1518
Study of a Nude Boy, Partial Figure Study (recto), Study of a Seated Man (verso)1518
Portrait of Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici il Vecchio1518-1519
Portrait of a Musician1518-1519
John the Evangelist & the Archangel Gabriel1519
Adoration of the Magi1519-1521
Vertumnus and Pomona1519-1521
Seated Figure (recto), Reclining Figure (verso)1520
Holy Family with St John1522-1524
Reclining Youth1525
Deposition from the Cross, The1525-1528
Penitent Saint Jerome1526-1527
Visitation, The (Carmignano)1528-1530
Portrait of a Halberdier (Francesco Guardi?)1528-1530
The Ten Thousand Martyrs1529-1530
Venus and Cupid1532-1534
Expulsion of Adam and Evec1535
Portrait of Gentleman with book and gloves1540-1541
Portrait of Maria Salviati1543-1545
Signor della Casa1544
Sacrificial Scenec1545
My Book (Pontormo’s Diary)1554-1556
>Popova, Lyubov
Любо́вь Серге́евна Попо́ва
Cubism/Russian avant-garde/Suprematism/Abstract Art

Russian painter
aged 35 [2574]

Portrait of the Artist’s Sister1909
The Model (aka Female Model?)1913
Composition with Figures1913-1915
The Pianist1914
Cubist landscape city1914
Still Life with Guitar1914-1915
Portrait of a Philosopher1915
Untitled, 19151915
The Traveller1916
Painterly Architectonic series1916-1920
Untitled, from Six Prints1917-1919
Still Life with Compote1920
Space Force Construction1921
Set design for The Magnanimous Cuckold1922
Textile/Fabric Design1923-1924
Textile Design, reproduced on the cover of Lef No. 21924
>Potter, Paulus
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

Dutch painter
aged 29 [2575]

The Milkmaid1646
Young Bull, The1647
Shepherd Boy with Cows1647
Punishment of a Hunterc1647
Herdsmen with Their Cattle1648
Two Horses in a Meadow near a Gate1649
The Farmyard1649
Evening Landscape with Cattle and Peasants Dancing to the Sound of a Pipe1649
Cattle and Sheep1650
An Old Horsec1650
Resting Herd1652
A Spaniel1653
Cattle in Stormy Weather1653
>Poussin, Nicolas
Baroque/Bolognese School
Paris, Rome

French painter
aged 71 [2576]

The Death of Germanicus1627
Abduction of the Sabine Women, The1633-1634
The Nurture of Jupiter1630s
A Dance to the Music of Time1634
Queen Zenobia Found on the Banks of the Arax1634
Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite1635-1636
The Triumph of Pan1636
Et in Arcadia Ego (The Arcadian Shepherds)1637-1638
The Abduction of the Sabine Women1637-1638
Landscape with Saint John on Patmos1640
The Seven Sacraments – x7 artworksc1642
Landscape with Diogenes1647
Holy Family on the Steps, The1648
The Funeral of Phocion1648
Landscape with the Ashes of Phocion1648
The Judgement of Solomon1649
Landscape with Polyphemus1649
Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun1658
The Four Seasons – x 4 artworks1660-1664
>Praxiteles of Athens
Classical Greece

[His Aphrodite]
Greek (Attica) sculptor
4th c BC

Hermes carrying the Infant Dionysus370 BCE
Aphrodite of Knidos (aka The Colonna Venus)350 BCE
Apollo the Python-Slayerc350 BCE
The Resting Satyr4th c BCE
Dancers of Delphi4th c BCE
Lyceus4th c BCE
>Prendergast, Maurice
Impressionism/Post-Impressionism/Ashcan School
Boston, Paris

American artist
aged 65 [2578]

Rainy Day at the Fish Market1892
A study of two schooners1892
Along the Seine1892-1894
The Dancers1893-1894
Ladies Seated on a Bench1893-1894
April Showers1893-1894
Rainy Day in Boston1895
The Stony Beach, Ogunquit1896-1897
Beach Scene, North Shore and Normandy1896-1897
The Gondolas, Venice1898
Rainy day, Siena (Campo Vittorio Emanuele,Siena)1898
Steps of Santa Maria d’Aracoeli, Rome1898-1899
Head of a Girl (with Roses)1898-1899
Holiday in the Park (May Day, Central Park)1900
Picnic Party1900-1903
Women on the Rocks1900-1905
Central Park1901
Low Tide (Figures on Rocks)1901
Lighthouse at St. Malo1907
Figures under the Trees1907
Beach Scene, Boston1907-1910
East Boston Ferry1907-1910
Sunday in the Park1910-1913
Girl Bathing in a Stream1910-1913
Waterfall 1911
Scene of Venice1911-1912
Curved Road, New England1916
Near Gloucester1916-1919
Picnic Grove1918
The Boat Race1918-1923
By the Sea1918-1923
>Puget, Pierre

[Portrait by his son François Puget]
French painter, sculptor
aged 73 [2579]

Saint Cecile1651
Baptism of Constantine1653
St Peter Holding the Key of the Paradise1653-1659
The Sacrifice of Noah1654
Caryatids on the portal [City Hall, Toulon]1657
The Hercules of Gaulunknown
Christ Dying on the Crossunknown
The Faun1661
Hercules at Rest1661
St Sebastian1663
Immaculate Conceptionc1665
Saint Sebastian [Santa Maria Assunta,Genoa]1668
Saint Alexander Sauli1668
Royal Louis designc1668
Perseus and Andromeda1678=1684
Milon de Crotone, Milo of Crotona1682
The Rape of Helen of Troy1683-1686
Virgin and Child1682
Bust of Marcus Aureliusc1689
Self­portrait in Old Age1690-1692
The Meeting of Alexander the Great and Diogenes1692
>Puni, Ivan
Иван Альбертович Пуни
Russian avant-garde
Paris, St Petersburg

Russian artist
aged 64 [2580]

Portrait of Artist’s Father1910
Interior at Kuokalla1911
Self-portrait, 1911-21911-1912
Walk in the Sun1912
Cow and Violin1913
Portrait of Artist’s Wife (Портрет жены художника)1914
Suzanna and Elders1914
Harmonica (Accordion)1914
Boots and Chair1914
Card Players1914
Window Cleaning1915
Relief with White Ball1915
Suprematist Composition1915
Still Life with Pink Vase and Billiards Triangle1917
Uprising in the Factories1917
Revolution Day in Petrograd1917-1918
Still Life with a Bottle1918
Working in the Car1918
Red Violin1919
Still life with letters and a jug1919
Flight of Forms1919
Self portrait1921
Synthetic Musician1921
Accordion Player1921
Still Life Frame and Bottle1922
Still Life with Saw and Palette1923
Still Life with Basket and Violin Case1925
Rue de Paris1932-1933
Landscape (14 arrondissements, Paris)1932-1933
Pythokritos of Lindos
Hellenistic Greece

[Winged Victory]
Greek sculptor
200-190 BCE

Winged Victory of Samothrace, The (aka Nike of Samothrace)200-190 BCE

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with Q.
Or you can search the full database for Q here.

Qian Xuan
Qiu Ying
Quarton, Enquerrand
Quellinus the Elder, Artus
Forward to R-artists

>Qian Xuan 钱选
Song Dynasty/Yuan Dynasty

Chinese (Song/Yuan) painter
aged 70 [2583]

Cuju, the game of emperorsunknown
Dwelling in the Floating Jade Mountains 浮玉山居unknown
Viewing Geese at the Orchid Pavilionunknown
Squirrel on a Peach Branchunknown
Eight Flowersunknown
Wang Xizhiunknown
Early Autumnunknown
Consort Yang Guifei Mounting a Horse1300
>Qiu Ying 仇英
Ming Dynasty

Chinese (gongbi) painter
aged 58 [2584]

Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions (detail)1504-1515
The Jiucheng Palace (detail)c1525-1533
Crab Apple and Mountain Birds1534-42
The Emperor Guangwu Fording a River1534-42
>Quarton, Enquerrand
Early Renaissance/Northern Renaissance
Avignon, Provence

French painter,
manuscript illustrator
aged 56 [2585]

Circumcision of Jesus1450
La Vierge de Misericorde, The Virgin of Mercy1452
Le Couronnement de la Vierge, The Coronation of the Virgin1452-1453
Pietà of Villeneuve-lès-Avignonc1455
La Vierge et l’Enfant entre deux saints et deux donateursunknown
>Quellinus the Elder, Artus

Dutch (Flemish) sculptor
aged 59 [R-artists]

Bust of Andries de Graeff1661
Mercury [Amsterdam Royal Palace]unknown
Vierschaaar [Amsterdam City Hall]unknown
Sleeping Baby [Ivory]unknown
Bust of Luis de Benavides Carrillo, Marquis of Caracena1664

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with R.
Or you can search the full database for R under
Q-Rog or Roh-Ry

Rae, Fiona
Raeburn, Sir Henry
Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)
Rauschenberg, Robert (Milton Ernest)
Ray, Man (Emmanuel Radnitzky)
Redon, Odilon
Rego, Dame Maria Paula Figueiroa
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Renner, Paul
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Repin, Ilya
Reynolds. Joshua
Ribera, Jusepe de
Riley, Bridget
Ritchie architects, Ian

Rivera, Diego
Robert, Hubert
Robinson, Theodore
Rodin, Auguste (François Auguste René)
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Rothko, Mark
Rouault, Georges
Rousseau, Henri
Rubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)
Rublev, Andrei
Ruigaud, Hyacinthe
Ruisdael, Jacob Isaackszon van
Runge, Philipp Otto
Rusiñol I Prats, Santiago
Ruysdael, Saloman van

>Rae, Fiona
Young British Artist

Hong Kongese/English artist
1970- [2590]

Untitled (yellow)1990
Untitled (grey and brown)1991
Untitled (emergency room)1996
Night Vision1998
Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century2009
Figure 1g2014
Snow White changes into something rich and strange2017
>Raeburn, Sir Henry

Scottish painter
aged 69 [2591]

Rev Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, The aka The Skating Minister1784
The Archers [Robert Ferguson with his brother Ronald]1789=1790
David Anderson1790
Portrait of Mrs Johnstone1790-1810
Portrait of James and John Lee Allenearly 1790s
Mrs Macdowallc1800
Portrait of Lt General Alexander Campbell, M.P., three-quarter-lengthunknown
The Binning Childrenc1811
Portrait of Alexander Ranaldson MacDonell of Glengarry1812
Portrait of Margaritta MacDonald in red jacket and white gown (half-length)c1820
Portrait of Sir Walter Scott1822
Colin Campbell of Park1822=1823
>Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)
High Renaissance
Urbino, Florence, Rome

Italian painter
aged 37 [2592]

Resurrection of Christ1502
Madonna and Child with the Book1502-1503
Mond Crucifixion1503
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints1504
Marriage of the Virgin, The (Sposalizio della Vergine)1504
Madonna and Child (The Conestabile Madonna)1504
Three Graces1505
Agnolo and Maddalena Doni 1504-1507
Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn1505-1506
Saint George and the Dragon1506
Madonna of the Pinks (La Madonna dei Garofani)1506-1507
La Belle Jardinière (Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist)1507
The Deposition1507
Holy Family [Beardless Joseph]1507
Disputation of the Most Holy Sacrament1509-1510
School of Athens, The1509-1511
The Parnassus1509=1511
The Alba Madonna,c1510
The Prophets Hosea and Jonahc1510
Sistine Madonna, The1512-1514
Chigi Chapel1512-1516
Young Man, Portrait of a (Self Portrait?)1513-1514
Portrait of a Young Man1514
Cherubs from the Sistine Madonna [aka Putti]1514
Portrait of Baldassar Castiglione1514-1515
The Triumph of Galateac1514
La Donna Velata, The Woman With The Veil1515
The Raphael Cartoons1515-1516
Transfiguration, The1516-1520
Pope Leo X with Cardinals1517
Chalk Study of a Man’s Head and Hand1518-1519
La Fornarina1518-1520
>Rauschenberg, Robert (Milton Ernest)
Modern Art
Texas, Paris, New York

American artist
1925 – 2008,
aged 82 [2593]

White = series1951
Night Blooming – setries1951
Erased de Kooning Drawing1953
Automobile TirBede Print1953
Red – series1953-1954
‘Factum I’ and ‘Factum II’1957
Untitled, 19631963
Retroactive II1963
A Modern Inferno1965
Dwan Gallery Poster1965
Test Stone – series (from Booster and 7 Studies)1967
Sky Garden1969
Stoned Moon – series1969-1970
Opal Gospel1971
Equal Justice Under Law1976
Arcanum V1981
Most Distant Visible Part of the Sea/Umbrella1983
Statue of Liberty1983
Untitled (Rauschenberg floating in a pool)1988
Bellini #51989
Bleacher- series1989
House Call (Phantom)1991
Soviet / American Array – series1990-1991
Black Cat1992
Best Buddies1992
Bodily (Waterworks)1994
Future Generations Tibet1996
Daydream (Speculations)1997
Riding Bikes1998
Gossip (Marrakitch)2000
I Love New York2001
Local Color (Scenario)2006
Red River2007
>Ray, Man (Emmanuel Radnitzky)
Modern Art/Dada/Surrealism
Paris, New York

[His portrait of Salvador Dali}
American visual artist
1890 – 1976,
aged 86[2594]

Landscape (Paysage Fauve)1913
Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz1913
Orquesta Sinfonica1916
L’Enigme d’Isidore Ducasse, (The Enigma of Isidore Ducasse)1920
The Coat-Stand (Porte manteau)1920
Three Heads1920
New York1920
Duchamp as Rose Sélavy1920-1921
Gertrude Steinc1920-1929
Cadeau, (The Gift)1921
Rencontre dans la porte tournantec1921-1922
Rayography (The Kiss)1922
Objet à détruire (Object to be Destroyed)1923
Le Violon d’Ingres (The Violin of Ingres)1924
Emak Bakia1926
Noire et Blanche (Black and White)1926
Ce qui manque à nous tous1927
Larmes (tears)1930
Les Larmes (Glass Tears)1932
The Lovers1933
veiled erotic meret oppenheim1933
A l’heure de l’observatoire: Les Amoureux (Observatory Time: The Lovers)1936
Self Portrait1941
Aline and Valcour1950
‘Untitled I’, ‘Untitled II’ and ‘Untitled III’1969
>Redon, Odilon
Bordeaux, Paris

French painter
aged 76 [2595]

Guardian Spirit of the Waters1878
Cactus Man1881
The Eye, Like a Strange Balloon Moves Towards Infinity1882
The Port of Morgat1883
The Smiling Spider1887
La damnation de l’artiste1889
Closed Eyes1890
L’Art céleste1894
La Maison hauntée1896
Femme de profil, coiffée d’un hénin1898
La mort de Bouddha1899
Baroness Robert de Domecy1900
The Green Vase1900
Baronne de Domecyc1900
Bouquet of Flowersc1905
Bouquet of Flowers1909
Saint Jean1910
Evocation of Roussel1912
Cyclops, The (Polyphemus)1914
>Rego, Dame Maria Paula Figueiroa 
Expressionism/Abstract Expressionism

Portuguese painter
1935 – 2022

The Firemen of Alijo1966
Nanny, Small Bears and Bogeyman1982
Doctor Dog1982
The Family1988
‘The Dance’ and Drawings for it – series1988
The Bride1994
Whinney Moor1996
Mist – series1996
Straw Burning1996
The Guardian2008
>Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

[Self portrait, detail from his Night Watch]
Dutch painter
aged 63 [2597]

The Spectacles-pedlar (Sight)c1624
The Three Singers (Hearing)c1624
The Operation (Touch)c1624
The Unconscious Patient (Smell)c1624
The Stoning of St. Stephen1625
Christ Driving the Money-changers from the Temple1626
Bust of a Man Wearing a Gorget and Plumed Beret1626
David with the Head of Goliath before Saul1626-1627
The Flight into Egypt1627
Self-portrait as a Young Man1628
Judas Repentant, Returning the Pieces of Silver1629
The Supper at Emmaus1629
Self-portrait with Plumed Beret1629
Old Man with a Gold Chain1630
Bust of an Old Woman at Prayer (‘stilus gravis’)1630
David Playing the Harp for King Saulc1630
Christ on the Cross1631
Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, The1632
Lady, Age 62, Portrait of a 1632
The Abduction of Proserpina1632
Storm on the Sea of Gallilee, The1633
Belshazzar’s Feast1635
The Prodigal Son in the Brothel1637
Susanna and the Eldersc1638-1647
Mountain Landscape with Approaching Storm1640
Portrait of the Mennonite Preacher Cornelius Claesz Anslo and his Wife Aaltje Gerritsdr Shouten1641
Night Watch, The actual title:
The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch
A Weeping Womanc1644
Girl Leaning on a Stone Window Sill1645
Abraham Serving the Three Angels1646
Head of Christ1648
The Man with the Golden Helmet1650
Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer1653
Bathsheba Holding King David’s Letter1654
Bathsheba at Her Bath1654
Jan Six1654
Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph1656
Venus and Cupidc1657
Self-Portrait with Beret and Turned Up Collar1659
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel1659
Lighting Study with an Old Man as a Model1659
Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis, The1661-2
Syndics of the Cloth-Makers Guild (De Staalmeesters)  aka The Sampling Officials1662
Portrait of a Woman with a Lapdog1665
 Isaac and Rebecca: The Jewish Bridec1665-1668
Self Portrait with Two Circles1665-1669
Suicide of Lucretia, Thec1666
Return of the Prodigal Son, The1666-1669
The Jewish Bride1667
Simeon in the Temple1669
>Renner, Paul
Typographic-Word Art

German typeface designer
aged 78 [2598]

Futura font1927
>Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 
Paris, Guernsey, Cagnes-sur-mer

[Self portrait]
French painter
aged 78 [2599]

Portrait of Renoir’s Mother1860
Mademoiselle Romaine Lacaux1864
Portrait of Alfred Sisley1864
Lisa Sewing1866
Frédéric Bazille at his Easel1867
Young Boy with a Cat1868
A Couple (Les Fiancés)1868
La Grenouillère1869
A Nymph by a Stream1869-70
Jeune Femme dans une Barque1870
Madame Clémentine Valensi Stora1870
Bather with a Griffon Dog1870
Parisian Women in Algerian Costume (The Harem)1872
Le Pont-Neuf1872
Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil1873
La Loge (The Theatre Box)1874
La Parisienne1874
Madame Monet and her son1874
The Dancer1874
The Skiff1875
Portrait of a young Claude Monet1875
The Grand Boulevards1875
Dance At The Moulin De La Galette (Bal du Moulin de la Galette)1876
A Girl with a Watering Can (Une fille avec un arrosoir)1876
The Swing (La Balancoire)1876
Nude woman sitting on a couch (Anna)1876
Woman on a Stair1876
Portrait of Madame Charpentier1876-1877
Path Leading through Tall Grass1877
Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaisec1879
Luncheon of the Boating Party (Le Dejeuner des Canotiers)1880
Portrait of Fernand Halphen (Enfant)1880
Near the Lake (Près du Lac)1880
Two Sisters (On the Terrace), (Les deux sœurs (Sur la terrasse))1880-1881
Blonde Bather (La baigneuse blonde)1881
Young Girls in Black (Jeunes filles en noir)1881
Pink and Blue (Alice and Elisabeth Cahen d’Anvers)1881
The Umbrellas (Les parapluies)c1881-1886
By the Seashore (Femme Assise au Bord de la Mer)1883
Moulin Huet Bay, Guernsey1883
Danse à la Ville and Danse à la Campagne (Dance in the City and Dance in the Country)1883
Dance at Bougival1883
Girl with a Hoop (Fille avec un cerceau)1885
The Large Bathers1887
Woman Arranging her Hair (Femme se coiffant)1887
The Two Sisters (Les deux soeurs)1889
Young Girls at the Piano (Jeunes filles au piano)1892
Gabrielle Renard and Jean (Gabrielle Renard et Jean enfant)1895-1896
Misia Sert1904
Claude Renoir in Clown Costume
(Claude Renoir en clown)
Self-Portrait with a White Hat1910
After the Bath (La sortie du bain)1910
Blond Girl with a Rose (Blonde à la rose)1915-1917
Portrait of Ambroise Vollard1917
The Concertt1918
Madeleine Leaning on Her Elbow with Flowers in Her Hair1918
The Bathers (Les Baigneuses)1918-1919
>Repin, Ilya
Илья Ефимович Репин

Ukrainian/Russian painter
1844 – 1930,
aged 86 [2600]

Job and his Friends1869
Barge Haulers on the Volga1870-1873
Slavic Composers1872
Storm on the Volga1873
A novelty seller in Paris1873
Resurrection of the Daughter of Jairus1874
A Paris Cafe1875
Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom1876
Ukrainian Woman1876
The Tsarevnya Sophia Alekseyevna1879
Seeing off a recruit1879
Autumn Day in Abramtsevo1880
Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Sultan of Turkey1880-1891
Portrait of Composer Modest Mussorgsky1881
Anton Rubinstein1881
Religious Procession in Kursk Province1883
Portrait of Pavel Tretyakov1883
Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan, 16 Nov 1581 1883-1885
They Did Not Expect Him1883-1888
Portrait of Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin1884
The Dragonfly [Repin’s daughter Vera, age twelve]1884
Portrait of Tolstoy1887
Mikhail Glinka composing the opera Ruslan and Ludmilla [painted thirty years after Glinka’s death]1887
Tolstoy writing at Yasnaya Polyana1891
Autumn Bouquet1892
Tsar Nicholas II1896
Ceremonial Sitting of the State Council on 7 May 1901 Marking the Centenary of its Foundation1901=1904
What Freedom!1903
Self Portrait with Natalia Nordman1903
October 17, 1905 -Celebration of the new Russian constitution1905
Drawing of a Red Army soldier stealing bread from a child1918
The Gopak [last painting of Repin]1926-1930
>Reynolds, Sir Joshua

[Self portrait]
English painter
aged 69 [2601]

Self-portrait shading the Eyesc1747-1749
Self-portrait, 1750c1750
Edward Cornwallis1756
Francis Reynolds-Moreton (Royal Navy officer)1758
Miss Kitty Fisher1759
Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy1761
Kitty Fisher and Parrott1763-1764
Mrs Abington as The Comic Muse1764-1768
George Clive and his family with an Indian maid1765
Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces1765
Elizabeth, Lady Amherst1767
Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney, The Archers1769
The Strawberry Girl1773
Self-portrait as a Deaf Man1775
Mrs Sheridan in the character of St Cecilia1775
Miss Bowles1775
St John the Baptist in the Wilderness1776
Huang Ya Dong ‘Wang-Y-Tong’1776
Countess of Eglinton1777
The Family of the Duke of Marlborough1778
Lord Keppel1779
Lady Elizabeth Delmé and Her Children1779
Ladies Waldegrave, The1780
Lady Elizabeth Compton1780-1782
Frances, Countess of Lincoln1781-1784
Captain George K. H. Coussmaker (1759–1801)1782
Countess Lavinia Spencer1786
Heads of Angels – Miss Frances (Gordon)1786-1787
Lord Heathfield1787
The Thames from Richmond Hill1788
Cupid Untying the Zone of Venus1788
The Cottages1788
Self-portrait, 17881788
The Age of Innocencec1788
Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse1789
>Ribera, Jusepe de
Valencia, Naples

Spanish artist
aged 61 [2602]

Christ among the doctorsc1613
Brustbild eines Mannes1613-1615
Sense of Taste1613-1616
The denial of St Peterc1615
An Apostlec1615-1619
Ecce Homo1620
Lamentation over the Dead Christearly 1620s
Saint Jerome1626
St. Albert tied to a tree1626
The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew1628
Portrait of Archimedes1630
Saint Onuphriusc1630
The Bearded Lady1631
The Pietà1633
The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew1634
Holy Trinity, The1635
Vision des Belsazar1635
Immaculate Conception1635
The Assumption of Mary Magdalene1636
Mater Dolorosa1638
Jacob with the Flock of Labanc1638
Holy Family, The1639
Jacob’s Dream1639
The Martyrdom of Saint Philipc1639
The Clubfoot1742
Head of St John the Baptist1644
The Holy Family with Saints Anne and Catherine of Alexandria1648
Saint Jerome1652
>Riley, Bridget
Op Art
London, Cornwall, Vaucluse

English artist
1931 – 

Pink Landscape1960
Movement in Squares1961
Untitled (Based On Movement In Squares)1962
Blaze 11964
Untitled [Fragment] series – 7 artworks1965
Cataract 31967
Deny II1967
Late Morning1967-1968
Untitled [Nineteen Greys] series – 4 artworks1968
Elongated Triangles – series1971
Coloured Greys – series – 3 artworks1972
Cantus Firmus1972-1973
To a Summer’s Day II1980
Ra 21981
Silvered 21981
Bolt of Colour1983
Cupid’s Quiver1985
Shadow Play1990
15 July, Bassacs1998
Evoë 32003
Blue and Pink2001
Magenta and Green2002
Rose Rose2011
>Richie architects, Ian
Installation Art
Liverpool, London, Dublin

[Spire of Dublin]
English architects

Spire of Dublin/Monument of Light2003
>Rivera, Diego (in full: Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez)
Fresco artist
Mexican artist
aged 70 [2603]

Dead Horse1906
Street in Avila1908
View of Toledo1912
Cubist Landscape1912
Sailor at Breakfast1914
The Alarm Clock1914
Young Man in a Gray Sweater (Jacques Lipchitz)1914
Paisaje zapatista – El guerrillero1915
Zapata-style Landscape1915
Motherhood Angelina and the Child1916
Angeline Bellof1917
The Day of the Dead1924
Nude with Braided Hair1925
Two Figuresc1925
Woman with two Childrenc1925
Mother and Child1926
The Man [ballet costume design]1927
Ignacio Sanchéz1927
American Sailors1927
In the Arsenal [Secretaría de Educación Pública, Mexico City]1928
May Day, Moscow series – 45 artworks1928
Epopeya del pueblo mexicano, History of Mexico1929-1935
Self-portrait, 19301930
Frozen Assets1931
Agrarian Leader Zapata1931
Los Rivales1931
The Making of a Fresco, Showing The Building of a City1931
Detroit Industry Fresco Cycle1932
Open Air School1932
Boy and Dog1932
El Sueño (Sleep)1932
Man, Controller of the Universe [Mexico City Palacio de Bellas Artes]1933-1934
Man at the Crossroads1934
The Flower Carrier1935
Portrait of Lupe Marin1938
The Communicating Vessels1938
Dance of Tehuantepec: An ode to Mexican dance1939
Dancer Resting1939
El Vendedor de Alcatraces1941
Self Portrait Dedicated to Irene Rich1941
Pan-American Unity1940
The Flower Seller1942
Nude with Calla Lilies1944
La Gran Tenochtitlan1945
Tenochtitlan Marketplace1945
Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central: A daydream1946-1947
Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park1947
Río Juchitán1956
The Watermelons1957
>Robert, Hubert

French painter
aged 74 [2604]

Aqueduct in Ruinsc1753
The Old Bridge1760
The Artist’s Studio1760
Oval Fountain in the Villa d’Este Gardens, Tivoli1760
Arch of Titus in Rome1760s
A Hermit Praying in the Ruins of a Roman Templec1760
Italian Kitchenc1760-1767
The Large Staircase1761-1765
Young Artists in the Studio1763-1765
The Pantheon with the Port of Ripetta1766
Triumphal Column1773
The Finding of the Laocoon1773
Boat Journey1774
The Tivoli Waterfalls1776
The Fire of the Paris Opera1781
Flight of Galateamid 1780s
The Bastille in the Early Days of Its Demolition1789
The Artist in His Cell1793
Project for the Transformation of the Grande Galerie du Louvrec1796
Girls Dancing Around An Obelisk1798
Architectural Fantasy1802-1808
>Robinson, Theodore
Cos Cob Colony
Paris, New York

[Self portrait]
American painter
aged 43 [2605]

The Layette1882
Girl at the Piano1887
By the River1887
La Vachère1888
Winter Landscape1889
A Bird’s-Eye View1889
The Old Bridge1890
Père Trognon and His Daughter at the Bridge1891
Old Church at Giverny1891
La Débâcle1892
Valley of the Seine from Giverny Heights1892
The Wedding March1892
A French Hamlet1892
In the Sun [Marie]1892
Canal Scene1893
Low Tide, Riverside Yacht Club1894
World’s Columbian Exposition1894
Jamaica, Vermont1895
>Rodin, Auguste (François Auguste René)

French sculptor
aged 77 [2606]

Mask of the Man with the Broken Nose1864
The Walking Man1877
The Age of Bronze1880
The Shade1880
Thinker, The (Le Penseur) (twenty-eight castings)1880-1
Saint John the Baptist Preaching1881
Burghers of Calais, The1884-89
Kiss, The (three versions)1888-1889
Monument to Balzac1891
Gates of Hell1899-1917
The Cathedral1908
>Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Romanticism/Victorian Art/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood/Aesthetic Movement

[Self portrait]
English painter
aged 53 [2607]

The Girlhood of Mary Virgin1849
Ecce Ancilla Domini!1849-1850
Paolo and Francesca da Rimini1855
Bocca Baciata1859
St George and the Dragon stained glass sequence [for Wm Morris & Co]c1862
Beata Beatrix1864-1870
The Beloved1865-1866
Monna Vanna1866
Lady Lilith1866-1868
The Loving Cup1867
Venus Verticordia1868
Jane Morris1870
Dante’s Dreams1871
The Bower Meadow1872
Veronica Veronese1872
La Ghirlandata1873
Roman Widow, aka Dîs Manibus1874
Desdemona’s Death-Song1875-1880
A Sea-Spell1877
Astarte Syriaca1877
The Day Dream1880
>Rothko, Mark
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism/Action-Kinetic/Abstract Art
Latvia, Portland OR

American (Latvian) painter
aged 67 [2608]

Entrance to Subway1938
Untitled, 1944c1944
Untitled, 1946c1946=1947
Four Darks in Red1948
White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)1950
Untitled [Yellow, White, Grey]c1950-1952
No. 6 (Violet, Green, and Red)1951
Blue, Green, and Brown1952
No 31953
Green and Maroon1953
No. 61 (Rust and Blue)1953
No. 1 (Royal Red and Blue)1954
Untitled (Yellow and Blue)1954
Yellow and Gold1956
Orange and Yellow1956
Green and Tangerine on Red1956
Light Red over Black1957
No. 101958
No. 9 (White and Black on Wine)1958-1959
Black on Maroon1958-1959
Seagram Murals1958
Red on Maroon1959
No. 141960
Blue, Orange, Red1961
Orange, Red, and Yellow1961
Blue and Grey1962
Rothko Chapel, The (14 artworks)1965-6
Untitled (Green Divided by Blue)1968
Untitled (Black on Grey) 1969-70
>Rouault, Georges

French painter
1871 – 1958,
aged 85 [2609]

Circus Act1905
Woman at a Table (The Procuress)1906
Seated Nude1910
Clown with Monkey1910
The Three Judges1913
Circus Trainer1915
Man with Spectacles1917
Le Trio1924-1927
La Petite ecuyère, The Little Circus Rider1924-1927
La Prostituée (The Prostitute)1924-1927
Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du mal. Bride and Groom.1926
Self-portrait with Cap1926
Ballerina from Cirque1930
Christ Mocked by Soldiers1932
Reincarnations – series1932
Bust of a Girl, in Profile to the Left1932
Christ on the Cross1936
Miss Bittersweet1938
Cirque de l’étoile filante (The Shooting Star Circus) series1938
Oasis (Mirage)1944
Biblical Landscape with two trees1952
>Rousseau, Henri
Realism/Naïve Art/Primitivism

French painter
aged 66 [2610]

Un Soir de Carnival (Carnival Evening)1886
Moi-même, portrait-paysage (Myself, Portrait-Landscape)1890
Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)1891
Le centenaire de l’indépendance (A Centennial of Independence)1892
Garçon sur les rochers (Boy on the Rocks)1895
Le Moulin (The Mill)c1896
Sleeping Gypsy, The1897
La tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower)1898
Self-portrait of the Artist with a Lamp1903
Le lion ayant faim se jette sur l’antilope (The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope)1905
The Merry Jesters1906
Repast of the Lion, The1907
La Charmeuse de serpents (The Snake Charmer)1907
The Flamingoes1907
Les Joueurs de Football (The Football Players)1908
Exotic Landscape1908
View of the Bridge in Sevres and the Hills of Clamart, Saint-Cloud and Bellevue with biplane, balloon and dirigible1908
Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo- two versions1908
Muse Inspiring the Poet [Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire and Marie Laurencin]1909
The Equatorial Jungle1909
Le Rêve The Dream1910
Le Rêve The Dream 1910
Bouquet of Flowers1910
Pierre Loti1910
>Rubens, Peter Paul (Pieter Pauwel)

Dutch (Flemish) painter
aged 63 [2611]

Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma1603
Samson and Delilah1609-10
Honeysuckle Bower [Self=portrait with first wife, Isabella Brandt]1609
The Elevation of the Cross [triptych]1610
Massacre of the Innocents, The1611-12
Descent from the Cross1611-14
Four Continents, The1614
Daniel in the Lions’ Den1614-16
Battle of the Amazons (aka Amazonomachia)1615
The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man1615
The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt1615-1616
Miracle of St Ignatius1615-20
Rape of the Daughters of Leuccipus 1618
The Union of Earth and Water1618
Prometheus Bound1618
Fall of the Damned1620
The Disembarkation at Marseilles [Marie de Medici]1622-1625
Education of the Princess, The [Marie de Medici]1622-1625
The Assumption of the Virgin Mary1626
Rubens’ Ceiling [London’s Banqueting House]1629-1635
The Garden of Love1630-1635
Three Graces, The1630-1635
Adoration of the Magi, The1632-1634
Judgment of Paris1632-1636
Venus and Adonis1635-1640
A View of Het Steen Early in the Morning1636
The Feast of Venus1636-1637
The Origin of Milky Way1637
Consequences of War aka The Horrors of War1637-1638
St Augustine1639
>Rublev, Andrei
Андрей Рублёв
Medieval/Byzantine/Gothic Art/Early Renaissance

[From Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1966 film of the artist]
Russian icon painter
aged 70 [2612]

The Man of Matthewunknown
Nativity of Jesus, Baptism of Jesus, Annunciation,The Transfiguration [All in the Cathedral of the Annunciation, Moscow Kremlin]1405
The Virgin Mary, St Michael, St Gabriel, St Andrew the First-called, St Gregory the Theologian, St John the Baptist, St John the Theologian, Theotokos from Deësis, The Saviour enthroned in Glory [all at Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir]1408
The Saviour1410
The Virgin Of Vladimir1410
Christ the Redeemerc1410
Holy Trinity Icon1411-25
Our Saviour1420s
Apostle Paul1420s
Archangel Michael1420s
>Ruigaud, Hyacinthe
Montpelier, Lyon, Paris

[Self portrait in turban]
French painter
aged 84 [2613]

Portrait of Suzanne De Boubers De Bernâtre1686
Portrait of Everhard Jabach1688
Portrait of Jean Baptiste Monginot1688
Portrait of Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Chartres (1674–1723)1689
Portraitr of Frederick IV of Denmark as Crown Prince1693
Portrait of the artist’s Mother1695
Christ expiant sur la Croix, Christ atoningon the Cross1695
Self-portrait in a turban1698
Louis XIV, Portrait of1701
Portrait of Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau1702
Louis de France, duc de Bourgogne (1682-1712)1700s
Portrait of Charles Auguste d’Allonville de Louville, Marquis de Louville1708
La Menasseuse, The Menace1709
Sainte Madeleine pénitente (Mary Magdalene in prayer)1710
Portrait of Louis Antoine de Pardaillan de Gondrin1710
Portrait of Graf Philipp Ludwig Wenzel von Sinzendorf1712
Portrait of Louis XV of France at the age of five1715
Portrait of Augustus II the Strong1715
Portrait of Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinatec1719
Portrait of Charles De Saint Albin, Archbishop of Cambrai1723
Portrait of Charles Le Brun (1619-1690)1730
Portrait of Cardinal Henri Oswald de La Tour d’Auvergne1732
Portrait ofGueidan1738
Gaspard de Gueidan en joueur de musette (Gaspard de Gueidan playing the musette)1738
Portrait of Gian Francesco II Brignole, Doge of Genoa1739
>Ruisdael, Jacob Isaackszon van
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

Dutch painter
aged 54 [2614]

A hunter in a wooded landscape1640s
Dune Landscape with Thatched Cottage1646
View of Naarden with the Church at Muiderberg in the Distance1647
Dunes by the Sea1648
A View of Egmond aan Zee1650
Landscape with Windmills near Haarlem1651
A View of Burg Bentheim1650s
The Jewish Cemetery1654-1655
Forest Scene1655
A View of Burg Bentheimc1656
A Waterfall in a Rocky Landscape1660
Oak Trees near a Road, Evening1660
Waterfall in a Mountainous Landscape with a Ruined Castlec1665-1670
View of Haarlem with Bleaching Fieldsc1665
Winter Landscape with a Watermill1660s
The Damrak in Amsterdam1670
Mill at Wijk Near Duurstede, The1670
Mountainous landscape with a torrent and church1670
Quay at Amsterdam1670s
Winter Landscape with Two Windmills1670s
The Dam Square in Amsterdam with the Weigh House1675
View on the Amstel from Amsteldijk1680
Farm in a wooded dune landscape1680s
>Runge, Philipp Otto

German painter
aged 33 [2615]

Times of Day series -Tag (Day), Nacht (Night)1803
The Nightingale’s Lesson1804-1805
We Three [left to right, the artist’s brother Daniel, artist’s wife Pauline, and self portrait]1805
The Hülsenbeck Children1805-1806
The Artist’s Parents1806
Peter on the Sea [Peter walking on water]1806
Pauline Runge with Son [wife and son of the artist]1807
Wilhelmina Sophia Helwig1807
Friedrich August von Klinkowström1808
Small Morning, The1808
A Stalk of Lilies with Six Blooms1808
Genii on a Lily1809
The Great Morning1809-1810
Farbenkugel (Colour Spheres)1810
Sophia Sieveking on Her Deathbed1810
>Rusiñol I Prats, Santiago 
Impressionism/Modernisme-Catalan Movement
Perpignan, Lyon, Paris

Spanish painter
aged 71 [2616]

Rouen’s Street1889-91
Before the morphine1890
The girl with carnation, (Teresa Mirabent Planas)1893
Female figure1894
A Romance1894
Gardens of the Genralife1895
Abandonned Garden1898
White Farmhouse (Bunyola, Majorca)1902
The Garden of Elegies at Son Moragues1903
Terraced Garden in Mallorca1911
The landing stage1911
Avenue of Plane Trees1916
>Ruysdael, Saloman van
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

[His A view of Rhenen…]
Dutch painter
1602-1670, aged 68
Farm Buildings in a Landscapec1625-1628
A River with Fishermen drawing a Net1630-1635
River Scene1632
Landscape with Cornfields1638
On the Way to Emmaus1643
Castle on a River1644
A View of Rhenen seen from the West1648
River Landscape with Ferry1649
The Ferry Boat1650
A Battle Scene1653
Skaters on the frozen river Lek, the town of Vianen beyond1653
A village inn with stagecoach1655
A View of Deventer seen from the North-West1657
Winter scene near Utrecht1658
A Landscape with a Carriage and Horsemen at a Pool1659
Wide Rivermouth with Boatsc1660
Rocky Landscape with a Waterfall1665

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