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Ma Lin
Macke, August
Maclise, Daniel
Madox Brown, Ford
Magnasco, Alessandro
Magritte, René François Ghislain
Maillol, Aristide
Malczewski, Jacek
Malevich, Kazimir
Manet, Édouard
Mantegna, Andrea
Manzoni, Piero
Marc, Franz
Marden, Brice
Maris, Jacob
Marisol (Escobar)
Martin, Agnes
Martini, Simone and Lippo Memmi
Masaccio, Tommaso di
Master Mateo
Master of the Playing Cards
Matisse, Henri
Matsys, Quenti
Mauve, Anton
Mauzan, Achille Lucien
Mazzuoli, Giuseppe
McCarthy, Paul
Mehoffer, Józef

Memling, Hans
Mengs, Anton Raphael
Merz, Mario
Messina, Antonelllo da
Metzinger, Jean
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Millais, Sir John Everett
Millares, Manolo
Millet, Jean-François
Miró, Joan
Mitchell, Joan
Mochi, Francesco
Modigliani, Amedeo Clement
Moholy-Nagy, László
Mondrian, Piet
Monet, Claude
Moor, Dmitry Stakhiyevich
Moore, Henry
Moran, Thomas
Morandi, Giorgio
Moreau, Gustav
Morisot, Berthe
Moser, Koloman
Motherwell, Robert
Mucha, Alphonse
Müller, Heinrich Anton
Munch, Edvard
Muybridge, Eadweard
Myron of Eleutherae

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>Ma Lin 马麟
Song Dynasty

Chinese (Hangzhou) painter
aged 76 [2471]

Song Dynasty depiction of Yu the Great (c2,123–2,025 BCE)- painted early 13th c
Night Outing with Candles
Quietly Listening to Wind in the Pines
>Macke, August
Expressionism/Der Blaue Reiter

[Self portrait, 1908]
German painter
aged 27 [2472]

Baum in Kornfeld1907
Mutter und Kind1910
Stilleben mit Strauß und Buddha1910
Pierrot (sculpture)1912
Park Restaurant1912
Zoological Garden1912
Farbige Komposition (Hommage a Johan Sebastian Bach)1912
Leute am blauen See1913
Farewell (Abschied)1914
Große Promenade: Leute im Garten1914
>Maclise, Daniel
Romanticism/Victorian Art

Irish painter
aged 64 [2473]

First Steps1829
Niccolò Paganini, portrait1831
The Woodranger1838
Priscilla Horton as Arile (The Tempest)1838
Charles Dickens, Portrait of 1839
Robin Hood and his Merry Men entertaining Richard the Lionheart in Sherwood Forest1839
Waterfall at St Nighton’s Kieve, near Tintagel1842
The Honourable Mrs Thomas Graham (1757–1792) (after Thomas Gainsborough)?
The Spirit of Chivalryc1845
Noah’s Sacrifice1849
Macready as Werner1849-1850
Alfred the Saxon King disguised as a Minstrel, in the tent of Guthrum the Danec1852
Peter the Great at Deptford Dockyard1857
The Death of Nelson1859-1864
Meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo 1861
>Madox Brown, Ford
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Calais, Bruges, Antwerp, Manchester

British painter
1821 – 1893,
aged 72 [2474]

Head of a Page Boy1837
The Bromley Children1843
The Seeds and Fruit of English Poetry1845
Chaucer at the Court of Edward III1847-1851
Pretty Baa-Lambs1851
Last of England, The1852-1855
The Irish Girl1860
Romeo and Juliet1868-1871
Jacob and Joseph’s Coat1871
Henry Fawcett, Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett1872
Jesus washing Peter’s feet1876
Stages of Cruelty1890
The Trial of Wycliffe1893
>Magnasco, Alessandro
Genoa, Milan

[Self portrait]
Italian painter
aged 82 [2475]

Gathering of Quakers1695
Theodosius Repulsed from the Church by Saint Ambrose1700-1710
Christ attended by the Angelsc1705
The Tame Magpie170701708
The Painter’s Workshopc1720
Gypsy Wedding Banquet1730-1735
The Exorcism of the Wavesc1735
Christ at the Sea of Gallileec1740
>Magritte, René François Ghislain 
Surrealism/Abstract Art/Typographic-Word Art

Belgian surrealist artist
aged 68 [2476]

The Menaced Assassin1927
The Invention of Life1928
False Mirror, The (Specchio Falso)1928
The Lovers1928
Attempting the Impossible1928
Treachery of Images, The1928-9
Treachery of Images, The 1928-9
Treachery of Images, The1928-9
Condition Humain, La (The Human Condition)1933
The Portrait (Magritte)1935
Clairvoyance (Self-Portrait)1936
Not to be Reproduced1937
The Therapist1937
Time Transfixed1938
Son of Man, The (Le fils de l’homme)1946
Empire of Light, II1950
Personal Values1952
The Listening Room1952
The Mysteries on the Horizon1955
16th September1956
The Castle of the Pyrenees1959
Man in a Bowler Hat1964
>Maillol, Aristide
Impressionism/Futurism/Sculpture Art

French painter/ sculptor
aged 83 [2477]

House in Roussillon1888
The Wave1898
Leda [sculpture]1900
Nude (Venus) [sculpture]1900
La Nuit (Night) [sculpture]1902-9
La Méditerranée [sculpture]1905
Bust of Pierre-Auguste Renoir [sculpture]1907
Pomone [sculpture]1910
Douleur [sculpture]1922
Port-Vendres Monument to the War Dead [sculpture]c1923
Venus [sculpture]1928
Bather puttingup her hair [sculpture]1930
La Baigneuse drapée [sculpture]1937
La Rivière (The River) [sculpture]1938
L’Air [sculpture]1939
Harmony [sculpture]1944
>Malczewski, Jacek
Art Nouveau/Symbolism/Vienna Secession/Young Poland

{Self portrait, 1925]
Polish artist
aged 75 [2478]

The Prisoners1883
Vicious Circle1895-1897
Angel, I will follow youu1901
Motherland, Portrait of Maria Bal1903
Poland’s Hamlet1903
Temptation of Fortune1904
The Artist and the Chimera1906
Self=portrait with violin1908
Saint Francis of Assissi1908
Christ and Samaritan Women at the Well1910
Christ and Samaritan Woman1911
Tobias and Parcae1912
Self portrait in white dress1914
Portrait of Brigadier Józefa Piłsudskiego1916
>Malevich, Kazimir
Казими́р Севери́нович Мале́вич
Abstract Art/Russian avant-garde/Suprematism/Minimalism/Abstract Art

Russian artist and art theorist
aged 57 [2479]

Landscape with a Yellow House1906
Triumph of Heaven1907
The Knife Grinder (Principle Glittering)1912-1913
Woman with Pails: Dynamic Arrangement1912-1913
Black Square, The1913
Woman at the Tram Stop1913
Portrait of the Artist M. V. Matiushin1913
An Englishman in Moscow1914
Black Square, The1915
Supremus 561915
Suprematism, 18th Construction1915
Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying1915
Red Square (Painterly Realism of a Peasant Woman in Two Dimensions)1915
Suprematist Composition1916
White on White, Suprematist Composition1918
Mystic Suprematism (Black Cross on Red Oval)1920-1922
Black Circle1923-4
Dynamic Suprematism1925-6
Woman Worker1933
>Manet, Édouard

French painter
aged 51 [2480]

Christ the Gardener1856-1859
The Absinthe Drinker1859
Spanish Cavaliers1859=1860
Portrait of Monsieur and Madame Manet1860
The Spanish Singer1860
The Surprised Nymph (Suzanne Leenhof)1860-1861
Lola of Valencia1862
Music in the Tuileries Gardens1862
Dejeuner sur l’Herbe, Le Luncheon on the Grass (two versions)1863
La Negresse1863
Dead Toreador, The1864
The Dead Christ with Angels1864
Young Flautist1866
The Executiion of Emperor Maximilian1867-1868
Madame Manet at the Piano1867-1868
Emile Zola, Portrait of1868
Balcony, The1868-1869
The Reading1869
The Brioche1870
Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets1872
Berthe Morisot Reclining1873
Masked Ball at the Opera1873
The Railway1874
Monet Painting on his Studio Boat1874
Blue Venice, the Grand Canal of Venice1875
Le Lionge (Laundry)1875
Le Suicide1877-1881
Road Menders, Rue de Berne, The1878
The Races at Longchamp1878
rue Mosnier aux Paveurs, La1878
Self Portrait with Palette1879
Madame Manet in the Conservatory1879
The Café-Concert1879
A Bundle of Asparagus1880
L’Automne (Méry Laurent)1881
Le Printemps (Spring)1882
Bar at the Folies-Bergere, A1882
The House at Rueil (two versions)1882
White Lilacs in a Glass Vase1882
>Mantegna, Andrea
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/Venetian School/High Renaissance
Padua, Mantua

Italian painter
aged 75 [2481]

Presentation at the Templec1455
San Zeno Altarpiece1457-1460
Adoration of the Magi (three panels)1462
The Death of the Virgin1462-1464
Di sotto in su, at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua1465-1474
Di sotto in su, Ceiling Frescoes in the Camera delgi Sposi  at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua1465-1474
Saint Sebastian (series)1480
Lamentation over the Dead Christc1480
Lamentation over the Dead Christc1480
The Triumphs of Caesar (frescoes)1484-1492
The Madonna of the Cherubim1485
Madonna of Victory1495
Adoration of the Magi1495-1505
Triumph of the Virtues1502
>Manzoni, Piero
Conceptual Art/Arte Povera

Italian painter, sculptor, performance artist
aged 29 [2482]

Achrome (series)1957=1962
Body of Air1959-1960
The Consumption of Dynamic Art by the Art-Devouring Public1960
Artist’s Breath1960
Base of the World, Socle Du Monde1961
Artist’s Shit (No 4), Merda d’Artist1961
>Marc, Franz
Cubism/Expressionism/Der Blaue Reiter

German painter
1880 – 1916 (died at the Battle of Verdun)
aged 36 [2483]

Portrait of the Artist’s Mother1902
Two Women on the Hillside1906
The Yellow Cow, Die gelbe Kuhe1911
Blue Horse1911
The Large Blue Horses, Die grossen blauen Pferde1911
Fox, Fuchs1911
The Little Blue Horses, Die kleinen blauen Pferde1911
Young Boy with a Lamb; The Good Shepherd, Knabe mit Lamm; Der gute Hirte1911
The Tiger, Der Tiger1912
Red Bull, Roter Stier1912
The Dream, Der Traum1912
Little Blue Horse1912
The Little Monkey, Das Äffchen1912
Fate of the Animals, Tierschicksale1913
The Foxes, Die Fuechse1913
The Tower of Blue Horses, Der Turm der blauen Pferde1913
Deer in the Forest, Rehe im Walde (II)1914
Broken Forms1914
>Marden, Brice
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism/Minimalism/Abstract Art
New York, Pennsylvania

American artist
1938 – 

The Dylan Painting1966
For Pearl1970
Summer Table1972-1973
Star (for Patti Smith)1972-1974
The Seasons1975
Mirabelle Addenda 31979
Elements II1981
Couplet IV1988-1989
Cold Mountain 6 (Bridge)1991
The Attended1999
The Propitious Garden of Plane Image, Third Version2000-2006
>Maris, Jacob Hendricus
Realism/Hague School
The Hague

Dutch painter
Portrait by Matthijs Maris c1857
aged 62 [2485]

Courtyard Landscape1864
The Student1865
A Girl seated outside a House1867
Girl and Doves1867-1870
A Young Woman nursing a Baby1868
Fisher’s Return1869
The Pet Goat1871
A Drawbridge in a Dutch Townc1875
A Quiet Berth, Morning Glowc1875-1885
Girl with a Peacock Featherc1879
A Girl Asleep on a Sofa1880
The Millc1880
Dutch Fishing Pink Grounded at Scheveningen1880-1885
A Souvenir of Dordrechtc1884
On the Amstelc1885
Canal at Amsterdam1891
Village near Schiedam1899
>Marisol (Escobar)
Sculpture Art
Paris, New York, Caracas

Venezualan-American sculptor
aged 85 [2486]

The Generals1962
The Family1962
Baby Girl1963
Women and Dog1963-4
Shoe and Hand1964
Paris Review1967
Portrait of Sidney Janis Selling Portrait of Sidney Janis by Marisol, by Marisol1968
Cultural Head1973
Self-portrait Looking at the Last Supper1984
>Martin, Agnes
Minimalism/Abstract Art
New Mexico, New York

Canadian-American painter
aged 82 [2487]

Portrait of Daphne Vaughn1947
Untitled, 19531953
Harbor Number 11957
This Rain1958
The Islands1961
On a Clear Day1973
Untitled, 19781978
With My Back to the World (six panels)1997
>Martini, Simone
Medieval/Gothic Art/Sienese School
Siena, Avignon
and Lippo Memmi
Medieval/Sienese School

Italian (Siena) artists
Simone Martini (1284-1344), aged c60
pupil of Duccio di Buoninsegna
Virgin and Child with Saints1325
The Miracle of the Child Attacked and Rescued by Augustine Novello1328
The Angel of the Annunciation1330
St Luke1330
Annunciation Diptych1333
Annunciation with St Margaret and St Ansanus, The1335
Petrarch’s Virgil (title page)1336
Christ discovered in the Temple1341
>Masaccio, Tommaso di
Early Renaissance/Renaissance

[One of his works]
Italian (Florence) artist
aged 27 [2489]

San Giovenale Triptych1422
Portrait of a Young Man1423-1425
Virgin and Child with Saint Anne (Sant’Anna Metterza)1425
The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Cacciata dei progenitori dall’Eden)1426
Madonna with Child and Four Angels1426
Crucfiixion of St Peter and Martyrdom of St John the Baptist1426
Adoration of the Magi1426
Madonna Casini1426
Holy Trinity, The (Trinità)1428
Tribute Money, The1428
Saints Jerome and John the Baptist1428
>Master Mateo
Santiago Compostela

[Small self portrait statue at the Porch of Glory]
Spanish sculptor
active 1161-
1217 CE [2490]

Pórtico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela1168-1211
>Master of the Playing Cards
Early Renaissance
SW Germany

He is known for a set of playing cards (60 remain) that are distinguished for the manner in which the technique of soft-ground engraving has been handled, as well as for an exquisite use of line and the realistic observation evident in the human figures, plants, and animals that have been depicted. [Source: britannica.com]

[His A Poet Reading]
german (or Swiss) engraver
active 1430-55

A Poet Reading1430s
>Matisse, Henri
Impressionism/Post-Impressionism/Divisionism/Primitivism/Fauvism/Abstract Expressionism
St Tropez, Paris

French painter
age 95 [2492]

Luxury, Calm and Desire (Luxe Calme et Volupté)1904
Luxury, Calm and Desire (Luxe Calme et Volupté)1904
Woman with a Hat (Femme au Chapeau)1905
The Open Window (La Fenêtre ouverte)1905
The Green Stripe aka Portrait of Madame Matisse (La Raie Verte)1905
The Joy of Life (Le bonheur de vivre)1905-1906
Blue Nude, Souvenir of Biskra (Nu bleu, Souvenir de Biskra)1907
The Dessert: Harmony in Red1908
In a Tropical Forest Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo1908-9
The Conversation1908-1912
Dance (La Danse)1910
Dance (La Danse II)1910
The Red Studio (L’Atelier Rouge)1911
Nasturtiums with the painting ‘Dance I’1912
Goldfish and Palette (Poissons rouges et palette)1914
View of Notre Dame (Une vue de Notre-Dame)1914
Piano Lesson, The1916
Bathers by a River (Les demoiselles à la rivière)1917
Upright Nude with raised arms (Nu debout aux bras levés)1922-1923
Woman in a Purple Coat (Femme au manteau violet)1937
Nude in Dressing Gown (Nu au peignoir)1941
Interior Scene (Scène d’intérieur)1944
Vase of Anenomes (Vase D’anémones)1946
The Snail (L’escargot)1952
Blue Nude (series)1952-1954
>Matsys, Quentin
Northern Renaissance

Dutch (Flemish) painter
aged 64 [2493]

The Virgin and Child Enthroned, with Four Angels1506-1509
The Virgin and Child with Saints and Angels in a Garden1510-1520
Diptych: Christ and the Virgin1510-1525
The Ugly Duchess1513
Money-lender and His Wife. The1514
The Crucifixion1515
The Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine and Barbara1515-1525
A Donor1520
Head of an Old Man1525
Ill-Matched Marriage1530
>Mauve, Anton
Realism/Hague School/Impressionism
The Hague

Dutch painter
aged 49 [2494]

Milking Timec1875
Morning Ride on the Beach1876
Ariëtte (Jet) Carbentus, the Artist’s Wife, in the Dunesc1876
Riders in the Snow1879
A Dutch Road1880
Changing Pasturec1880
Fishing Boat on the Beach1882
Entering the Fold1885-1888
De Torenlaan te Laren1886
The Return of the Flock, Laren1886-1887
Landscape with Cattle1888
A Shepherdess and her Flock?
Digging up a Tree?
Gathering Seaweed?
>Mauzan, Achille Lucien.
Art Deco
Milan, Paris, Buenos Aires

French/Italian illustrator
aged 69 [2495]

And What Was Ours is Ours Again1914-18
Advertisement: Saga Ex-Cooperativa1920s
Poster: Copertoni Impermeabili Ettore Moretti1921
Advertisemen: “Brixia” Parfumerie de Luxe1924
Poster: El Perfume de Nasiba1930
Advertisement: Persil1933
Poster: Bay Biscuitc1937
Poster: Champagne Pommery & Greno?
Poster: Per la liberazionesottoscrivete!?
>Mazzuoli, Giuseppe

[Detail of his St Philip]
Italian sculptor
aged 81 [2496]

Bust of Cardinal Giulio Gabrielli the Elder1675-1676
Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist1677-1679
Immaculate Conception1678
Portrait busts of Fausto Cardinal Poli and Monsc1680
Bust of Innocent XII1700
Education of the Virginc1700
Baptism of Christ1700-1703
Bust of Clement XI1703
The Death of Adonis1709
Charity Triumphing over Greed1710-1715
St Philip1711
Death of Cleopatrac1713
The Virtues1713-1714
The Deposition of Christ?
>McCarthy, Paul
Sculpture Art
Los Angeles

American artist

Death Ship1983
Dead Viking1992
Untitled (Drawing for Alpine Man)1992-1998
The Popular Figure1993
Santa Claus2001
Sweet Brown Snail (with Jason Rhoades)2003
White Snow Dwarf2016
DADDA Late Night Snack2017
Ass Hole2018
Trump Box Set2019
>Mehoffer, Józef
Post-Impressionism/Art Nouveau/Vienna Secession/Young Poland
Kraków, Vienna

[Portrait by Stanisław Wyspiański]
Polish painter
aged 77 [2498]

Vita somnium breve (stained-glass)1895
Holy Cross Chapel, Wawel(stained-glass window)1895
Cathédrale St-Nicolas de Fribourg CH (stained-glass windows)1896-1898
Strange Garden1902-1903
Portrait of Wife1904
Sun in May1911
Artist’s Wife with Pegasus1913
Red umbrella1917
>Memling, Hans
Early Renaissance/Northern Renaissance

Dutch (Flemish) painter
aged 64 [2499]

The Presentation in the Temple1463
Virgin and Child Enthroned with two Musical Angeks1465-1467
The Annunciation1467
Last Judgment Triptych, The1467-1470
Triptych of Jan Crabbe1467-1470
The Donne Triptych1468-1480
The Passion1470-1471
Saint Veronica1470-1475
Adoration of the Magi Triptych1470
Portrait of Jacques of Savoyc1470
St John Altarpiece1474-1479
Diptych of Jean de Cellierc1475
Portrait of an Old Woman1475-1480
Mystic Marriage of St Catherine1479-1480
Virgin and Child in a Rose­ Garden with Two Angels1480-1489
Triptych of the Resurrection with Saint Sebastian (left) and Ascension of Christ (right)c1485-1490
>Mengs, Anton Raphael
Dresden, Rome, Madrid

[Self portrait]
German (Saxon) painter
1728 – 1779,
aged 51 [2500]

The Pertinent Magdalene1752
Portrait of William Burton Conyngham1754-1758
Judgment  of Paris1757
The Apotheosis of Saint Eusebius1757-1759
Portrait of Maria Luisa of Spain1764-1765
Prince of Asturias, Future Charles IV of Spain1765
The Triumph of History over Time (Allegory of the Museum Clementinum)1772
The Dream of St Joseph1773
Johann Joachim Winckelmannc1777
Male Nude Study1778
Dancing Faun1778
>Merz, Mario
Arte Povera
Turin, Milan

Italian artist
1925 – 2003,
aged 78 [2501]

Giap’s Igloo1968
Che Fare?1968-1973
Untitled (A Real Sum is a Sum of People)1972
Fibonacci Tables1974-1976
Igloo, do we go around Houses, or Do Houses go around us1977, 1985
Untitled, 19821982
Untitled, 19841984
Untitled, 19851985
Untitled (Igloo), 19891989
Spiral Table1989
Coccodrillo perfettoc1995
>Messina, Antonello da
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/Venetian School

Sicilian painter
aged 49 [2502]

Sibiu Crucifixionc1455
Antwerp Crucifixionc1455
St Jerome in his Studyc1460
Portrait of a Man1460-1469
The Virgin and Childc1460-1469
Salvator Mundic1465
Ecce Homo (series)c1470
Christ Crowned with Thorns (Ecce Homo)1470
Madonna and Child1473
The Crucifixion of Londonc1475
Portrait of a Man/Il Condottiere1475
San Cassiano Altar1475-1476
Crucifixion (two versions)1475
Portrait of a Man (two versions)c1475
The Dead Christ Supported by an Angel1475-1478
Christ at the Columnc1476
Trivulzio Portrait1476
Virgin Annunciatec1476
Saint Sebastian1476-1477
Portrait of a Man1478
>Metzinger, Jean
Nantes, Paris

French artist (Pa ris)
aged 73 [2503]

Baigneuses, Deux nus dans un jardin exotique (Two Nudes in an Exotic Landscape)c1905
La Danse, Bacchante1906
Femme au Chapeau (Woman with a Hat)c1906
Coucher de Soleil No. 1 (Landscape),c1906
Paysage coloré aux oiseaux aquatiques1907
Baigneuses (Bathers)1908-1909
Nu à la cheminée (Nude)1910-1911
Le goûter (Tea Time)1911
Nature morte (Compotier et cruche décorée de cerfs)c1911
La Femme au Cheval, Woman with a horse1911-1912
Danseuse au cafe (Dancer in a Cafe)1912
Femme à l’Éventail (Woman with a Fan)1912
Au Vélodrome (At the Cycle-Race Track)1912
L’Ouiseau bleu (Blue Bird)1912-1913
Etude pour L’Oiseau bleu (Study for The Blue Bird)1912-1913
The Green Robe1912-1914
Femme à l’Éventail (Woman with a Fan)1913
En Canot (Im Boot)1913
Le Fumeur (Man with Pipe)c1913
Soldat jouant aux échecs (Soldier at a Game of Chess)1914-1915
Landscape with Open Window1915
L’infirmière (The Nurse)c1915
Femme au miroir (Lady at her Dressing Table)1916
Composition (The Village)1917
Nature Morte (Still Life)1918
Nature Morte (Still Life)c1929
Woman Juggler1930-1935
Jeune femme à la robe verte et à la boite d’allumettes1942
>Michelangelo Buonarroti
High Renaissance
Florence, Rome

Italian painter sculptor
aged 88 [2504]

The Torment of Saint Anthony [painting]1487-1488
Madonna of the Stairs1490
San Spirito Crucifix [sculpture]1492
St Petronius [Sculpture]1494
The Angel of Arca di San Domenico (Basilica in Bologna) [sculpture]1494-1495
Bacchus [sculpture]1496-1497
The Virgin and Child with Saint John and Angels (Manchester Madonna) [Painting]c1497
Pietà [sculpture]1498-1499
The Entombment [Painting]1501
Pius [sculpture]1501-1504
David [sculpture]1501-1504
Madonna of Bruges [sculpture]1501-1504
Battaglia di Cascina (series of studies – never completed)1504
Saints’ series – St Paul, St Peter, St Matthew1504-1506
Doni Tondo (Holy Family) [Panel Painting]1504-1506
Holy Family with St John the Baptist1505-1506
The Rebellious Slave [sculpture]1505-1513
Genesis (Sistine Chapel) [Fresco]1508-1512
Sistine Chapel ceiling and altar wall [Fresco]1508-1541
Creation of Adam, The (Sistine Chapel) [Fresco]1508-1512
Adam and Eve (Sistine Chapel) [Fresco]1512
Moses [sculpture]1513-1515
Dying Slave [sculpture]1513-1516
Risen Christ, The [sculpture]1519-1521
Medici Madonna [sculpture]1531
The Genius of Victory [sculpture]1532-1534
Crouching Boy [sculpture]1533
The Last Judgement (Sistine Chapel)1536-1541
Samson and two Philistines [sculpture]1540
The Conversion of Saul [Fresco]1542–1545
Rachel and Leah [sculpture]1545
Pietà for Vittoria Colonna [chalk drawing]1546
The Crucifixion of St. Peter [Fresco]1546-1550
The Deposition [sculpture]1547-1555
Pietà Rondanini [sculpture]1564
>Millais, Sir John Everett
Romanticism/Realism/Victorian Art/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

English painter
aged 67 [2505]

Christ in the House of His Parents (The Carpenter’s Shop)1849-1850
The Bridesmaid1851
A Huguenot (… on St Bartholomew’s Day, Refusing to Shield Himself from Danger by Wearing the Roman Catholic Badge)1851-1852
The Order of Release, 17461852-1853
The Blind Girl1854-1856
Autumn Leaves1855-1856
A Dream of the Past: Sir Isumbras at the Ford1857
My First Sermon1863
The Boyhood of Raleigh1870
Chill October1870
Hearts are Trumps: Portraits of Elizabeth, Diana, and Mary, Daughters of Walter Armstrong, Esq.1872
The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone MP1878-1879
Louise Joplinh=g1879
Dew-Drenched Furze1889-1890
>Millares, Manolo
Abstract Art
Canary Islands

Spanish artist
1926 – 1972,
aged 46 [2506]

Figura (Figure)1946
Paysage des Canaries (Canaries Landscape)1951
Campesino (Farmer)1952
Paisaje de Gran Canaria (Landscape of Gran Canaria)1952
El Puerto (The Port)1953
Circo (Circus)1953
Aborigen de los Guayres (Native of the Guayres)1953
Untitled, 19551955
Cuadro 51 (Picture 51)1959
Dos lunas (Two moons)1963
Animal 171954
Muro (Wall)1955-1956
Cuadro 54 (Picture 54)1959
Cuadro 95 (Picture 95)1960
Cuadro 150 (Picture 150)1961
Sin titulo (without a title)1962
Cuadro 173 (Picture 173)1962
Mutilados de Paz (Mutilated of Peace)1965
Untitled, 19681968
El Inquisidor – Torquemada1968
Composition in Pink1969
Composition in Red1969
Millares Discoveries1971
>Millet, Jean-François
Realism/Barbizon School

French painter
aged 60 [2507]

Leconte de Lisle1840-1841
The Abduction of the Sabine Women1844-1847
Diana Restingc1845
Portrait of a Manc1845
Harvesters Resting (Ruth and Boaz),1850-1853
Starry Night1850-1865
The Potato Gatherersc1853
Woman Baking Bread1854
The Potato Harvest1855
The Sheepfold, Moonlight1856-1860
Gleaners, The1857
Angelus, The1857-1859
Man with a Hoe1860
Le depart pour le travail (Departure for Work)1863
Calling Home the Cows1866
A Norman Milkmaid at Gréville1871
Hunting Brirds at Night1874
>Miró, Joan
Naïve Art/Surrealism/Sculpture Art

Spanish (Catalan) painter
1893 – 1983,
aged 90 [2508]

Retrato de Vicenç Nubiola (Portrait of Vincent Nubiola)1917
Retrato de Heriberto Casany (Le chauffeur) [Portrait of Heriberto Casany (The Chauffeur)]1918
House with Palm Tree1918
Carrer de Pedralbes [drawing]1918
Nu au miroir (Nude with a Mirror)1919
Les cartes espagnoles (The Spanish Playing Cards)1920
Horse, Pipe and Red Flower1920
La Granja (The Farm)1921-2
Terra llaurada (The Tilled Field)1923=1924
El Carnaval de Arlequín (The Harlequin’s carnival) 1924
Paisatge català (El caçador) [Catalan Landscape (The Hunter)]1924
Dog Barking at the Moon1926
Peinture (Etoile Bleue) [Painting (Blue Star)]1927
Circus Horse1927
Dutch Interior I1928
Peinture 1933 (Painting 1933)1933
Woman (Opera Singer)1934
Women and Birds at Sunrise1935
Rope and People1935
Bodegón del zapato viejo (Still Life with Old Shoe)1937
Self Portrait1937
Retrato II (Portrait II)1938
Head of a Woman1938
Escalera de escape (The Escape Ladder)1940
The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers1941
Ciphers and Constellations, in Love with a Woman1941
Lunar Bird [sculpture]1944-1946
The Red Sun1948
Woman in Front of the Sun1950
Le Moulin a Cafe1954
Bleu II (Blue II)1961
Triptych Bleu I, II. III (Blue I, II, III)1961
Women and Birds1963
Pájaro lunar (Moonbird) [sculpture]1966
Woman, Bird, Star (Homage to Pablo Picasso)1966-1973
Caress of a Bird1967
Personnage [sculpture]1970
The Singing Fish1972
Mai 1968 (May 1968)1973
Ceramic wall in Ludwigshafen, Germany[installation]1979
Woman and Bird (Dona I Ocell) [sculpture]1982
Grande Maternite?
>Mitchell, Joan
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism/Action-Kinetic
New York, Paris

American painter
1925 – 1992,
aged 67 [2509]

Untitled (1951)1951
Untitled (1954)1954
City Landscape1955
George went Swimming1958
Untitled (1960)1960
Grandes Carrieres1962
No Rain1976
Heel, Sit. Stay1977
La Vie en Rpse1979
La Grande Vallee XIV (For a Little While)1983
Wood, Wind, No Tuba1980
>Mochi, Francesco
Rome, Orvieto

[One of his works]
Italian sculptor
aged 73 [2510]

Angel of Annunciation1603-1605
Virgin Annunciate1608=1609
St Martha1609-1621
Equestrian Statue of Ranuccio Farnese1612
Equestrian Statue of Alessandro Farnese1620-1625
Bust of Cardinal Antonio Barberini1628-1629
Saint Veronica [sculpture]1629-1632
Bust of Carlo Barberini1630
Baptism of Christ1634
Figure of a Saint1645
Bust of a Youth1645
>Modigliani, Amedeo Clement

Italian painter sculptor
1884 – 1920,
aged 35 [2511]

The Tuscan Road1899
Bearded Man1905
Head of a Woman with a Hat1907
Nude with a Hat1907
Maude Abrantes, Portrait of1907-1908
Seated Nude1908
The Cellist1909
A Suffering Nude1909
The Amazon1909
The Typographer (Pedro)1909
Head of a Woman [sculpture]1911-1912
Diego Rivera, Portrait of1914
Juan Gris, Portrait of1915
Pablo Picasso, Portrait of 1915
Beatrice Hastings, Seated1915
Madame Pompadour1916
Seated Nude1916
Paul Guillame1916
Bride and Groom1916
Léopold Zborowski, Portrait of1916
Jean Cocteau, Portrait of1916
Chaim Soutine, Portrait of1917
Seated Nude1917
Sleeping Nudewith Arms Open (Red Nude)1917
Nude Sitting on a Divan1917
Reclining Nude1917
Jacque and Berthe Lipchitz, Portrait of1917
Woman with Red Hair1917
Elena Povolozky1917
Jeanne Hebuterne Seated, Portrait of1918
Girl with Braids1918
Woman with Blue Eyes1918
Little Girl in Blue1918
The Little Peasant1918
The Boy1919
Gypsy Woman with Baby1919
Portrait of a Polish Woman1919
Lunia Czechowska, Portrait of1919
Lunia Czechowskawith Fan, Portrait of1919
Landscape, Southern France1919
Tree and house1919
>Moholy-Nagy, László
Weimar, Berlin, Chicago

Hungarian painter
aged 51 [2512]

Landscape with Bridge at Óbuda Hajógyárc1919
Large painting of the Railroad1920
Hidak Bridges1921
Konstruktion in Emaille 1 (Construction in Enamel 1), [aka Telephone Painting]1922-1923
Pneumatik (Tyre)1923=1924
Malerei Photographie Film (Painting Photography and Film)1925
Fotogramm (Photogram) series1923-1926
Human Mechanics1925
Puppen, Ascona (Dolls, Ascona [CH])1926
A 191927
Massenpsychose (Mass Psychosis)1927
Funkturm Berlin (Berlin Radio Tower)1928=1929
Stage Set Design for Tales of Hoffmann1929
Light Prop for an Electric Stage (Light Space Modulator)1930
Space Modulator Experiment, Aluminium 51931
Chairs at Margate1935
Floating Forms1945
Double Loop1946
>Mondrian, Piet
Neo-Impressionism/Abstract Art
The Hague, Paris, London, New York

Dutch painter
1872 – 1944,
aged 71 [2513]

Girl Writing1892-1895
Untitled [Silhouette of Tree and Church]1898
View of Winterswijk1898-1899
Wood with Beech Trees1899
Moored Ships Sun1899
On the Lappenbrink1899
Triangulated Farmhouse Facade with Polder in Blue1900
Evening Landscape1903
Mill of Heeswijk Sun1904
Calves in a Field Bordered by Willow Trees1905
Meandering Landscape with River1906-1907
Still Life with Sunflower1907
Woods near Oele1908
Mill in Sunlight: The Winkel Mill1908
Farm at Duivendrecht1908
Avond (Evening): The Red Tree1908-1910
Anenomes in a Vase1909
Lighthouse in Westkapelle1909
The Grey Tree1911
Dune Landscape1911
Church Tower at Domburg1911
Still Life with Gingepot 21912
Composición en Gris – Azul1913
Composition with Oval in Colour Planes II1914
Composition in Colour A1917
Self-portrait 1918
Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black,Grey and Blue1921
Composition A1923
Lozenge Composition with Red, Grey, Blue, Yellow, and Black1924-1925
Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow1929-1930
Composition C (No.III) with Red, Yellow and Blue1935
Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue1937-1942
Picture No III1938
New York City I1942
Broadway Boogie Woogie1942-1943
Broadway Boogie Woogie1942-1943
>Monet, Claude
Paris, Giverny

[Image: claudemonetgallery.org]
French painter
aged 86 [2514]

over 2,000 artworks

View at Rouelles, Le Havre1858
Landscape with Factories [series]1858-1861
Still Life with Pheasant1861
Still Life with Bottle, Carafe, Bread and Wine1862-1863
Farmyard in Normandy1863
Road by Saint-Simeon Farm [series]1864
Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur1864
Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur1865
Luncheon on the Grass (Le Déjeuner Sur l’herbe)1865-1866
Camilee with a Small Dog1866
Camille (or the Woman in the Green Dress)1866
Woman in the Garden1866-1867
Regatta at Sainte-Adresse1867
Jean Monet in His Cradle1867
Boat Lying at Low Tide at Fécamp1868
La Pie (The Magpie)1868-1869
Bain à la Grenouillere1869
Beach at Trouville, The1870
Camille on the Beach [series]1870-1
Hotel des Roches Noires, Trouville1870
Boats in the Pool of London [series]1871
Windmills at Zandaam [series]1871
The Garden1872
Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse1872
Boats at Rouen [series]1872
Impression, Soleil Levant (Impression, Sunrise)1872-3
The Basin at Argenteuil1872
The Flood1872
The Red Kerchief, Portrait of Madame Monet1873
Boulevard des Capucines1873
The Luncheon1873
Camille and Jean Monet in the Graden at Argenteuil1873
Poppy Field near Argenteuil (Le Coquelicots)1873-5
Léon Monet, the Artist’s Brother1874
Portrait of the Painter1875
Camille Embroidering1875
Camille Monet in Japanese Costume1875
Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and Her Son1875
Le Bateau-atelier (The Studio Boat) [series]1876
Gare Sainte-Lazare [series]1877
La Rue Montorgueil Paris1878
At the Parc Monceau1878
The Church at Vetheuil [series]1878-1879
The Banks of the Seine [series]1878-1879
Camille Monet on her Deathbed1879
Blanche Hoschede as a child1880
The Cliff Walk at Pourville1882
Port of Dieppe, Evening [series]1882
Self Portrait with a Beret1886
Haystack in the Morning, Snow Effect [series]1891
Poplar [series]1891
Cathedrale de Rouen [series]1894
Chrysanthemums [series]1897
Morning on the Seine [series]1897
Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies
Water Lily Pond: Green Harmony1899
Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge1899
Waterloo Bridge [series]1899-1904
Charing Cross Bridge [series]1899-1901
Le Jardin de l’Artiste à Giverny (The Artist’s Garden)1900
Vetheuil [series]1901
Leicester Square at Night [series]1900-1901
Houses of Parliament, The (Effect of Fog) [series]1903-1904
The Grand Canal [series]1908
The Doges’ Palace [series]1908
Palazzo Dario [series]1908
Gondola in Venice1908
San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk [series]1908-1912
Irises [series]1914-1917
Weeping Willow [series]1918-1919
Japanese Bridge, The [series]1919-1924
Nymphéas (Water Lilies) [series]1897-1926
The Rose Bush [series]1925=1926
>Moor, Dmitry Stakhiyevich
Моор, Дмитрий Стахиевич
Propaganda-Socialist Realism

Russian artist
aged 60 [2515]

Take a solemn oath when enlisting into the Red Army 1918
Russia is a Camp in a State of Siege1919
For the death of world imperialism [Poster]1920
Have you volunteered for the Red Army1920
1st of May, the All-Russian voluntary-work day!1920
Capitalism devours everything1920
Deserter, You are as Much A destroyer of the Workers-Peasant State as I, a Capitalist!1920
Soviet Political poster1920
Capitalism and German militarism are great pals1920-1925
Long Live the Youth International1921
Red Army and the Red Fleet. 1918-19231923
The Socialist Emulation1929
Have you Volunteered1929
The First Of May. The USSR Is The Straight Road To Communism1931
Workers of the world, unite!1931
Nazi hogs stopped at the gates of the Kremlin by the Red Army1941-1943
>Moore, Henry Spencer
Realism/Abstract Art/Sculpture Art
London, Hampstead

English sculptor
aged 88 [2516]

West Wind [sculpture]1928=1929
Reclining Figure [sculpture]1929
Reclining Woman [sculpture]1930
Composition [sculpture]1934
Figura Recumbente [sculpture]1938
Reclining Figure [sculpture]1939
Three Points [sculpture]1939
Women and Children in the Tube [drawing]1940
At the Coal Face. A Miner Pushing a Tub [drawing]1942
Helmet Head No.1 [sculpture]1950
Family Group [sculpture]1949-1950
Reclining Figure [sculpture]1951
Helmet Head and Shoulders [sculpture]1952
Motherand Child [sculpture]1953
Large Interior Form [sculpture]1953-1954
Draped Reclining Woman (Die Legende) [sculpture]1957-1958
Draped Seated Woman [sculpture]1957-1958
Relife [sculpture]1959
Three Piece Reclining Figure No.1 [sculpture]1961
ThePast [sculpture]1961
Knife Edge Two Piece (2 versions) [sculpture]1962
Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 5 [sculpture]1963-1964
The Arch [sculpture]1963-1969
Atom Piece (Working Model for Nuclear Energy) [sculpture]1964
Three Way Piece No. 2 (The Archer) [sculpture]1964-1965
Double Oval [sculpture]1966
Scultpture with Hole and Light [sculpture]1967
Large Slow Form [sculpture]1968
Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae [sculpture]1968=1969
Oval with Points [sculpture]1968-1970
Large Two Forms [sculpture]1969
Sheep Piece [sculpture]1971=1972
‘Hands’ and ‘The Artist’s Hand’ – series [drawings]1973-1979
Reclining Figure [sculpture]1982
Large Reclining Figure [sculpture]1984
Butterfly [sculpture]1985
>Moran, Thomas
New York

English painter
aged 89 [2517]

Summer Landscape with Cows1856
Haunted House1858
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came1859
Dusk Wings1860
Salvator Rossi Sketching the Bandit1860
On the Catawissa Creek1862
Under the Trees1865
Winter in the Rockies1867
The Evening Hunter1867
Amalfi Cost1868
Forest Scene1870
Cinnabar Mountain, Yellowstone River [watercolour]1871
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone1872
The Chasm of the Colorado1874
Fiercely the Red Sun Descending / Burned His Way Along the Heavens1875-6
Three Tetons1895
Pueblo at Sunset (Laguna)1901
Cascade Falls, Yosemite1905
Grand Canyon1908
Grand Canyon with Rainbow1912
Pine Buttes, Wyoming1914
Acoma Pueblo1916
Conway Castle1917
Zoroaster Peak (Grand Canyon, Arizona)1918
A Showery Day,Grand Canyon1919
The Dream City1919
California Landscape1924
>Morandi, Giorgio
Modern Art

Italian painter
1890 – 1964,
aged 73 [2518]

Still Life1914
Still Life1916
Metaphysical Still Life1918
Metaphysical Still Lifewith Triangle1919
Stil Life (The Blue Vase)1920
Hilltop at Evening1928
Monte di Grizzana1929
Natura Morta a Grandi Segni1931
Still Life with Vases on a Table1931
On the Outskirts of a Town1941
Still Life1943
Still Life (Natura morta)1946
Grande Natura Morta circolare con bottiglia e tre oggetti1946
Still Life1949
Still Life (Cups and Boxes)1951
Still Life with a Flask1953
Still Life with Five Objects1956
Nature Morta1962
>Moreau, Gustav
Realism/Aesthetic Movement/Symbolism

[Self portrait, 1872]
French painter
1826 – 1898,
aged 72 [2519]

Louis Jean Marie Moreau1850
Two Modern Horsewomen1852
Les Prétendants (The Pretenders)1852
The Suitors [unfinished]1852-1896
Dog Handler1854
Athenians being Delivered to the Minotaur in the Cretan Labyrinth1855
Apollo and the Nine Muses1856
Portrait of Degas in Florence1858
Degas at the Uffizi1859
The Suitors1862
Oedipus and the Sphinx1864
Jason and Medea1865
Alexandrine Dureux1865
The Chimera (two versions)1867
Perseus and Adromeda1867-1869
Promethée (Prometheus)1868
The Muses Leaving their Father Apollo to Go Out and Light the World1868
The Abduction of Europa1869
Saint George1869
Saint Sebastian and His Executioners1870
Sappho on the Cliff1872
Saint Margaret1873
Apparition, The1874-6
Salome dancing before Herod1875
Hercules and the Hydra of Lerna1876
Salome Carrying the Head of John the Baptist on a Platterc1876
The Infant Moses1876-1878
The Sphinx Defeated1878
Jacob and the Angel1878
Phoebus and Boreas1879
The Frogs Asking for a King1880s
Evening and Sorrow1882
Saint Michael Vanquishing Satanc1882
Les Chimères (The Chimaeras)1884
Apollo Vanquishing the Serpent Pythonc1885
The Abduction of Ganymede1886
The Triumph of Alexander the Great1886-1892
Saint George and the Dragon1889-1890
Jupiter and Semele1889=1895
The Mystic Flower1890
Hesiod and the Muse1891
The Song of Songs1893
Jupiter and Semele1895
Susanna and the Elders1895
Hélène Glorifiée1896-1897
St. Cecilia (The Angels Announcing her Coming Martyrdom)1897
>Morisot, Berthe

[Self portrait, 1885]
French painter
aged 54 [2520]

The Harbour at Lorient1869
A View of Paris from the Trocadero1871-1872
Cradle, The1872
On the Terrace1874
In a Villa at the Seaside1874
Eugène Manet on the Isle of Wight1875
Hanging out the Laundry to dry1875
Dans le Blé (In the Wheatfield)1875
Woman at her Toilette1875-1880
The Psyche Mirror1876
Summer’s Dayc1879
Young Girl in a Ball Gown1879
The Harbour at Nice1881-1882
Woman and Child in a Meadow at Bougival1882
Young Woman Knitting1883
Eugène Manet and his Daughter in the Garden1883
Le Jardin à Bougival1884
Jeune femme au divan(Girl on a Divan)c1885
Reclining Nude Shepherdess1891
>Moser, Koloman
Art Nouveau/Vienna Secession

[Self portrait, c1916]
Austrian artist
aged 50 [2521]

Calendar sheet: Wednesday, February, 27, 19011901
Ornamental Sketch1905
>Motherwell, Robert
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism
New York

American painter
1915 – 1991,
aged 76 [2522]

Pancho Villa, Dead and Alive1943
At Five in the Afternoonc1949
Je t’aime No.21955
Iberia No. 111958
The Spanish Night1959
U.S Art New York N.Y.1962
Untitled, 19631963
Beside the Sea No. 411966
Black Image with Ochre1967
Open No. 2: In Ochre and Grey1967, c1971
Bowes & Bowes with Greenc1968, 1973
The House of Atreus1968-1975, c1990
Iberia No. 301969
Remembering Madrid, Open No. 1061969, 1974-1980
Open No. 121 (Bolton Landing Elegy)1969
Open No. 122 in Scarlet and Blue1969
Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 1101971
Royal Dirge1972
Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 1321970s
The Blue Painting Lesson: A Study in Painterly Logic, number one of five1973
Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 1341974
Tobacco Roth-Handle1974
Totem (aka Zig-Zag; American Totem; merican Indian Totem)1974-1986
Mexican College1979
Gray Open with White Paint1981
The Studio1987
Hollow Men Series1989
Scottish Ballad1990
>Mucha, Alphonse
Japonism/Art Nouveau
Paris, Bohemia

[Self portrait]
Czech painter
1860 – 1939,
aged 78 [2523]

Portrait of Saints Cyril and Methodius (for the Roman Catholic church in Pisek, North Dakota1887
Gismonda [Sarah Bernhardt]1894-1895
Zodiac (Calendar for La Plume)1896
Job (Poster for cigarette papers)1896
La Dame aux Camélias1896
La Tosca1896
Chocolat Ideal1897
Monaco – Monte Carlo (Railroad poster)1897
The Seasons – series1897
Cover of La Plume (Magazine)1898
Evening Reverie1898
The Arts – series1898
Flowers – series1898
Hamlet [Sarah Bernhardt]1899
Moët & Chandon Crémant Impérial1899
Le Pater cover (Magazine)1899
Bosnia Pavilion decorations for Paris Universal Exposition of 19001900
Painting of Josephine Crane Bradley as Slavia1908
Maude Adams as Joan of Arc (Poster)1909
Princess Hyacinth1911
The Slav Epic cycle- 20 artworks1912-1926
The Slavs in Their Original Homeland1912
The Apotheosis of the Slavs1925
Portrait of Jaroslava1925
The Slav Epic – series1928
>Müller, Heinrich Anton
Art Brut-Outsider Art

German artist
aged 61 [2524]

Deux visages (two faces)1917-1922
Untitled, 1917-19221917-1922
Untitled, 19271927
>Munch, Edvard
Oslo, Paris

[Self portrait]
Norwegian painter
1863 – 1944,
aged 80 [2525]

Øvre Foss1880
Horse and Cart on a Country Road1880
Christian Munch on the Couch1881
Potted Plant on the Window-Sill1881-1882
Man’s Head with Beard1882-1883
Afternoon at Olaf Rye’s Square1883
The Infirmary at Helgelandsmoen1884
Christian Munch with Pipe1885
Girl on the Piano1886
Inger on the Beach1889
The Seine at Saint-Cloud1890
Night in Saint-Cloud1890
Woman in Evening Landscape1890
Evening, Melancholy1891
Summer Evening in Åsgårdstrand1891
Night in Nice1891
At the Roulette Table in Monte Carlo1892
Evening on Karl Johan Street1892
Sick Mood at Sunset, Despair1892
Madonna – threeversions1894-6
Scream, The – three versions1893, 1893, 1910
Death in the Sickroom – three versions1893
Starry Night1893
The Girl by the Window1893
Seated Nude and Grotesque Masque1893
The Angel of Death1893
Vampire (or Love and Pain) – three versions1893-1895
Anxiety (aka Angst)1894
Eye in Eye1894
Young woman on the shore1894
Self-Portrait with Skeleton Arm1895
Self-Portrait with Burning Cigarette1895
Woman in Three Stages (Sphinx)1895
The Kiss1897
Two Women on the Shore1898
The Coffin is Carried Out1898-1900
Twq Human Beings, The Lonely Ones1899
The Girls On The Bridge- two versions1899, 1933-1935
Dance of Life, The1899-1900
Consul Christen Sandberg1901
Kiss IV1902
Nude with Long Red Hair1902
Self-portrait in Hell1903
The Death of Marat1907
Jealousy (from The Green Room)c1907
The Sun1910-1911
Galloping Horse1910-1912
Workers on Their Way Home1913-1914
Spring Ploughing1918
Starry Night1920s
The Night Wanderer1924
The Sick Child1925
Jealousy in the Garden1929-1930
Winter Night1930-1931
Self-portrait. Between the Clock and the Bed1940-1943
Self-Portrait with Pastel Stick1943
>Muybridge, Eadweard

English photographer
aged 73 [2526]

Pi-Wi-Ak (Shower of Stars), Vernal Falls, 400ft, Valley of Yosemite1872
Panorama of Lava Beds from Signal Station at Tule Lake, Camp South1873
Panorama of San Francisco1878
Sallie Gardner at a Gallop1878
The Horse in Motion 1878
Phases of the Eclipse of the Sun1880
Attitudes of Animals in Motion, The1881
Man Running1881
Hands in motion1880s
Jockey on a Galloping Horse from Animal Locomotion1887
>Myron of Eleutherae
Classical Greece

[His Discobolus cropped]
Greek (Athens) sculptor
mid-5th c BCE

Discobolus (Discus Thrower)480-440 BCE
Riace Warriors, The460 BCE
Athena and Marsyas [Roman copy]c450 BCE
Head of a Boxer [Roman copy]5th c BCE

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with N.
Or you can search the full database for N here.

Nash, Paul
Natterer, August
Nattier, Jean-Marc
Nevelson, Louise

Ni Zan
Nizami Ganjavi
Noguchi, Isamu
Nolde, Emil

Forward to O-artists

>Nampeyo aka Num-pa-yu
NativeAmerican art / Hopi

Native american potter
aged 83 [2539]

Katsinam water jar1895-1900
Mughal art

Indian artist (miniatures)
c1582-1635, aged 53 [2531]

Baburnama (Babur in Kabul) [from history of Babur]c1590
Akbar and Asaf Khan1590-1595
Maharana of Mewar and Prince Khurramc1618
Portrait of the emperor Shah Jahan with son Dara Ahikoh c1635
>Nash, Paul
Neo-Romanticism/Modern Art/Abstract Art/Surrealism

English painter
1889 – 1946,
aged 57 [2532]

Spring in the Trenches, Ridge Wood1917
Sunrise, Inverness Copse1917
The Ypres Salient at Night1918
We are Making a New World1918
The Mule Track1918
The Menin Road1919
Self-portrait [woodcut]1923
Radio Times’ Christmas 1930 cover1930
Pillar and Moon1932-1942
Equivalents for the Megaliths1935
Landscape from a dream1936-1938
The Messerschmidt in Windsor Great Park1940
Totes Meer (Dead Sea)1940-1941
Battle of Britain1941
Defence of Albion1942
Landscape of the Vernal Equinox1943
Battle of Germany1944
Landscape of the Moon’s Last Phase1944
Eclipse of the Sunflower1945
>Natterer, August
Art Brut-Outsider Art

German artist
aged 65 [2533]

Witch with eagle, crocodile and cornucopia1911
Weltachse mit Haase, World axis with Hare1911
Meine Augen zur Zeit der Erscheinungen, My Eyes in the Time of Apparition1913
Hexenkopf, The Witch’s Headc915
Der Wunderhirthe1919
>Nattier, Jean-Marc

[Portrait by Louis Tocqué, late 1840s]
French painter
aged 81 [2534]

The Music Lesson1710
Tsar Peter I, Portrait of1717
Portrait of Alexander Kurakin1728
Mademoiselle de Clermont as a Sultana1733
Madame Marie-Henriette Berthelot de Pléneuf, Portrait of 1739
Thalia, Muse of Comedy1739
Terpsichore, Muse of Dance1739
Die Liebeden1744
Madame de Pompadour as Diana the Huntress1746
Madame Louise of France1748
Marie Leszczyńska, Queen of France, Reading the Bible1748
Madame Marsollier and her Daughter1749
Portrait of a Man in Armourc1750
Portrait of Marie Genevieve Boudrey Represented as a Muse1752
Madame de la Porte1754
Madame Adélaïde de France Tying Knots1756
Manon Balletti1757
Portrait of Louis Tocqué1762
>Nevelson, Louise 
Abstract Expressionism/Sculpture Art
New York

American sculptor
aged 88 [2535]

Clown tight rope walkerc1942
Untitled, 1950 1950
Sky Cathedral 1958
Dawn’s Wedding Feast1959
Royal Tide I1960
Mrs N’s Palace1964-1977
Transparent Sculpture IV1968
Atmosphere and Environment XII1970-1973
Shadows and Flags1978
>Ni Zan 倪瓚
Yuan Dynasty

Chinese (Yuan) painter
aged 73 [2536]

Six Gentlemen1345
Trees in a River Valley in Yü shan1371
The Rongxi Studio1372
Still Streams and Winter Pines?
Autumn Wind in Gemstones Trees?
The Distant Cold Flow Pine?
Water and Bamboo Dwelling?
Bamboo, and Elegant Stone?
>Nizami Ganjavi
نظامی گنجوی‎
Mughal Art
Ganja Azerbaijan

Persian (Sunni) poet
aged 68 [2537]

The Eavesdropper, Folio 47r from a Khamsa (Quintet)c1430
Farhad Carves a Milk Channel for Shirin, Folio 74 from a Khamsa (Quintet)1524-1525
Khamsa, The1590s
>Noguchi, Isamu 野口 勇
Sculpture Art
New York

Japanese-American sculptor
aged 84 [2538]

Paris Abstraction – series1928
Beatrice Locker1929
Glad Day1930
Boy Looking through Legs1933
Bolt of Lightning…A Memorial to Benjamin Franklin1933 – installed 1984
Death (Lynched Figure}1934
Model IN-50, lacquered wood and glass table for Herman Miller1940s
Yellow Landscape1943
Untitled, 19431943
Lunar Landscape1943-1944
Mother and Child1944-1947
Floating Lunar1945
Bird’s Nest1947
Bell Tower for Hiroshima1950
Garden for UNESCO headquarters, Paris1956-1958
Folded Torso1959
Texas Sculpture1960-1961
Floor Frame (White House Rose Garden)1962
Heimar (edition of six)1968
Red Cube1968
Double Red Mountain1969
Sun at Noon1969
Black Hills1970
Cross Beam1970
Downward Pulling #21972
Core Piece – series1974
Sky Gate1977
Momo Taro1978
Awa Odori1982
Magritte’s Stone1983
Human Sacrifice1984
Jack in the Box1984
Mountain Breaking Theater1984
Slide Mantra Maquette1985
>Nolde, Emil
Expressionism/Die Brücke/Der Blaue Reiter
St Gallen CH, Munich…

German-Danish painter
1867 – 1956,
aged 88 [O-artists]

Lesende junge frau,Young Woman Reading1906
Head with Pipe, self-portrait1907
Anna Wieds Garten, Anna Wieds Garden1907
Blumengarten, Flower Garden1908
Wildly Dancing Children1909
Prophet, The [woodcut]1912
Südsee-Insulaner II, South Sea Islander1915
The Burial1915
Singer (in a green dress)1910-11
Kopf (The Head)1913
Red Poppies (Roter Mohn)1920
Steigende Wolken, Rising Clouds1927
Grosse Sonnenblumen, Large Sunflowers1928
Blumen und Wolken, Flowers and Clouds1933
Clemetis and Dahlia1940

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with O.
Or you can search the full database for O here

O’Keeffe, Georgia
Omnik, George
Opie, Julian

Orpen, William
Ortiz, Francisco Pradilla

>O’Keeffe, Georgia
Abstract Art
west Texas, New York, New Mexico

American painter
aged 98 [2541]

Untitled – vaseof flowers1903-1905
Untitled, 19081908
Untitled, 1912-19141912-1914
Drawing XIII1915
Drawing No. 2 – Special1915
Blue #11916
Light Coming on the Plains No. II,1917
Series I – From the Plains1919
Blue and Green Music1919 – 1921
My Shanty,Lake George1922
A Storm1922
Red Canna1923-1924
New York Street with Moon1925
Black Iris III1926
Radiator Building- Night, New York1927
White Rose with Larkspur No. 21927
Oriental Poppies1928
Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy1928
White Iris1930
Cow’s Skull: Red, White and Blue1931
Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses1931
Jimson Weed, White Flower #11932
Ram’s Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills1935
Summer Days1936
Black Iris VI1936
Deer’s Skull with Pedernal1936
Red Hills with Flowers1937
Ram’s Head, Blue Morning Glory1938
Pineapple Bud1939
Brooklyn Bridge1949
Sky above Clouds IV1965
> Omnik, George
Inuit art

American (Alaskan)
aged 73 [2542]

Baleen basket with whale tooth finial
>Opie, Julian
Pop Art

English artist
1958 –

Best of [Blur album cover]2000
Woman Taking off Man’s Shirt in Five Stages 2004
U2, Vertigo World Tour [LED display]2005
Ruth with Cigarette – series2005
Bryan Plays Guitar[Bryan Adams]2006
Twenty Six Portraits2006
This is Shahnoza in 3 parts 6 – two versions2008
James Dyson (‘James, Inventor’)2010
Aniela at the Spring I2011
Ika (1)2011
Elena and Cressie get ready for the party 42011
Shaida Walking2015
Running Men2016
Yellow Green White Black2019
Running People – series2020
SmallBirds – series2020
Old Street in August 3, 20202020
>Orpen, Sir William

Irish painter
1878 – 1931,
aged 53 [2544]

The Mirror1900
Self-portrait with glasses1907
Reflection (Self-Portrait of the Artist in his Studio)c1908
Grace reading at Howth Bay1908-1912
The Man from Aran1909
Leading the Life in the Westc1910
Café Royal in London1912
Sowing NewSeed, self-portrait1913
Ready to Start1917
The Schwaben Redoubt1917
The Refugee (B)1917
Blown Up, Mad1917
Self-Portrait, 19171917
Dead Germans in a Trench1918
The Mad Woman of Douai1918
The Signing of Peace in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, 28th June 19191919
To the Unknown British Soldier in France1921
Le Chef de l’Hôtel Chatham, Paris1921
>Ortiz, Francisco Pradilla
Spanish Eclecticism
Zaragoza, Madrid, Rome

Spanish painter 1848-1921,
aged 73
Doña Juana La Loca1877
Capitulation of Granada1882
Juana the Mad imprisoned in Tordesillas with her daughter, the infanta Catalina1906
Spring Fog in Italy1907
The Baptism of Prince John1919

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