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Gainsborough, Thomas
Gallaccio, Anya
Gauermann, Friedrich
Gauguin, Paul
Gauli, Giovanni Battista (aka Baciccio)
Gentileschi, Artemisia
Gerasimov, Aleksandr
Géricault, Théodore
Ghiberti, Lorenzo
Ghirlandaio, Domenico
Giacometti, Alberto
Gifford, Sanford Robinson
Gill, Eric
Gillam, Sam
Giorgione, Giorgio da Castelfranco
Giotto di Bondone
Girardon, Francois
Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Anne-Louis

Girtin, Thomas
Gispert Pérez, Antonio
Glackens, William
Gleizes, Albert
Gober, Robert
Goes, Hugo van der
Goncharova, Natalia
Gormley, Antony
Goya, Francisco (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes)
Grant, Duncan
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste
Grimshaw, John Atkinson
Gris, Juan (José Victoriano González-Pérez)
Gropius, Walter
Grosz, George
Grünewald, Matthias  (Mathis Gothart Neithart)
Gu Kaizhi
Guardi, Francesco

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>Gainsborough, Thomas
Sudbury, London

[Self portrait]
English painter
aged 60 [2299]

Cornard Wood, near Sudbury, Suffolk1748
The Artist with his Wife and Daughter1748
Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews1750
The Painter’s Daughters Chasing a Butterfly1756
Ann Ford (Later Mrs. Philip Thicknesse)1760
Blue Boy, The: Jonathan Buttall1770
Woman in Blue1770-1780
Elizabeth and Mary Linley1772
Mrs Mary Graham, Portrait of the Honourable1777
A Lady in Blue, Portrait of1770s
Sir Charles Gould, Portrait of1782
Mountain Landscape with Shepherd1783
Mr and Mrs William Hallett, ‘The Morning Walk’1785
Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher1785
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshirec1785
The Market Cart1786
>Gallaccio, Anya
Young British Artist
London, San Diego

British painter
1963- [2301]

Preserve ‘beauty’1991-2003
Red and Green – One Dozen Red Roses1994
Hanging by a Chain1996
broad bean with three loose beans; two smaller than the third, to hold2001
like we’ve never met2003
when time just slips2005-2009
Rêvons D’or2006
If recollecting were forgetting2006-2013
Six Potatoes; Not Heat Flames Up and Consumes2010-2022
In the slipstream between the viaducts of your dream2014
Lay My Head2014
to see if time was there2017
>Gauermann, Friedrich

[Lithograph by Josef Kriehuber]
Austrian painter
aged 54 [2302]

The high Steinberg near Berchtesgaden1807
Landscape with the Balbersteinen near Miesenbach1807
Bears dissect a stag1807
Landscape with a Shepherd1826
At the forge1828
Sheltering from the Storm1829
Am Klosterbrunnenn, At the Monastery Fountain1836
Eagle and dying deer1836
Cattlemarket on Maria Plain1837
Alpine hut on the Schafberg1840
Alpine hut in Rainy Weather1850
Shepherds and cattle at the Attersee1852
Shepherd with goat1862
Deer and beast at the potions1862
>Gauguin, Paul
Paris, French Polynesia

French painter
aged 54 [2303]

The Little One Is Dreaming1881
Vision of the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel) – La Vision après le sermon1888
Landscape near Arles1888
Blue Trees [Your Turn Will Come, My Beauty!]1888
Night Cafe, Arles1888
The Painter of Sunflowers (Le Peintre de Tournesols)1888
La Vague1888
The Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune)1889
Still Life with Head-shaped Vase and Japanese Woodcust1889
Christ in the Garden of Olives1889
Self-Portrait with the Yellow Christ1890-1891
Brooding Woman1891
Hail Mary (Ia Orana Maria)1891
Seed of Areoi, The1892
Joyousness (Arearea)1892
Spirit of the Dead Watching (Manao tupapau)1892
When Will You Marry (Nafea faa ipoipo)1892
Annah the Javanese1893
Woman Holding Fruit, The1893
The Ancestors of Tehamana1893
The Day of the God (Mahana no atua)1894
Where do we come from? What Are We? Where Are We Going? (D’où Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons Nous)1897-1898
Girl with a Fan1902
>Gauli, Giovanni Battista (aka Baciccio)
Genoa, Rome

[Self portrait]
Italian painter
aged 69 [2304]

Portrait of Gian Lorenzo Bernini,1665
Cardinal Leopoldo de’ Medicic1667
Blessed Ludovica Albertoni Distributing Alms1670
Glory of the Mystic Lamb1674-1679
– Worship of the Holy Name of Jesus1674-1679
– Adoration of the Name of Jesus1674-1679
– Triumph in the Name of Jesus1674-1679
Bacchus and Ariadnec1675
Apotheosis of Saint Ignatius1685
>Gentileschi, Artemisia

[Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting]
Italian painter
aged 60 [2306]

Susanna and the Elders1610-1611
Judith Slaying Holofernes1612-1613
Madonna and Child1613
Self Portrait as a Female Martyrc1613-1614
Judith and Her Maidservant1615-1617
Self-Portrait as a Lute Player1615-1618
Judith and her Maidservant1618
Judith Beheading Holofernes1620
Venus and Cupid1625
Esther before Ahasuerus1628-1635
The Martyrdom of St Januarius in the Amphitheatre at Pozzuoli1636-1637
Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting1638-1639
>Gerasimov, Aleksandr 
Алекса́ндр Миха́йлович Гера́симов
Social Realism

Russian painter
aged 81 [2307]

Nadezhda Gilyarovskaya1912
Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin1938
>Géricault, Théodore 

French painter
aged 32 [2308]

Charging Chasseur, The (Officier de chasseurs à cheval)c1812
Male ‘académie’ Seated and Seen from Behindc1816
Cattle Marketc1817-1820
Raft of the Medusa, The1818-1819
Guillotined Headsc1818-1820
Portrait of Mustaphac1819-1820
The Piper1821
The Monomaniac of Gamblingc1821-1823
Woman with Obsessive Envy1822
Kleptomaniac, Portrait of a (Le Monomane du vol))1823
>Ghiberti, Lorenzo
Early Renaissance/Renaissance

Italian sculptor

The Sacrifice of Isaac1401-1402
Adoration of the Magi (North Doors)1403-1424
St. John the Baptist1412-1416
San Matteo1419-1423
Gates of Paradise1425-1452
Madonna and Child1450
>Ghirlandaio, Domenico 
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/High Renaissance

[Assumed self-portrait, from Adoration of the Magi]
Italian painter – Florence
aged 45 [2310]

Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni1485-1488
Francesco Sassetti and His Son Teodoro1487
Portrait of Giovane Donna1487-1488
Portrait of a Girl1490
Portrait of an Old Man with His Grandson1490
>Giacometti, Alberto 
Expressionism/Surrealism/Neo-Figurative/Sculpture Art

Swiss sculptor/ painter
aged 65 [2311]

Spoon Woman1927
Disagreeable Object1931
The Nose1947
Man Pointing1947
City Square I1948
The Chariot1950
The Dog1951
The Walking Man1960
Antwerp, Rome

Dutch (Flemish) sculptor based in Italy
aged 79 [2312]

Apennine Colossus1518
Samson slaying a Philistinec1562
Mercury  1564-1580
Florence Triumphant over Pisa1565
Fountain of Neptune1567
Female Figure1571-1573
Bathing Venus1573
Rape of the Sabine Women1583
Hercules and the Centaur1594-1600
>Gifford, Sanford Robinson
New York

American painter
aged 57 [2313]

Study for a Self-Portrait1848
Gorge in the Mountains1862
The Artist Sketching at Mount Desert, Maine1864-1865
The Lagoons of Venice [series]1869
On the Nile [series]1871
Portrait of Mary Cecilia Gifford1878
Galleries of the Stelvio, Lake Como1878
>Gill, Eric
Sculpture Art
Chichester, London

English sculptor and typeface designer
aged 58 [2314]

Gill Sans font1909
Mother and Child1913
Saint Sebastian1920
Ariel Between Wisdom and Gaiety1932
The Sower1932
Canaanite culture1934
Female Nude Seated1937
The Creation of Man1938
The Angel (Blind Girl)1939
>Gillam, Sam
Abstract Art
Washington DC

American painter

Untitled (Top Bunk)1975
Journey Home2002
Dogon [series]2005
>Giorgione aka Giorgio da Castelfranco
Renaissance/Venetian School/High Renaissance

[Possible self portrait]
Italian painter
1478-1510, aged 32 [2316]

Portrait of a Young Man1497-1490
Adoration of the Shepherds1500
Castelfranco Madonna1505
Portrait of a Young Woman, Laura1506
Tempest, The, La Tempesta1506-1508
La Vecchia (Portrait of an Old Woman)1508-1509
The Three Philosophers1509
Pastoral Concert [by Giorgione and Titian]1509
Sleeping Venus (completed by Titian)c1510
The Sunset (Il Tramonto)1510
>Giotto di Bondone
Medieval/Gothic Art/Proto-Renaissance

Italian painter and architect
aged 69 [2317]

Stigmatization of St Francis1297-1300
Homage of a Simple Man1300
Fresco cycle in the Scrovegni Chapel, Including The Lamentation1304-1313
The Mourning of Christ1304-1306
Betrayal of Christ, The (kiss of Judas)1304-1306
Massacre of the Innocents1304-1306
Lamentation of Christ1305
The Crucifixionc1309
Ognissanti Madonna (Madonna Enthroned) by Giotto di Bondonec1310
Feast of Herod1315-1325
Madonna and Childc1310-1330
The Nativity1322
Stefaneschi Triptychc1330
>Girardon, Francois 

[Portrait by Hyacinthe Rigaud]
French sculptor
aged 86 [2318]

Apollo tended by the Nymphs of Thetis1666-1675
Pluto and Persephone (Allegory of Fire)1677-1699
Corpus Christi?
Pluto Abducting Proserpine1693-1710
>Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Anne-Louis 

[Self portrait 1790]
French painter
aged 56 [2319]

Brutus condemns his sons to death (Brutus condamne ses fils à mort)1785
The Oath of the Horatii (Le Serment des Horaces)1786
The Death of Tatius (La mort de Tatius)1788
The Sleep of Endymion (Le Sommeil d’Endymion or Effet de lune)1791
Portrait of a Youth (Portrait d’une jeunesse)c1795
Mademoiselle Lange as Venus1798
Ossian receiving the Ghosts of the French Heroes1802
Portrait of Dominique-Jean Larrey (military surgeon in Napoleon’s army)1804
A Deluge Scene (Une scène de déluge)1806
The Funeral of Atala (Funérailles d’Atala or Atala au tombeau)1808
Portrait of Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, wife of King Louis Napoleon,1809
Pygmalion et Galatée1819
>Girtin, Thomas

English painter
aged 26 [2320]

Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire, North Wales1794
Village along a River Estuary in Devon1797-1798
Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon1798
St. James’ Park with a View of Westminster Abbey?
Lydford Castle1800
Melrose Abbey: The East Window1800
A River Valley and Distant Hill Seen through Treesc1800
Conway Castle, North Walesc1800
A View of the Pont Neuf, the Mint, etc…1802
View of Pont de la Tournelle and Notre Dame Taken from the Arsnel1802
View of the Village of Chaillot from the Pont de la Concorde1802
>Gispert Pérez, Antonio
Spanish Eclecticism
Alcoy, Madrid

Spanish painter
aged 67 [2321]

The Execution of the Comuneros of Castile1860
Amadeo I in front of the coffin of
General Prim
Execution of Torrijos and his companions at Málaga Beach1888
>Glackens, William
Impressionism/Ashcan School
Philadelphia, New York

American painter
aged 68 [2322]

Autumn Landscapec1895
Hammerstein’s Roof Garden1901
East River Park,c1902
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife1904
Chez Mouquin1905
Central Park, Winter1905
The Shoppers1908
Portsmouth Harbor (New Hampshire)1909
Nude with Apple1909-1910
Far from the Fresh Air Farm: The crowded city street, with its dangers and temptations, is a pitiful makeshift playground for the children1911
Italo-American Celebration, Washington Square1912
Bathers at Bellportc1912
Beach Umbrellas at Blue Point1916
Artist’s Daughter in Chinese Costume1918
The Soda Fountain1935
White Rose and Other Flowers1937
>Gleizes, Albert

French artist
aged 71 [2323]

Bords de la Marne1909
La Femme aux Phlox (Woman with Phlox)1910
Portrait de Jacques Nayral1911
Stilleben, Nature Morte1911
Man on a Balcony – Portrait of Dr Théo Morinaud1912
Landschaft bei Paris, Paysage près de Paris, Paysage de Courbevoie1912
Les Baigneuses (The Bathers)1912
Les Joueurs de football (Football Players)1912-1913
Portrait de l’éditeur Eugène Figuière (The Publisher Eugene Figuiere),1913
Woman with animals (La dame aux bêtes) Madame Raymond Duchamp-Villon,1914
Paysage cubiste, Arbre et fleuve (Cubist Landscape)1914
Portrait of an Army Doctor (Portrait d’un médecin militaire)1914-1915
Chal Post1915
Composition for “Jazz”1915
Femme au gant noir (Woman with Black Glove)1920
Ecuyère (Horsewoman)1920-1923
>Gober, Robert
Conceptual Art/Sculpture Art
New York

American artist
1954 – 

Half Stone House1979-1980
Slides of a Changing Painting1982-1983
Double Sink1984
Single Basin Sink1985
Two Urinals1986
Open Playpen1987
Untitled Closet1989
Cat Litter1989
Untitled Leg1990
Untitled Candle1991
Prison Window1992
Short Haired Cheese1992
Untitled Installation, Madonna detail1997
Monument Valley2007
Urology Appointment2007
Heart in a Box2014-2015
>Goes, Hugo van der
Northern Renaissance

[Portrait of a Man by Van der Goes]
Dutch (Flemish) painter
aged 52 [2325]

Calvary Triptych1465-1468
Death of the Virgin1470
The Adoration of the Kings (Monforte Altar)1470
Adoration of the Magi1470
Saint George and the Dragon1470-1482
Portrait Of A Man1475
Portrait of a Man at Prayer with Saint John the Baptist1475
Christ on the Cross175-1480
Portinari Altarpiece (Triptych)1476-9
The Trinity Altar Panels1478
St Genevieve [panel]1479
Fall and Redemption of Manc1479
Adoration of the Shepherds1480
Deposition Diptych1480
>Goncharova, Natalia
Russian avant-garde/Der Blaue Reiter
Moscow, St Peterburg, Paris

Russian painter
aged 81 [2326]

Self-Portrait with Yellow Lilies1907
Picking Apples1909
Peasants dancing [Khorovod (Round Dance)]1910-1911
Angels thowing Stones on the City1911
The Evangelists1911
Winter, Gathering Firewood1911
Cyclist, The1913
Cats (rayist perception in rose, black, and yellow)1913
Orange Vendorc1916
Spanish Women1923-1924
‘Coronation’ Backdrop1926
>Gormley, Antony
Sculpture Art

English sculptor
1950 –

Three Ways: Mould, Hole and Passage1981-1982
Another Place1997
Angel of the North1998
Inside Australia2003
Blind Light2007
Space Station2007
Stand Up for Ukraine2022
>Goya, Francisco (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes)

[Self portrait 1795]
Spanish painter
aged 82 [2329]

The Parasol or ‘El Quitasol’1777
Self-Portrait Before the Easel1785
Yard with Lunatics1794
Mourning Portrait of the Duchess of Alba. aka The Black Duchess1797
Los Caprichos, Here comes the bogey-man [series]1797-1799
Naked Maja (La Maja Desnuda)1797-1800
The Clothed Maja1798-1805
Los Caprichos, The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters (El sueño de la razón produce monstrous)1799
Family of Charles IV, The1800-1801
Colossus, The1810
The Disasters of War [series]1812-1814
Bullfight in a Divided Ring1814
Third of May 1808, Thec1814
Drowning Dog, The1819-1823
Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta1820
The Great He-Goat, aka Witches’ Sabbath,1820-1823
Saturn Devouring His Son1820-1823
>Grant, Duncan
Arts & Crafts/Bloomsbury Group

[Self portrait, 1925]
English artist
aged 93 [2330]

The Kitchen1902
James Strachey1910
Lemon Gatherers1910
The Queen of Sheba1912
The Tub1913
Head of Eve1913
The Assc1913
Abstract Kinetic Collage Painting With Sound1914
Interor at Gordon Squarec1915
Vanessa Bell, Portrait of1915-6
Venus and Adonisc1910
Composition with Coffee Pot1918
Self Portrait1920
Landspe Sussex1920
South of France1922
Portrait of a Woman1927
Girl at the Piano1940
St Pauls1941
Portrait of Soldier1946
Paul Roche Standing1947-1958
Bridge over Canal, Venice1955
>Greuze, Jean-Baptiste
Lyon, Paris

[Self portrait, 1769]
French painter
aged 79 [2331]

A Tired Woman with two Children1750-1761
The Lazy Boy1755
Broken Eggs1756
The Neapolitan Gesture1757
The Guitarist17157
A Savoyard Boy1760s
Study of a Young Manc1760
L’Accordée de Village1761
The Marriage Contract1761
Italian Peasant Women1762-1766
Filial Piety1763
Bust of an Old Man1763
The Well-Loved Mother1765
Spoiled Child, Thec1765
Septimius Severus and Caracalla.1769
The Ungrateful Son1770
The Broken Pitcher (La cruche cassée)1771
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin1777
The White Hat1780
Girl with Birds1780-1782
The Souvenir1787-1789
>Grimshaw, John Atkinson
Romanticism/Aesthetic Movement/Symbolism

English artist
1836 – 1893,
aged 57 [2332]

The Bullfinch1863
Woodland near Leeds1869
Spirit of the Night1879
Autumn Garden Walk1879-1880
Nightfall Down the Thames1880
Reflections of the Thames1880
Shipping on the Clyde1881
Late October1882
Silvery Moonlight1876
Canny Glasgow1887
>Gris, Juan (José Victoriano González-Pérez)
Madrid, Paris

Spanish painter
1887 – 1927,
aged 39 [2333]

Maisons à Paris (Houses in Paris)1911
Juan Legua1911
Pablo Picasso, Portrait of1912
Still Life with Checkered Tablecloth1915
Still Life before an Open Window, Place Ravignan1915
Woman with Mandolin, after Corot (La femme à la mandoline, d’après Corot)1916
The Man from Touraine1918
Harlequin with a Guitar1918
Still Life with Fruit Dish and Mandolin1919
Open Window (La fenêtre ouverte)1921
The Painter’s Window1925
Woman with a Basket1927
>Gropius, Walter

German architect/ Bauhaus
aged 86 [2334]

The Fagus Factory1910
Sommerfeld House1921
Triadic Ballet1922
Monument to the March Dead1922
Bauhaus building1925-1926
Gropius House1937
Harvard Graduate Center1949-1950
>Grosz, George

German painter
1893 – 1959,
aged 65 [2335]

The Faith Healers, aka Fit for Active Service1916-1917
The City1916-1917
Germany: A Winter’s Talec1917
Tribute to Oscar Panizza1917-1918
The White Slave Trader1918
John the Murderer1919
Life Model1919
A Victim of Society1919
Life and work in Universal City, 12:05 Noon1919
Daum Marries Her Pedantic Automaton “George” in May 1920. John Heartfield is very glad of it1920
Pillars of Society1926
Poet Max Hermann-Neise, The1927
Shut Your Mouth and Keep on Serving1927
A Married Couple1930
Peace II1946
>Grünewald, Matthias  (Mathis Gothart Neithart)
Northern Renaissance
Frankfurt, Würzburg

German painter
aged 58 [2336]

The Mocking of Christ1503-15105
Panel of St. Lawrence: Heller Altarpiecec1510
Isenheim Altarpiece, The1512-1515
Stuppach Madonna1514-1519
The Miracle of Our Lady of the Snows1517-1519
The Meeting of Saint Erasmus and Mauricec1520-1524
Christ Carrying the Cross1523-1524
Large Crucifixin1523-1525
>Gu Kaizhi 顾恺之
Six Dynasties

Chinese painter
aged 61 [2337]

>Guardi, Francesco
Venetian School/Baroque/Rococo

[Portrait by Pietro Longhi]
Italian painter
aged 81 [H-artists]

The Grand Canal, Venicec1760
Miracle of a Dominicane Saint1763
Gondolas on the Lagoon (Grey Lagoon)1765
Lagoon Looking Towards Murano from the Fondamenta Nuova1765-1770
Venice from the Bacino di San Marcoc1765-1775
Regatta in Venice1770
View on the Cannaregio Canal, Venicec1775-1780
Capriccio View of a Venetian Campoc1780
A Colonnade, Partly Ruined, with Figures1780-1790
Procession of Gondolas in the Bacino di San Marcoc1782
Fire in the Oil Depot in San Marcuola1789

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with H.
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Ha-Hey or Hi-Hy

Hagesandrus, Polydorus and Athenodorus (Rhodes)
Hals, Frans
Hamadani, Rashid al-Din
Hamilton, Gavin
Hammershøi, Vilhelm
Hanson, Duane
Hasegawa Tōhaku
Hassam, Frederick Childe
Hayez, Francesco
Hayman, Francis
Heade, Martin Johnson
Heckel, Erich
Henri, Robert

Hepworth, Barbara
Hicks, Edward
Hirst, Damien
Hockney, David
Hogarth, William
Hokusai, Katsushika
Holbein the Younger, Hans
Holman Hunt. William
Homer, Winslow
Hoogstraten, Samuel van
Hopper, Edward
Huang Gongwang
Hunt, William Morris

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> Hagesandrus, Polydorus and Athenodorus
Roman Republic

[Image of their Laocoön and his Sons]
Greek sculptors
c100-20 BCE/c50-0 BCE/c1st c BCE
Laocoön and his Sons [Antiphantes and Thymbraeus] (Laocoön Group) 42 BCE
>Hals, Frans
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

[Self portrait]
Dutch painter
aged 86 [2352]

Portrait of Jacobus Zaffius1611
The Banquet of the Officers of the St George Militia Company in 16161616
Catharina Hooft with her Nurse1619-1620
Three Children with a Goat Cartc1620
A Couple, probably Isaac Abrahamsz Massa and Beatrix van der Laen1622
Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart1623
The Lute Player (Boy with a Lute)1623-1624
Laughing Cavalier, The1625
Portrait of a young man with a skull1626
Th eMulatto1627
Gypsy Girl1628-1639
Malle Babbe1633-1635
Portrait of Willem Heythuijsen1634
De Magere Compagnie [finished by Pieter Codde}1637
Portrait of René Descartes1649
Portrait of a Man1655-1660
Portrait of a man with a tassle collar1660-1666
Group portrait of the Regentesses of the Old Men’s Almshouse1664
Portrait of a Manc1665
>Hamadani, Rashid al-Din
رشیدالدین طبیب‎
Mongol Art

Persian-Jewish historian and statesman
1247–1318, aged 71

Coronation of Ögedei Khan in 12291229
Jami al-tawarikh (Compendium of Chronicles)1305-6
Mounted warriorsearly 14th c
Hulagu, Genghis Khan’s grandson and founder of the Il-Khanate14th c
Mongol invasion of Baghdad14th c
>Hamilton, Gavin
Lanarkshire, Rome

[Portrait by Archibald Skirving]
Scottish painter
aged 75 [2354]

Susanna Kennedy, Countess of Eglinton1740
James Dawkins and Robert Wood Discovering the Ruins of Palmyra1758
Venus Ushering Paris to Helen1759
Agrippina Landing at Brindisium with the Ashes of Germanicus1765-1772
The Death of Lucretia1767
Apollo and Artemis1770
Priam Pleading with Achilles for the Body of Hector1775
Douglas Hamilton, 8th Duke of Hamilton and 5th Duke of Brandon, with Dr John Moore and Sir John Moore as a Young Boy1777
>Hammershøi, Vilhelm

[Self portrait, 1895]
Danish painter
aged 51 [2355]

Frederikke Hammershøi, the artist’s mother1886
Amalienborg Square, Copenhagen1896
Interior with Young Man Reading1898
Ida Reading a Letter1899
Interior with a Girl at the Clavier1901
Interior with a Girl at the Clavier1901
Interior with Young Woman Seen from the Back1904
Interior with an Easel, Bredgade 251912
>Hanson, Duane
Photo Realism

American sculptor
aged 71 [2356]

Football Vignette1969
Woman Eating1971
Museum Guard1975
Children Playing Game1979
Self-Portrait with Model1979
Queenie II1988
Tourists II1988
Flea Market Lady1990-1994
Homeless Person1991
Old Couple on a bench1994
Man on Mower1995
>Hasegawa Tōhaku 長谷
Momoyama Period

Japanese painter
aged 71 [2357]

>Hassam, Frederick Childe 
Cos Cob Colony
Boston/New York

[Self portrait]
American painter
aged 75 [2358]

A Back Road1884
Rainy Day, Columbus Avenue, Boston1885
Grand Prix Day [Le Jour de Grand Prix]1887-1888
View in Montmartre, Paris1889
Snowstorm, Madison Squarec1890
Poppies, Isles of Shoals1891
Celia Thaxter in her Garden1892
Washington Square Parkc1893
Winter in Union Square1894
August Afternoon, Appledore1900
Late Afternoon, New York, Winterc1900
Church at Old Lyme1905
The Victorian Chair1906
The Water Gardenc1909
July Fourteenth, Rue Daunou1910
Rainy Day, Fifth Avenue1916
Mount Beacon at Newburgh1916
The Avenue in the Rain [The White House]1917
Allies Day, May 19171917
Girl in a Modern Gown1922
>Hayez, Francesco

[Self portrait, age 78]
Italian artist
aged 91 [2359]

Family portrait1807
A Half-Naked Man1812
Rinaldo and Armida1813
Mercury Gives Paris the Apple of Discord1817
Portrait of Antoniet Vitali Sola1823
The last kiss of Romeo and Juliet1823
Carolina Zucchi (the ill)1825
Penitent Mary Magdalene1825
Ballerina Carlotta Chabert as Venus1830
Self-portrait with Tiger and Lionc1830
Bathing nymphs1831
Crusaders Thirsting near Jerusalem1836-50
Reclining Odalisque1839
Samson and the Lion1842
Revenge of a Rival (The Venetian Woman)1853
Kiss, The1859
Portrait of Angiolina Rossi1875
Portrait of the engineer Giuseppe Clerici1875
Bust of a woman with scattered hair1876
Self Portrait1878
The nun Morosini1879
>Hayman, Francis

[Self portrait]
English painter
aged 68 [2360]

Self Portrait of the Artist in His Studio1734
Dancing milkmaidsc1735
Samuel Richardson, the Novelist (1684-1761), Seated, Surrounded by his Second Family1740-1741
Milkmaid’s Garland, The1741-2
The play scene from Hamlet1743
David Garrick (1717–1779), and Hannah Pritchard (1711–1768), in a Scene from ‘The Suspicious Husband’1752
Sir Edward Vernonc1755
Lord Clive meeting with Mir Jafar at the Battle of Plassey in 17571757
>Heade, Martin Johnson
Philadelphia, New York

American painter
aged 85 [2361]

Portrait of a Man1840
Approaching Thunder Storm1859
Singing Beach, Manchester, Massachusetts1862
Lake George1862
The Marshes at Rhode Island1866
Orchid and Hummingbirds near a Mountain Lake1870-1890
Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds1871
Sunlight and Shadow: The Newbury Marshes1871-1875
Jersey Marshes1874
Orchids and Spray Orchids with Hummingbirdc1875-1890
Magnolia Grandiflora1885-1895
The Magnolia Blossom1888
Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth1890
Sunset Over the Marshes1890-1904
>Heckel, Erich
Expressionism/Die Brücke

German artist
aged 86 [2362]

House in Dangast (The White House) (Weisses Haus in Dangast)1908
Nude on a Sofa1909
Junger Mann Und Mädchen1909
Bathers in the Reeds1910
White Horses1913
Crystalline Day (Day of Glass)1913
Praying Woman1916
Portrait of a Man (Männerbildnis)1919
Das Rote Haus1922
Great dancing pair (Grosses tanzpaar)1923
Landscape on the fjord (Landschaft an der Förde)1939
>Henri, Robert
Ashcan School
New York

American painter
aged 64 [2363]

Portrait of Carl Gustav Waldeck1896
Woman in Manteau1898
Snow in New York (aka New York Winter)1902
Blind Spanish Singer1912
Figure in Motion1913
Edna Smith in a Japanese Wrapc1915
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney1915-1916
Portrait of Dieguito Roybal, San Ildefonso Pueblo1916
Portrait of Fay Bainter1918
Mary Agnes1924
Mary Anne with Her Basket1926
>Hepworth, Barbara
Sculpture Art
St Ives

English sculptor/ painter
aged 72 [2364]

Figure of a Woman1929-1930
Pierced Form1932
Seated Figure1932-1933
Mother and Child1934
Landscape Sculpture1944 (cast 1961)
Tides I1946
Concentration of Hands II1948
Bicentric Form1949
Monolith (Empyrean)1953
Curved Form (Trevalgan)1956
Curved Forms (Pavan)1956
Garden Sculpture (Model for Meridian)1958
Epidauros II1961
Bronze Form (Patmos)1962-1963
Squares with Two Circles1963
River Form1965
Four-Square (Walk Through)1966
Autumn Shadow1969
Two Forms (Divided Circle)1969
Sun and Water1971
Conversation with Magic Stones1973
>Hicks, Edward 
Romanticism/Naïve Art/Primitivism

[Portrait by Thomas Hicks]
American painter
1789 – 1849,
aged 69 [2365]

Peaceable Kingdom, The1826
Portrait of Andrew Jackson1832
Washington at the Delaware1840
The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 17761845
Noah’s Ark1846
The Cornell Farm1848
A May Morning View of the Farm and Stock of David Leedon1849
>Hirst, Damien
Conceptual Art/Sculpture Art/Young British Artists

English artist
1965 – 

A Thousand Years1990
Image – with DeadHead1991
In and Out of Love (White Paintings and Live Butterflies)1991
Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, The1991
Abalone Acetone Powder1991
End of an Era?
The Golden Calf?
Away from the Flock?
Mother And Child (Divided)1993
Lullaby Spring2002
Virgin Mother, The2005-6
Aubade, Crown of Glory2006
For The Love Of God, The Diamond Skull2007
Till Death Do Us Part (purple african gold purple imperial purple)2012
>Hockney, David
Pop Art
Bridlington, London, California

[Stood before his The Arrival Of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011]
English painter
1937 –

Man in Shower in Beverly Hills1964
The Splash1966
Beverly Hills Housewife1966-1967
Bigger Splash, A1967
California Seascape1968
American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman)1968
Mr and Mrs Clarke and Percy1971
Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)1972
Model with Unfinished Self-Portrait1977
My Parents1977
Nichols Canyon1980
Pearblossom Hwy., 11 – 18th April 1986, #21986
Canvas Study for The Grand Canyon [series]1998
Self-portrait with Red Braces2003
Self Portrait, 25 March 2012, No. 32012
>Hogarth, William

[Self portrait with his pug, Trump]
English painter
aged 66 [2368]

A Harlot’s Progress [series]1732
Rake’s Progress, The – eight scenes1732-4
Four Times of the Day [series]1738
The Shrimp Girl1741-1745
The Graham Children1742
Marriage Settlement (Marriage a la Mode 1)1742-4
Marriage à la Mode: I The Marriage Settlement [part of series]c1743
The Painter and his Pug1745
O the Roast Beef of Old England (‘The Gate of Calais’)1748
Gin Lane1751
The Four Stages of Cruelty [serties]1751
The Analysis of Beauty – Plate II [The Country Dance] [part of series]1753
An Election1754-1755
>Hokusai, Katsushika  葛飾 北斎
Asuka, Heian, Yamato-e/Edo Period/Romanticism

Japanese painter
1760 – 1849,
aged 88 [2369]

Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji 1829-33
The Great Wave off Kanagawa1829-33
Great Wave , The (Off Kanagawa) [from Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji]1831
>Holbein the Younger, Hans
Northern Renaissance
Basel, London

[Self portrait]
German painter
aged 46 [2370]

‘Head of a Female Saint’ and ‘Headof a Male Saint’
Adam and Eve1517
Oberried Altarpiecec1520
Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb, The1520-2
Erasmus of Rotterdam, Portrait1523
The Passion altarpiece1524-1525
Noli Me Tangerec1524-1528
Lais of Corinth1526
Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling, A1526-8
Sir Thomas More, Portrait1527
The Artist’s Family[c1528
Merchant George Gisze, The1532
Thomas Cromwell, Portrait1532-4
Ambassadors, The1533
An Allegory of the Old and New Testaments1533-1535
Henry VIII, Portrait of1536-7
Portrait of Jane Seymour1537
Portrait of Edward, Prince of Walesc1539
>Holman Hunt, William
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood/Symbolism

[Self-portrait, 1867]
English painter
aged 83 [2371]

A Converted British Family Sheltering a Christian Missionary from the Persecution of the Druids1850
Hireling Shepherd, The1851
Our English Coasts (Strayed Sheep)1852
The Awakening Conscience1853
The Light of the World1853-1856
The Thames at Chelsea, Evening1853
The Scapegoat1854
London Bridge on the Night of the Marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales1864
Isabella and the Pot of Basil1867
The Shadow of Death1870-1873
Dante Gabriel Rossetti at 22 years of Age, Portrait of1882-3
May Morning on Magdalen Tower1890
The Miracle of the Sacred Fire1892-1899
>Homer, Winslow
New York

American painter
aged 74 [2372]

The Army of the Potomac – A Sharp Shooter on Picket Duty1862
The Veteran in a New Field1865
The Bright Side1865
Prisoners from the Front1866
Snap the Whip1872
The Cotton Pickers1876
Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)1876
Mending the Nets1873-1876
Early Evening (Sailors Take Warning)1881
The Herring Net1885
Eight Bells1886
On the Trail1892
Fox Hunt1893
Early Morning After a Storm at Sea1900
>Hoogstraten, Samuel van
Dutch Golden Age/Baroque

[Self portrait]
Dutch painter
aged 51 [2373]

Man at a Window1653
View of a Corridor1662
Trompe l’oeil of a Framed Necessary-Board1662-1663
A Perspective View of the Courtyard of a House1664
A Young Man Reaching for His Cap?
An Anaemic Lady1667
>Hopper, Edward
Realism/Modern Art/Ashcan School
New York

American painter
aged 84 [2374]

Model sitting1902
Girl at a Sewing Machine1921
House by the Railroad1925
From Williamsburg Bridge1928
Lighthouse at Two Lights, The1929
Chop Suey1929
Tables for Ladies1930
Early Sunday Morning1930
Haskell’s House1924
New York Interior 1921
Office at Night1940
Hotel Lobby1943
Saltillo Mansion1943
Rooms By The Sea1951
Morning Sun1952
Office in a Small City1953
>Huang Gongwang 黃公望
Yuan Dynasty

Chinese painter
aged 85 [2375]

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountainsc1347-1350
Nine Pearly Peaks in Green?
Stony Cliff at Heavenly Pond?
Jade Bars at Cinnabar Cliff?
Visiting Dai on the Shan Stream?
>Hunt, William Morris
Romanticism/Victorian Art/Orientalism/American Barbizon School/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

[Portrait by Emanuel Leutze]
American artist
aged 55
Portrait of Morris Hunt, son of William Morris Hunt1857
The Drummer Boy1862
Wheaton Theodore King1865
View of Gloucester Harbor1877
The Bathers1877
Niagara Falls1878
Hunt’s studio1879

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with I.
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Ike no Taiga
Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique

Inness. George
Israëls, Jozef

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>Ike no Taiga 池大雅
Edo Period

[Portrait by Fukuhara_Gogaku]
Japanese painter
aged 53 [2381]

Fishing in Springtime1747
Landscape withPavilion, Hanging Scroll1750
Impressive View of the Go River1769
Lighting a charcoal brazier (possibly in preparation for a tea ceremony?)1776
Egypt – Old Kingdom

Egyptian architect
27th c BCE

Step Pyramid of Djoser at Ṣaqqārah, Egypt.2667–2648 BCE
>Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique

French painter
aged 86 [2383]

The Ambassadors of Agamemnon in the Tent of Achilles1801
Napoleon I on His Imperial Throne1806
Valpinçon Bather, The1808
Raphael and the Fornarina1813
Grande Odalisque, The1814
Death of Leonardo da Vinci, The1818
The Vow of Louis XIII1824
Paganini, The Violinist Niccolò 1819
Portrait of Monsieur Bertin1832
Turkish Bath. The1852-9
Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII1854
Portrait of Madame Moitessier1856
The Source1856
>Inness, George
Realism/American Barbizon School
New York

American painter
aged 69 [2384]

In the Berkshires1848-50
The Lackawanna Valleyc1855
The Delaware Water Gap1857
Peace and Plenty1865
Lake Albano1869
A Marine1870s
The Monk1873
Sunset in the Woods1891
The Home of the Heron18983
>Israëls, Jozef
Hague School/Impressionism
The Hague

Dutch painter
aged 87
The Sleepersc1868
The Happy Familyc1870-1885
Children of the Sea1872
A Dutch Type1875

The Frugal Meal1876
Girl on a Dune1890-1895
A Fishergirl on a Dune, knitting?

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with J.
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Jacqui, Danielle
Joel, Henry Bates
Johns, Jasper

Johnston, Edward
Jonas, Joan
Jones, Thomas
Judd, Donald

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>Jacqui, Danielle
Art Brut-Outsider Art
Pont de l’Etoile

French artist

Maison de celle qui paint1980s
Le Cavalier1996
>Joel, Henry Bates
Victorian Art

Scottish painter
aged 47 [2392]

Scottish Highlands1890s
Bonchurch, near Ventnor, Isle of Wight1895
Gathering firewood1901
Close of the Day-Loch Vennacher1914
>Johns, Jasper 
Dada/Abstract Expressionism/Pop Art
New York

American artist
1930 –

Target with Four Faces1955
Three Flags1958
False Start1959
Painted Bronze1960
Painting with Two Balls1960
Painting Bitten by a Man1961
Periscope (Hart Crane)1962
According to What1964
Walkaround Time1968
Corpse and Mirror II1974
Racing Thoughts1983
Seasons [series)1986
Catenary (Jacob’s Ladder)1999
5 Postcards2011
>Johnston, Edward
Typographic-Word Art

[Portrait by Arthur Henry
Uruguyan/British calligrapher
aged 72 [2394]

Johnston Sans1913
>Jonas, Joan
Video Art
New York

American Performance Artist
1936 –

Mirror Piece I1969
Organic Honey’s Video Telepathy1972
Vertical Roll1972
Glass Puzzle1973
Juniper Tree1976
My New Theatre 1: Tap Dancing1997
Stream or River, Flight or Pattern2016-2017
>Jones, Thomas
Wales, London

[Portrait by Giuseppe Marchi]
Welsh painter
aged 61 [2396]

Coast Scene with Approaching Storm1771
A Classical Landscape1772
Bard, The1774
A Cavern near Saint Agnese without the Porta Pia1778
A Storm – Prospero, Miranda and Caliban Spy1778
Ruined Buildings, Naples1782
Naples. The Capella Nuova outside the Porta di Chiaja1782
Classical Landscape with a River1794
>Judd, Donald
Abstract Art/Minimalism/Sculpture Art
New York

American artist
aged 65
Restored Studio 101 Spring Street, New York1964
Untitled (Stack)1967
Untitled, Enamel on aluminum1968
Horizontal Sculpture: Untitled1973
Vertical Sculpture: Untitled1980
15 Untitled Works in Concrete1980-1984
100 untitled works in mill aluminum1982-1986

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