2.1 Artists A – B

Seeking to categorise artists is not without difficulty. It’s something like trying to push water uphill with your hands, or perhaps like trying to herd cats, but here goes!

At its launch ultcult.com has identified c9,000 artists, from these it details c2,400 works of c600 of these artists. This will be routinely expanded after launch.

The full c9,000 database of artists has a link below each letter icon. The c600 selected artists are listed alphabetically below the icon.

The second column shows the artist’s names, with alternatives shown, then the art movements and schools with which they have been associated, and the prime locations where they worked.

The right column, wherever possible shows an image, frequently a self-portrait, in some cases the image is one of their works. Then we show their dates of birth and death, and, where known, their age at death.

Then we list their works featured on ultcult.com with the date completed and links directly to that work’s entry.

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with A.
Or you can search the full database for A under
A-Anc or And-Az

Abbati, Giuseppe
Agasias, son of Dositheus
Agasias, son of Menophilus
Aivazovsky, Ivan
Albani, Francesco
Albers, Anni
Albers, Josef
Alcázar, Luis Paret y
Alexandros of Antioch
al-Idrisi, Abu Abdullah Muhammad
Allori, Alessandro
Alsina, Ramon Marti
Altdorfer, Albrecht

Ambrosi, Alfredo
Anders, Zorn

Andre, Carl
Anglada-Camarasa, Hermenegildo
Anschutz, Thomas Pollock
Anselmo, Giovanni
Anuszkiewicz, Richard
Apsit, Alexander Petrovich
Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
Armfield, Maxwelll Ashby
Arp, Jean (Hans Peter Wilhelm)
Auchentaller, Josef Maria

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>Abbati, Giuseppe 

Self-portrait, 1860
Italian painter
1836-1868, aged 32

Oxen and Cart1857
Country Road with Cypresses1860
Portrait of a Woman1860
Arno near Casaccia1863
Tower of the Palazzo del Podestà, The1865
Oration (The Prayer)1866
Horse in the Sunlight1866
>Agasias, son of Dositheus
Hellenistic Greece

[Borghese Gladiator]
Greek sculptor
c100 BCE

Borghese Gladiator100 BCE
>Agasias, son of Menophilus
Roman Republic

[Dying Gaul]
Greek sculptor
c200 BCE

Dying Gaul (aka Dying Galatian)c200 BCE
>Aivazovsky, Ivan
Иван Константинович Айвазовский 

Russian/Armenian painter
1817-1900, aged 82

Chaos (The Creation)1841
Ninth Wave, The1850
Russian-Turkish Sea Battle of Sinop on 18th November 18531853
View of Tiflis1868
On the Storm1872
The Rainbow1873
The Black Sea1881
Battle of Chesma1886
Descent of Noah from Ararat1889
The Wave1889
>Albani, Francesco
Baroque/Bolognese School

[Baptism of Christ]
Italian painter
1578-1660, aged 82

Dance of the Cupids, The1578-1660
Nativity of theVirgin1598
Frescoes in Hall of Aeneas1601
Holy Family with Angels1608-1610
Baptism of Christc1620
Diana and Acteon1625-1630
Four Elements1628-1630
Holy Family with Angels1630-1635
The Annunciation1633
Madonna with Child in Glory with Sts. Jerome and Francisc1640
Baptism of Christc1640
The Rape of Europa1640-1645
The Holy Woman at Christ’s Tombc1640s-1650s
>Albers, Anni
Berlin/North Carolina

German-American painter
1899-1994, aged 94

Connections [series]1925-1984
Wall Hanging1926
Study for Hooked Rug1964
Red Miander [series]1969-1971
Yellow Meander1970
Fox II1972
Triangulated Intaglio II1976
>Albers, Josef
Abstract Art/Bauhaus/Abstract Expressionism/Op Art
Berlin/North Carolina

German-American painter
1888-1976, aged 87

Grid Mounted1921
Study for Graphic Tectonic (Ascension)1941
Variant/Adobe: Familiar Front1948
Homage to the Square [series]
Homage to the Square1964
Homage to the Square: Protected Blue1977
>Alcázar, Luis Paret y

Spanish painter
1746-1799, aged 53 [2009]

Immaculate Conception1766-1775
La Carta1772
Una Cebra1774
Charles III Dining Before the Courtc1775
Goldene Schale mit Blumenbouquet1780
Aves del Gabinete del Infante Don Luis [series]?
The Harbour of Bermeo1783
>Alexandros of Antioch
Hellenistic Greece
Wandering artist

[Venus de Milo]
Greek sculptor
2nd-1st c BCE

Venus de Milo130-100 BCE
>al-Idrisi, Abu Abdullah Muhammad
أبو عبد الله محمد الإدريسي القرطبي الحسني السبتي‎
Islamic Golden Age
Ceuta, Sicily

Arab/Almoravid geographer
1100-1165, aged 64

World Atlas of al-Idrisi1154
>Allori, Alessandro

Italian painter
1535-1607, aged 72

Portraitof a Young Man1537
Maria de Medicic1555
Isabella De’ Medici Orsini with a Dog1560
Susanna and the Elders1561
Pearl Fishermen1570-1572
Stories of St Jerome [series]1577
The Virtues [series]1578-1582
Last Supper1582
Birth of a Virgin1602
>Alsina, Ramon Marti
Spanish Eclecticism
Barcelona, Paris

Spanish-Catalan painter
1826-1894, aged 68 [2013]

The Girona Cycle [series]?
Stormy Sea1884
Siesta, The1884
View of Barcelona from a Rooftop in
Riera de Sant Joan
>Altdorfer, Albrecht
Northern Renaissance

German painter
c1480-1538, aged

Sebastian Altar in St. Florian’s Prioryc1509-1516
Christ taking Leave of his Mother1520
Landscape with a city by the lake [etching]1520s
Battle of Alexander at Issus1529
>Ambrosi, Alfredo Gauro
Naples, Madrid, London, Nice

Italian painter
1901-1945, aged 44

Aerial Portrait of Mussolini1930
Battaglia aerea1933
Aero-portrait [series]1938-1942
>Anders, Zorn

Swedish painter
1860-1920, aged 60

Portrait of AgusHolzer1879
In Top Capu1885
Castles in the Air1885
Baking the Bread1889
A Toast in the Idun Society1892
Effect of a Night1895
Girls from Darlana Having a Bath1908
In Werner’s Rowing Boat1917
A Kitchen Maid1919
Home Tunes1920
>Andre, Carl

American artist

100 Copper Square1968
sculpture ’431968
144 Magnesium Square1969
13 copper triode1975
Satier: Zinc on Steel1989
Belgica Tin Train1990
Crux 142010
>Anglada-Camarasa, Hermenegildo

1871-1959, aged 78 [2018]

Escena Biblica [series]1900
Sonia de Klamery (Lying)1913
Puesta de Sol1925
Trees in a Landscape1927
Arboles de Montserrat1938
La Maja del Guadalquivir1940-1945
>Anschutz, Thomas Pollock
Realism/Impressionism/Ashcan School

American painter
1851-1912, aged 60 [2019]

The Farmer and His Son at Harvesting1879
The Way They Live1879
The Ironworkers’ Noontime1880
Man and Woman on the Beach1893
Low Tide1897
The Lumber Boat1897
A Passing Glance1900
The Chore1900
A Flowered Gown1906
Indians on the Ohio1907
Portrait of Rebecca H Whelan 1910
>Anselmo, Giovanni
Arte Povera
Turin, Milan

Italian artist

Studio per la mia ombra verso l’infinito dalla cima dello Stromboli durante l’alba del 16 agosto 19651965
Untitled (Sculpture that eats)1968
Trecento Millioni di anni (Three Hundred Million Years)1969
Grigi che si alleggeriscono verso oltremare1900
>Anuszkiewicz, Richard
Op Art

Amercian painter/sculptor
1933-2020, , aged 86 [2021]

Knowledge and Disappearance1961
Untitled (1965)1965
Volumes Variable [series]1969
Inner Space1970
Entrance to Orange1972
Celebrate, New York1973
Annual Edition1974
Light Magenta Square1978
Summer Suite (Red with Gold IV)1979
Soft Satellite Red1981
>Apsit, Alexander Petrovich
Propaganda-Socialist Realism
St Petersburg, Moscow

Russian graphic artist
aged 64 [2022]

Rise and defend Petrograd!1919
The workers and peasants are wiping out the lords and barons…1920
>Arcimboldo, Giuseppe

Italian painter
1526-1593, aged 67 [2023]

The Librarian1562-1566
‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’1563-1573
‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ [series]1566
The Cook1570
The Gardener1587-1590
Reversible Head with Basket of Fruit1590
Four Seasons in One Headc1590
Emperor Rudolf II as Vertumnus1591
>Armfield, Maxwell Ashby
Arts & Crafts
Birmingham, Cotswolds

(Self-portrait 1901)
English painter
1881-1972, aged 90 [2025]

Oh! Willo! Willo! Willo!1902
Oxford Circus Underground Station1905
The Tower (Trees, Lucca)1905
Central Park, New York1916
Miss Chaseley on the Undercliff1927
I Saw Three Ships1930
Bunch of White1933
January Flowers1938
‘Pacific Patterns’, the Artist’s House at Berkeley, California1940
Shell and Comma Butterfly1956
Ships Come Sailing?
The Coming of Spring?
Double Concerto1969
>Arp, Jean (Hans Peter Wilhelm)
Abstract Art/Dada/Surrealism
Strasbourg, Zurich, Lucerne

German-French sculptor
1886-1966, aged 79 [2026]

Torn-up Woodcut1920-1954
Constellation Accoding to the Lawsof Chancec1930
Sculpture to be Lost in theGorest1932
Impish Fruit1943
Pagoda Fruit1949
Winged Being1961
>Auchentaller, Josef Maria
Vienna Secession

Austrian painter
1865-1949, aged 84

Bunte Bänder (Portrait of Maria)1912
Motif Grundlsee1919

Below are the currently selected artists beginning with B.
Or you can search the full database for B under
Ba-Ben, Ber-Bor, Bos-Bre or Bri-Byz

Bacon, Francis
Balla, Giacom
Barbier, Georg
Barraud, Francis
Batoni. Pompeo
Bazille, Frédéric
Beard, William Holbrook
Bearden, Romare
Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent
Beckmann, Max Carl Friederich
Bell, Vanessa
Bellini, Gentile
Bellini, Giovanni
Belloto, Bernardo
Bellows, George Wesley
Berezovsky, Igor
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
Beuys, Joseph
Bian Wenzhi
Bierstadt, Albert
Bilders, Gerard
Bingham, George Caleb
Blackstock, Gregory
Blake, William
Boccioni, Umberto
Böcklin, Arnold

Bondi, Yuri
Bonheur, Rosa
Bonnard, Pierre
Bonesegna, Giovanni Paolo
Bontecou, Lee
Bosch, Hieronymous
Botero, Fernando
Botticelli, Sandro
Boucher, François
Bourdelle, Antoine (Emile-Antoine)
Bourgeois, Louise
Boznańska, Olga
Bradley, Paige
Brancusi, Constantin
Brandt, Jozef
Braque, Georges
Bright, Henry
Brodsky, IsaakBroederlam, Melchior
Bronzino, Agnolo
Brooks, James David
Brown, Cecily
Bruegel the Elder, Jan
Bruegel the Elder, Pieter
Bryullov, Karl Pavlovich
Bulloch, Angela
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Cole


>Bacon, Francis
Modern Art/Expressionism/Surrealism/Abstract Expressionism
Dublin, London

Irish-English painter
1909-1992, aged 82
Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 1944
Screaming Pope, The aka Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X1953
Figure with Meat1954
Figure in a Landscape1945
Three Studies for a Crucifixion1962
Three Studies for a Portrait of George Dyer1963
Three Studies for Portrait of Lucian Freud1964
George Dyer Talking, Portrait of1966
Three Studies of Lucian Freud1969
Three Studies for a Self-Portrait1979-1980
>Balla, Giacomo

Italian painter
1871-1958, aged 77
Luna Park, Paris1900
A Worker’s Day1904
Madwoman, The1905
Street Light1909
Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash1912
Flight of the Swallows1913
Dynamic of Boccioni’s fist1914
Design for Living Room Furnishings1918
Future (Study)1918
Spirit-form Transformatiosn1918
Science against Obscurantism1920
Pssimism and Optimisim1923
Nuns and Landscape1925
(perhaps Robert Gunningham?)
Present Day Europeans

English artist
Love is in the Air2003
Bomb Hugger2003
Flying Copper2003
Rage, Flower Thrower – Jerusalem2003
Kissing Coppers2005
One Nation Under CCTV2007
Devolved Parliament2009
The Son of a Migrant from Syria2015
Basquiat being “stopped-and-frisked” outside the Barbican Centre2017
Love is in the Bin2018
Fire (Port Talbot)2019
Banksy Reindeers2019
Hula Hoop Girl – Nottingham2020
Valentine’s Day Marsh Lane Piece – Bristol 2020
Escaping Prisoner – Reading Prison2021
Season’s Greeting2022
>Barbier, George
Art Nouveau/Art Deco

French illustrator
1882-1932, aged 50
Vaslav Nijinsky and Ida Rubinstein in Schéhérazade1910
Stage Performers – Nijinsky Dance1913
Jeanne Paquin Gown1914
Lady with Panther (for Cartier)1914
Fashion Pochoir: La Paresse1924
La Luxure1925
Nude Couple in Canopied Bed1934
Man Lifting Woman over Creek, Woman with Dog1934
Woman in Chaise Longue with Guests Conversing1930s
>Barraud, Francis
Victorian Art

English painter
1856-1924, aged 78
His Master’s Voice1898-1900
>Batoni, Pompeo Girolamo

Italian painter, Rome
1708-1787, aged 79
The Virgin Mary enthroned with saints (of the Gabrielli di Gubbio family)1732-1733
Five Allegories of theArts1740
Apollo and two Muses1741
Achilles and Lycomedes1745
Fall of Simon Magus1746-1755
William Fermor1758
The Holy Family1760
Diana and Cupid1761
Portrait of a Man in a Blue Suit1760s
Academic Nude1765
Portrait of Pope Pius VIc1780
Portrait of the Countess Maria Benedetta di San Martino1785
>Bazille, Jean-Frédéric

[Renoir portrait of Bazille]
French painter
1841-1870, aged 29
The Pink Dress1864
The Fontainebleau Forest1865
The Improvised Field Hospital (Monet after his Accident at the Inn at Chailly)1865
Family Reunion1867
Fisherman with a Net1868
Bathers (Summer Scene)1869
The Toilette1869-1870
Studio in rue de la Condamine1870
>Beard, William Holbrook
Düsseldorf, New York

American painter
1824 – 1900, aged 75
Luzerne, Switzerland1854
Dancing Bears1870
The Bulls and the Bears in the Market?
His Majesty Receives1885
>Bearden, Romare
Art Brut-Outsider Art/Abstract Expressionism
New York

American artist
1911-1988, aged 77
Factory Workers1942
Tomorrow I May Be Far Away1967
Three Folk Musicians1967
The Train1975
Louisiana Serenade1979
The Piano Lesson1983
>Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent
Japonism/Aesthetic Movement/Art Nouveau

English illustrator
1872 – 1898, aged 25
The Peacock Skirt1893
How Sir Tristram Drank of the Love Drink1893-1894
The Woman in the Moon, Frontispiece for Salomé1894
The Black Catc1894
Death of Pierrot – The Savoy1896
Venus at her Toilette1896
The Abbe1896
Dancer’s Reward, The 1907
>Beckmann, Max Carl Friederich
Expressionism/Abstract Expressionism
Frankfurt, Amsterdam, St Louis

German painter/sculptor
1884 – 1950, aged 66
Young Men by the Sea1905
Small Death Scene1906
Self-Portrait with a Red Scarf1917
Adam and Eve1917
Self-Portrait in a Tuxedo1927
Beginning, The1949
Self-Portrait in Olive and Brown1945
>Bell, Vanessa
Post-Impressionism/Arts & Crafts/Bloomsbury Group

English artist
1879-1961, aged 82
Studland Beach1912
Frederick and Jessie Etchells Painting1912
Still Life On Corner of A Mantelpiece1914
Abstract Paintingc1914
Christmas Decorationsc1915
Tub, The1917
Arum Lillies1919
Still Life of a Vase and Vegetables1926=1930
Study for Berwick Church: The Shepherd1941
>Bellini, Gentile
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/Venetian School/High Renaissance

Italian painter, Venice
c1429-1516, aged 87
The Agony in the Garden1458-1460
The Sacred Conversationc1487
Procession of the True Cross in St Mark’s Square 1496
Doge Leonardo Loredan, Portrait of the1501-1502
The Sacred Conversation1505
The Feast of the Gods1514
>Bellini, Giovanni 
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/Venetian School/High Renaissance

Italian painter, Venice
c1426-1516, aged 90
The Agony in the Garden1458-1460
Imago Pietatis1460-1469
La Vierge et l’Enfant entourés de saint Jean-Baptiste, sainte Marie- Magdalene, Saint Georges, saint Pierre et un donateur1490-1500
St Francis in Ecstacy1476 – 1480
Madonna and Child1480-1490
Sacred Allegory1490-1499
Doge Leonardo Loredan, Portrait of the1501-1502
San Zaccaria Altarpiece1505
Nunc dimittis1505-1510
Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror1515
>Belloto, Bernardo
Venetian School/Rococo
Vienna, Munich

[Self portrait as Venetian Ambassador]
Italian painter
1721 – 1780, aged 59
The Grand Canal facing Santa Crocec1738
Piazza san Marcoc1740
Entrance of the Grand Canal, Venice1741
Capriccio with the Campidoglio1742
View of the Grand Canal with the Santa Maria della Salute and the Dogana1743
View of the Ponte delle Navi, Verona1745
Dresden From the Right Bank of the Elbe Above the Augustus Bridge1747
View of Dresden with the Frauenkirche1750-1752
Vienna seen from the Belvedere1758-1761
Self portrait as Venetian Ambassadorc1765
View of Warsaw from Praga1770
The Carmelite Church in Warsaw1780
>Bellows, George Wesley
Realism/Ashcan School
New York

American painter
1882 – 1925, aged 42
Central Park1905
Pennsylvania Excavation1907
Frankie, The Organ Boy1907
Men of the Docks1912
Cliff Dwellers1913
Builder of Ships1916
The Barricade1918
Waldo Pierce1920
Dempsey and Firpo 1923-24
Dempsey and Firpo1923-24
Lady Jean (Bellows daughter)1924
Summer Fantasy1924
>Berezovsky, Igor
Игорь Борисович Березовский 
Social Realism

[Poster: We will fulfil…]
Russian painter
1942-2007, aged 64
We will fulfil the Party’s commission!1957
>Bernini, Gian Lorenzo

[Self portrait]
Italian sculptor/architect
1598-1680, aged 81
Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanio1618-1619
The Rapture of Proserpina1621-1622
Apollo and Daphne1622-1625
Baldachin of San Pedro1624-1632
San Longino1629-1638
Fountain of the Triton1642-1643
Ecstasy of St Teresa, The, Cornaro Chapel 1647-52
Fountain of the Four Rivers (Piazza Navona, Rome)1651
Bust of Louis XIV1665
Ecstasy of Blessed Ludovica Albertoni1671-1674
>Beuys, Joseph
Conceptual Art/Installation Art

German artist
1921-1986, aged 64
Woman/Animal Skull1956-1957
Lightning with Stag in its Glare1958-1985
Fat chair1964-1985
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare1965
Homogenous Infiltration for Grand Piano1966
Infiltration for Piano1966
The Pack1969
Felt Suit1970
7000 Oaks: City Forestation Instead of City Administration1982-1986
Capri Battery1985
>Bian Wenzhi
Ming Dynasty
Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

Chinese painter
unknown dates, working c1413
A painting of birds1413
>Bierstadt, Albert
American Colonial Art/Romanticism/Realism/Luminism
Western USA

German-American painter
1830-1902, aged 72
The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak1858
Cho-looke, the Yosemite Fall1864
Valley of the Yosemite1864
Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California1865
A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie1866
Sunrise on the Matterhornc1867
Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains. California1868
Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast1870
California Spring1874
The Last of the Buffalo1888
>Bilders, Gerard
Hague School
The Hague

Dutch painter
1838-1865, aged 27
Cows in a Puddle1860-65
>Bingham, George Caleb
American Colonial Art/Romanticism/Luminism

[Self portrait}
American artist
1811-1879, aged 67
General Richard Gentry1837
His wife, Sarah, and eldest son, Newton1841
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri1845
Jolly Flatboatmen1846
Boatmen on the Missouri1846
Raftsmen Playing Cards1847
Mississippi Boatman1850
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap1851-1852
The County Election1852
Stump Speaking1853-1854
The Verdict of the People1854-1855
Washington Crossing the Delaware1856-1871
General Ewing’s Order No. 11 of 18631868
View of Pikes Peak1872
Portrait of Vinnie Ream1876
>Blackstock, Gregory 
Art Brut-Outsider Art

American (autistic) artist
1946 – 
The Irish Joys2003
The Huts2013
The Windmills2014
The Art Supplies2020
The Great World Penguins2020
The Historic World Strongholds2020
>Blake, William

[Portrait by Thomas Phillips]
English poet, painter, printmaker
1757-1827, aged 70
Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancingc1786
Songs of Innocence and of Experience1789
Albion Rose1794-6
Little Girl Found, The1794
The Ancient of Days1794
Isaac Newton1795-c1805
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in the Sun1803-1804
Blake’s Cottagec1804-1810
The Angels Hovering Over the Body of Christ in the Sepulchrec1805
The Number of the Beast is 6661805-1810
A Vision of the Last Judgement1808
Adam Naming the Beasts1810
Ghost of a Flea, The1819-20
>Boccioni, Umberto
Divisionism/Futurism/Abstract Art
Wandering artists

Italian painter, sculptor
1882-1916, aged 34
Three Women1909-10
City Rises, The1910
The Street Enters the House1911
States of Mind I: The Farewells1911
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space1913
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space1913
The Charge of the Lancers1915
>Böcklin, Arnold 
Düsseldorf, Florence, Paris

[Self-portrait with Death playing the fiddle]
Swiss painter
1827 – 1901, aged 73
Alexander Michelis1846
Moonlit Landscape1849
Campania Landscape1851
The Shepherd’s Lament1866
Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle1872
The Muse Euterpe1872
Roger Freeing Angelica1873
Battle of the Centaurs1873
Mourning under the Cross1876
Odysseus and Calypso1882
Self-portrait with the wine glass1885
The Homecoming1887
Odysseus and Polyphemus1896
>Bondi, Yuri Mikhailovich
Propaganda-Socialist Realism
Baku, St Petersburg, Moscow

[Poster: Our revolution…]
Russian (Baku) artist
1889-1926, aged 37
Our revolution will still be going in 100 years 1920
>Bonheur, Rosa

French artist
1822-1899, aged 77
Plowing in the Nivernais1849
Horse Fair, The1852-1855
Spanish Muleteers Crossing the Pyrenees1857
Sheep by the Sea1865
Weaning the Calves1879
The Lion at Home1881
Portrait of Colonel William F. Cody1889
>Bonnard, Pierre

French painter, illustrator
1867 – 1947, aged 79
Painted screen with crane, ducks, pheasant, bamboo and ferns1889
A Barracks Scenec1890
Woman with a Dog1891
Chequered Blouse1892
The Omnibus1895
Toilette, La1908
Morning in Paris1912
Green Blouse, The1919
Jeunes femmes dans la rue1922
Fruit Bowl on a Table1934
Terrace at Vernonnet, The1939
Nude in the Bath and Small Dogc1941-1946
Last self-portrait1945
Stairs with Mimosa1946
>Bonesegna, Giovanni Paolo

Italian artist
Pala D’Oro1345
>Bontecou, Lee
Abstract Art/Abstract Expressionism
New York

American sculptor, printmaker
1931 – 
Untitled (1961)1961
Untitled, 19661966
Untitled, 19671967
Untitled, 19691969
Untitled, 1980-19981980-1998
>Bosch, Hieronymous 
Northern Renaissance

Dutch painter
c1450-1516, aged 66
Death and the Miser1485-1490
Cutting the Stonec1490
The Temptations of St. Anthony[triptych]c1490-1500
Table of the Seven Deadly Sins= and the Four Last Things1492
The Adoration of the Magi [tripytch]c1494
The Conjurerc1502
Last Judgement, The [triptych]1504-1508
Garden of Earthly Delights, The [triptych]1505-1510
Christ Carrying the Crossc1510-1516
Haywain Triptych1512-1515
>Botero, Fernando aka ‘Boterismo’
Naïve Art/Primitivism/Neo-Figurative
Bogotá, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris

Colombian artist, sculptor
1932 – 
Mona Lisa, Age Twelve1959
Daed Bishops1965
Still Life1970
Homage to Bonnard1972
Collector, The1974
Dancing in Colombia1980
Card Players1991
A Family1995
The Street1995
Death of Pablo Escobar1999
>Botticelli, Sandro
Early Renaissance/Renaissance/High Renaissance

Italian painter
1445-1510, aged 65
Allegory of Fortitude1470
Adoration of the Magi1476
Giuliano de’ Medici1478-1480
Primavera, La1478
Idealised Portrait of a Lady 1480
Map of Hell1480
Madonna of the Magnificat, The1480-1481
Temptations of Christ1482
Birth of Venus, The1482-1486
Mars and Venus1483
Cestello Annunication1489-1490
Mystic Crucifixion1497
The Mystical Nativity1500
>Boucher, François

[Portrait by Gustaf Lundberg]
French painter
Triumph of Venus1740
Diana Leaving her Bath1742
Brunette Odalisque, Thec1745
The Bird Catchers1748
Autumn Pastoral1749
Toilet of Venus, The1751
Venus Consoling Love1751
Portrait of Marie-Louise O’Murphy1752
The Interrupted Sleep1753
Madame de Pompadour, Portrait of1756 and 1759
Vulcan Presenting Arms to Venus for Aeneas1757
Mill at Charenton1758
Madame Bergeret1766
Boreas Abducting Oreithyia1769
>Bourdelle, Antoine (Emile-Antoine)
Realism/Art Deco

1861-1929, aged 67
Bust of Emile Garrisson1885
Monument aux Combattants et Défenseurs du Tarn-et-Garonne de 1870–711893-1902
Bacchante aux jambes croisées1906
Toulouse War Memorial1909
Herakles at the hindc1910
Meditation of Apollon and the Muses1910-2
Penelope Waiting1912
Virgin of Alsace1920
Héraklès Archer1920
La France1920-1923
War Memorial Montauban1921
>Bourgeois, Louise
Sculpture Art/Installation Art
New York

French-American artist
1911-2020, aged 98
Femme Maison1946-1947
The Blind Leading the Blind1947-1949
Femme Volage (Fickle Woman)1951
Forêt (Night Garden)1953
Soft Landscape II1967
The Destruction of the Father1974
Spiral Woman2002
Father and Son2005
Girl with Hair2007-2009
>Boznańska, Olga 
Young Poland
Munich, Paris

Polish painter
1865-1940, aged 75
Young Lady with an Umbrella1886
Portrait of a Woman1888
Florists, The1889
Breton Woman1889
Self-portrait with folded hands1893
Girl with Chrysanthemums1894
Golden Roses1896
Two Girls Cuddling1906
Portrait of a Lady in a White Hat1906
>Bradley, Paige
Sculpture Art

American sculptor
1974 – 
Freedom Bound2004
Into the Light2005
Ballet International2008
Once Blue Moon2012
Expansion Rising2019
>Brâncuși, Constantin
Abstract Art/Expressionism/Futurism
Bucharest, Paris

Romanian-French sculptor, painter
1876-1957, aged 80
The Kiss1908
Sleeping Muse1910
Mademoiselle Pogany1912-1913
The Newborn1915
The Sorceress1916-1924
Torso of a Young Man1917-1922
Bird in Space1919
The Endless Column1938
>Brandt, Józef
Warsaw, Paris

Polish painter
1841-1915, aged 74
Jan Karol Chodkiewicz during the battle of Khotyn1865
Battle of Vienna1873
On Reconnaissance1876
Zaporozhians’ camp1880
Polish Hussar1890
Cossacks’ Wedding1893
Return of the Cossacks1894
Inspection of the Trophy Banners1905
>Braque, Georges
Fauvism/Cubism/Abstract Art

French painter, sculptor
1882 – 1963, aged 81
Large Nude 1907-1908
Houses of l’Estaque1908
Piano and Mandola (Piano et mandore)1909-1910
Violin and Palette (Violon et palette)1909-1910
Bottle and Fishes1910-1912
Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on the Mantlepiece1911
Man with a guitar1911-1912
Violin and Pipe1913
Fruit on a Table-cloth with a Fruit Dish1925
Balustre et Crane1938
>Bright, Henry
Norwich School

English painter
1810-1873, aged 63
On the Norfolk Broads1855
Cottages at Oxford?
A Rock-Bound Coast?
Mills on the Fens?
Wolf’s Crag?
>Brodsky, Isaak 
Social Realism
St Petersburg

[Portrait of Brodsky by Ilya Repin]
Russian painter
1883-1939, aged 55
Cavalry Officer1909
Fairy Tale1911
Alexander Kerensky1918
Lenin and soldiers of Red Army on the way to Poland1920
Lenin’s Funeral1925
Lenin in Smolny1930
State Portrait of Stalin1933
>Broederlam, Melchior
Medieval/Gothic Art/Early Renaissance

Dutch painter
1350-1409, aged 59
Dijon  Altarpiece1394-99
The Visitation (from Altar of Philip the Bold)1399
The Flight into Egypt (from Altar of Philip the Bold)1399
>Bronzino, Agnolo
High Renaissance/Mannerism

Italian artist, Florence
1503-1572, aged 69
Pietà with Mary Magdalene1530
Portrait of a Young Man with a Book1540
Panciatichi Holy Family1540
Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time1540-6
Crossing of the Red Sea1542
Bia de Medici, Portrait of1542
Portrait of Cosimo I de Medici1545
Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo and Her Son1545
Deposition of Christ1545
Allegory of Happiness1567
>Brooks, James David
Abstract Expressionist,/Action-Kinetic
New York

American painter, muralist
1906-1992, aged 85
Labour and Leisure1938
Martha Jackson Gallery1972
>Brown, Cecily 
Abstract Art
New Yorl

English-American painter
1969 – 
The Girl Who Had Everything1998
Pyjama Game1998
High Society1998
Suddenly Last Summer1999
Night Passage1999
Hard, Fast and Beautiful2000
The Fugitive Kind2000
Figures in a Landscape 12001
Teenage Wildlife2003
1000 Thread Count2004
A swan comforting a snake2014
>Bruegel the Elder, Jan

[Portrait by Rubens]
Dutch (Flemish) artist
1568-1625, aged 57
Landscape with the Flight into Egyptc1600
Great Fish Market1603
Mountain Landscape with Pilgrims in a Grotto Chapel1610-1626
The Entry of the Animals into Noah’s Ark1613
Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man, The1615
Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man, The1615
Fantastic Cave with Odysseus and Calypso, Thec1616
The Senses of Hearing, Touch, and Taste1620
Monkeys Feasting1621
The Archdukes Albert and Isabella Visiting a Collector’s Cabinet1621-1623
>Bruegel the Elder, Pieter

[Self portrait?]
Dutch (Flemish) artist
c1525-1569, aged 44
Children’s Games1560
Mad Meg (Dulle Griet)1563
The Harvesters1565
Massacre of the Innocents1565-7
Parable of the Blind1568
Fight Between Carnival and Lent, The1559
Netherlandish Proverbs1559
Triumph of Deathc1562
Tower of Babel1563
The Procession to Calvary1564
Hunters in the Snow1565
Peasant Wedding, The1568
>Bryullov, Karl Pavlovich
Карл Па́влович Брюлло́в
St Petersburg, Rome

Russian painter
1799-1852, aged 53
Narcissus looking into the water1819
Portrait of a Gentleman1826-1830
Portrait of sculptor Ivan Vitali1830
Last Day of Pompeii1833
Portrait of count, C A Pozzo di Borgo1835
Portrait of Grand Duchess Tatiana1840
Portrait of Juliet Tittoni1852
>Bulloch, Angela
Young British Artist

West Ham – Sculpture for Football Songs1998
Z Point2001
Chain A 2:1:30:52004
Progression of 8 Perverted Pixels2008
Smoke Spheres 2-42010
Aluminium Double2010
Plastic Sphere Cube Triangle Red2010
Constructostrato Drawing Machine Red2011
Night Sky: Orion.22011
Fundamental Three: ROYW2012
Medium Music Listening Station: RYB2014
>Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Romanticism/Victorian Art/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood/Aesthetic Movement/Arts & Crafts

English artist
1833-1898, aged 62
Sidonia von Borcke1860
The Princess Sabra Led to the Dragon1866
Pygmalion [series]1868-1870
Portrait of Maria Zambaco1870
Beguiling of Merlin, The1872-1877
The Birth of Pegasus and Chrysaor1876-1885
The Golden Stairs1880
Portrait of Georgiana Burne-Jones, with Philip and Margaret1883
King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid1884
The Star of Bethlehem1890
Vespertina Quies1893
Saint Cecilia1900

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