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Work in progress from among these artists:

Achiampong, Larry1984-English-Ghanain
Angell, Aaron1987-British
Auer, Florian1984-German
> Banksy, (Robert Gunningham?)1973-English

(Image source: myartbroker.com)
Love is in the Air, 2003

Love Is In The Air (Flower Thrower) features Banksy’s signature stencil style reaching back to his beginnings as a graffiti artist. The image depicts an angry young man wearing a bandana as a mask, in the action of throwing what could be a rock or a Molotov cocktail, but is instead a bouquet of flowers.

It first appeared as graffiti in the conflict-ridden Gaza strip area of Jerusalem as an indication by Banksy that there still might be hope for a peaceful solution in the ongoing struggle between Palestine and Israel.
(Source: myartbroker.com)

(Image source: myartbroker.com)
Napalm 2004

Screen print on paper
Napalm, also known as Can’t Beat That Feeling, is a powerful print that reinvents the famous photograph The Terror of War, taken on 8 June 1972 by Nick Ut during the Vietnam conflict.

The following year, the photograph won both the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography and the World Press Photo of the Year.

Napalm is one of Banksy’s most poignant works with its use of the shocking portrayal of Vietnamese children fleeing from a napalm blast that had just hit their home in Trang Bang village.

The focal point of the photograph is a nine-year-old girl named Phan Thi Kim Phuc, running naked in fear down a road alongside other children and soldiers of the Vietnam Army. Despite suffering severe burns to her back, she survived the attack and now lives in Canada.

Portraying her between Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald is disturbing, and perhaps shows his blend of political issues and humour.
(Source: myartbroker.com)

(Image source: myartbroker.com)
Season’s Greeting 2019
On the side of a garage in Port Talbot, south Wales, a new Banksy artwork appeared. The piece, titled “Season’s Greetings”, very quickly brought thousands of visitors to the town. And by January 2019 there was so much interest in it that art dealer John Brandler paid a “six-figure sum” for the graffiti.
The decision to sell the Banksy sparked some controversy, with the most prominent concern being that Brandler would take the work away from Port Talbot, removing a valuable tourist draw. But Brandler has moved the work to a new Street Art Museum in the town, alongside works by other famous street artists such as Blek le Rat and Pure Evil.
(Source; theconversation.com)
Barcelo, Miquel1967-Spanish
Baremboym, Alisa1982-Russian-American
Bradford, Mark1961-German
Bruzzone, Marco1974-Italian
Comte, Claudia1983-Swiss
Cooper, Kate1984-English
Czebatul, Zuzanna1986-Polish-American
Doig, Peter1959-Scottish
Dullaart, Constant1979-Dutch
Dumas, Marlene1953-Dutch-South African
Eliasson, Olafur1967-Icelandic-Danish
Falsnaes, Christian1980-Danish
Fornieles, Ed1983-English
Genzken, Isa1948-German 
Goldsworthy, Andy1956-English
Grotjahn, Mark1968-Italian-American
Gursky, Andreas1955-German
Hempton, Celia1981-English
Henrot, Camille1978-French
Holen, Yngve1982-Norwegian-German
Kapoor, Anish1954-British Indian
Kiefer, Anselm1945-German
Kippenberger, Martin1953-1997 German 
Kurz, Veit Laurent1985-German
Lippard, Hanne1984-Anglo-German
Lutyens, Marcos1964-English-American
Mannov, Carl1990-Danish
Mesquita, Caroline1989-French
Oehlen, Albert1954-German
Rauch, Neo1960-German
Richter, Gerhard1932-German 
Ruby, Sterling1972-French
Ruff, Thomas1958-German
Schütte, Thomas1964German sculptor
Scully, Sean1945-German
Steyerl, Hito1966-German 
Stingel, Rudolf1956-Italian
Tillmans, Wolfgang1968-German
Tuymans, Luc1958-Belgium

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